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September in Moscow: what's the forecast for the end of the month, will there be heat?

pogoda v Moskve na sentyabr

For the capital characteristic moderate continental climate. Weather in Moscow in September suggests the onset of true autumn.

This month is ideal for visiting museums, cosy cafés and nice walks on cloudless days. A variety of city events will give a unique flavor of life in Moscow.

Forecast: what the weather will be in September in Moscow and Moscow region?

kakoj prognoz budet v nachale oseni v gorode i oblasti?

Capital September weather is unstable. It is influenced by the heterogeneous topography of the city and a variety of grassland areas.

Sunny days of Indian summer give way to rains and winds several times a week.

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The average temperature in detail

The average day temperature is kept at around +15-16 Celsius, falling at night to +8-9 degrees.

At the beginning of the month rather warm – the thermometer reaches +20-23 degrees. The average temperature of this period is 14 degrees above zero. In the first decade of September, sometimes there's a surprise in the form of atypical for this cold month in 2013, the temperature dropped to 2 degrees.

In the middle of the month the weather is not changing much – the average temperature is kept at around 13-15 degrees Celsius, but in late September and early October the day temperature does not rise above +10, and at night it reaches 8 degrees above zero.

podrobnye temperaturnye pokazateli

In the suburbs the weather is similar to the capital. The difference a couple of degrees due to the location of the cities to the South or North of the capital. Accurate weather forecast should not look earlier than a week before the desired date, preferably over 2-3 days.

The warmest month in history

The absolute maximum for August in Moscow were recorded in the distant 1890, when the air temperature rose up to 32 degrees.

In recent years was the warmest September 2015, when the average air temperature was +14 degrees, and in the warmest days reached 21 degrees.

Other weather conditions

drugie klimaticheskie usloviya

The average humidity in the Moscow air in September - up to 80%. In the early to mid-month weather picture paint days cloudless Indian summer. Towards the end of the month the humidity is 83%.

In September, reigns partly cloudy. In the month approximately 8 10 rainy and Sunny days, and wind speed - 4 m/c. Daylight is gradually decreasing, in the second half of the month ranging from 6 to 7 hours.

Features of holiday in the autumn

Moscow Sep typical variability of weather phenomena: Sunny weather drastically changes to cloudy and rainy. Going to the capital, see the detailed weather forecast and take necessary things.

The pros and cons

The first month of autumn is suitable for family holidays and exploring cultural sites and romance of the velvet season will meet you in the beautiful parks of the capital.

Advantages of holidays in September are:

  • the lack of heatthat does not hurt leisurely walks;
  • a variety of entertainment events and festivals, many of which are free.

The cons are instability of the weather, upsetting heavy rains and temperatures below normal, as well as increased urban traffic associated with motorists returning from the summer holidays.


How to dress?

kakie veshi brat?

Gathering in the capital in September, you need to carefully study the weather forecasts and to collect in a bag suitable things. Bring:

  1. a jacket or coat;
  2. warm sweater;
  3. cardigan;
  4. raincoat;
  5. jeans.

For warm days fit t-shirts, dresses, lightweight pants for men. From men's footwear - walking shoes or sneakers, womens – shoes, shoes, sneakers.

Clothing and shoes should be comfortable and suitable for long walks around the capital.

In September in Moscow, opened a new theatrical season – don't forget about fancy dresses and suits.

Things to do this month?

The tourist season in Moscow all year round, and September is no exception: to visit museums, the zoo, historic sites, parklands and other attractions of the capital.

What to see?

Start the tour with the historical part of the city – the Kremlin and its museums, the gum and the Historical Museum. A good route from red square to the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky bridge, offering spectacular views of the autumn the capital.

In September 2017 in the center of Moscow, on the site of the former hotel "Russia" has opened a unique Park "Zaryadye", which collected rare plants from several climates. It offers scenic views of the capital's tower of the Kremlin.

Great place for kids – the Moscow zoo and Moskvarium, the most interesting places of the capital, home to unique fauna from around the world.

Tretyakov gallery, Central house of artist, East and Pushkin museums open to art loversand theater-goers waiting for the best Metropolitan theatres.

Leave a lasting impression:

  • the surroundings of the temple of Christ the Savior;
  • tower "Moscow-city";
  • the legendary Arbat;
  • art centers and cultural centers.

chto posetit?

For a relaxing holiday suitable numerous parks and attractions of the city, especially Gorky Park, Muzeon, "Sokolniki" metro station, Poklonnaya hill, Izmaylovsky Park.

Holidays and festivals

The main event of September is the city Day, held in the first or second Saturday of the month.

The timed various festivals, concerts of popular performers, colorful fireworks all over the city.

In September, traditionally a festival of military music bands from around the world "Spasskaya tower". And for four years in a row in mid-September, Moscow holds an impressive festival "Circle of light". Colorful fireworks, light artists, magic video images onto the facades of the tower Ostankino, the Bolshoi and Maly theatres will not leave anyone indifferent.

Look at the autumn landscapes of Moscow in this video: