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Weather and events in Venice in late September

pogoda v Venecii v sentyabre

When the holidays are over, the noisy company of students and families with students disappeared from airports and coaches, there's great opportunity in a more relaxed atmosphere to explore one of the jewels of the Adriatic, because the weather in Venice in September is still tourist.

What is the weather in September in Venice?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v nachale oseni?

September in Venice far removed from our understanding of the fall.

The temperature of water and air at the beginning and at the end of the month

The average daytime temperature is 21°C, night slightly lower and the water temperature - 23°C. However, the temperature in the wrong for the traveler case can drop to 14 degrees, and in the most favorable – to rise to 24 degrees, according to long-term statistics of the observations. This means that significant fluctuations from heat to cold does not threaten and stock up on wardrobe for all occasions there is no need.

But bear in suitcase jacket that can withstand mild rain, still stands.

Water temperature of the Adriatic sea off the coast of Venice is +19°C. to Swim, of course, the water is cold (although there are brave souls), but to sunbathe on warm Sunny days it is possible.

Other weather conditions

In September is still quite Sunny, but by the end of the month cloudy days becomes more and more. The closer you get to October, the more chance to meet mist and rain. Wind will not disturb more than usual.

Inevitable city on the water dampness will also be strengthened by the end of the month, and experienced travelers are advised to consider a waterproof Shoe that is so useful for lifting water in channels.

September break in the city of palaces and canals

osennij otpusk v gorode kanalov

Before traveling to this region of Italy should ensure that the chosen travel time will not cause any trouble.

Should I go?

The advantages of the autumn trip to Venice, associated with a decrease in the number of tourists:

  • increase your chances to get in that area and decrease the queue;
  • more individual attention to you because the main flow subsided, and to work with the tourism industry of the city continues;
  • a little cheaper housing and services;
  • the city itself looks different, less like a tourist attraction.

Another advantage will be the weather: few of our compatriots is able to sincerely enjoy walks around town in the heat, which the locals wisely prefer to wait under the roof and air conditioner.

The lack of travel in the second half of September there is a small hope for a successful beach vacation.

What clothes to take?

If You go in early September with the hope to bask on the beach, it makes sense to bring a bathing suit and a headdress from the sun.

But anticipating the arrival in Venice in the second half of this month, should take care of light, but waterproof jacketand the same shoes and the umbrella. They are not necessarily useful, because early autumn is usually fairly dry weather but the sea can give nasty surprises in the form of a sudden rain.

Not be amiss and a light sweater in your Luggage - in the evenings it's cool enough.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

One of the main tasks of any travelling, not burdened with other concerns, will searchinteresting activities.

What to see and do?

In September begins the season of concerts and exhibitions. So, for example, music lovers will find the La Fenice theatreand organizing performances in various fields.

The most attractive trait of Venice – its architecture, magnificent palaces and ancient temples, is not seasonal. And those who do not experience happiness from walking under a light autumn rain, may spend time in Doge's Palace or in the Cathedral of SS Giovanni e Paolo.

Interesting events

One of the most famous events held annually in Venice in September, it should be recognized film festival. Of course, the chances to meet a celebrity is small, but the probability to acquire a unique self eat every guest.

If the rest was selected first half of September, it's hard to miss an event that combines sport and historical carnival, namely the Historical regatta. It consists of two parts: the parade of boats and the competition in rowing, so the excitement and splendor of ancient costumes complement each other.

For those who take the heavens is more than the architecture and waterways of Venice offers the September Airshow on the island of Lido.

Leaving behind the gloomy autumn streets of his native town and slowly meeting with Venice, don't forget to stock up on a detailed map, but the mood and atmosphere she will take care of itself.

See in this videowhat the weather is in Venice in September: