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Holiday in Hungary: what is the weather at lake hévíz in September?

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Hungary is a popular tourist destination, ideal for all types of recreation, starting with informative and ending health.

Weather in Hungary in September, comes to visit and interesting routes, natural beauty and health resorts.

What is the weather like in September in Hungary?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v nachale oseni?

Due to its location, Hungary pleasing warm climate. In the fall, compared to other European countries, here is warm and Sunny.

The air temperature

Weather conditions in Hungary in September, especially in the first half of the month, virtually unchanged from summer. But notable advantage is the fact that in all cities of this country is no stifling heat.

Coolness only comes in the last days of the month, but it is not very noticeable.

In early September the day temperature reaches +25°C, and at night – 18 degrees. But there are days when the autumn weather is incredibly warm day - +28-30°C.

The warmest weather was observed in the West and humid climate prevails in the East. While the temperature of the water in the Danube is high enough – up to +23°C.

In the most famous cities of the country the temperature is the following:

  • Budapest – day +21-24°C, tonight +11°C;
  • Debrecen – day +21-24°C, tonight +11°C;
  • Szeged – day +23-25°C, tonight +11°C;
  • PECs – the day +22°C, tonight +11°C;
  • Hévíz – the day +22°C, night 13°C.

temperaturnye pokazateli

Throughout the month the temperature of the air falls unnoticed – at the end of September the average temperature 18-21°C +night – 11-13 degrees.

High temperature performance due to the fact that Hungary is protected from the weather and cold wind.

Due to the fact that the country is far removed from the ocean and enclosed by mountains on all sides, the warm weather here lasts longer.

Other weather conditions

Most of the days in Septemberclear and warm. Rains occur only 2-3 times per month and are fast enough. That is why the beginning of autumn is still the perfect for travel – no cold winds, low humidity, rare rainfall drop-down allow as much time as possible outside.

Stay in the middle of autumn

osennij otpusk

The mild weather and abundance of amenities make Hungary one of the best places for an autumn vacation.

Pros and cons – should I go?

The main advantages of traveling to Hungary in September – is an opportunity to find warm days and spend them enjoying the diversity of tourism opportunities. Anyone who wants to visit the country, can rich take the time. At the same time, the price of leisure and services begin to decline – compared with the summer months approximately 20 percent.

Excellent weather conditions will allow you to choose the entertainment "like":

  1. acquaintance with the architectural heritage of the country;
  2. river trips across the country on the Danube;
  3. recreation lake hévíz;
  4. visit ecological routes;
  5. fishing or Windsurfing at the resorts of lake Balaton.

In this case, Hungary in September continues to wallow in the greenery of the trees begin to turn yellow only in October, and sometimes a month later.

How to dress?

In the first half of September warm clothing is not useful, especially if you go West of Hungary. On vacation you can take with you light dresses, shirts and pants, and comfortable shoes.

Many hotels offer swimming pools, so you may need a swimsuit.

If the vacation will take place at the Eastern resorts or tripfalls on the second half of September, you should pack along in a suitcase sweater, an easy windbreaker, and an umbrella and waterproof shoes. At night, it gets cool enough.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

In September, tourists prefer sightseeing or recreational facilities. In the vastness of this country you can visit a lot of places where you can enjoy a comfortable and eventful stay.


The most popular place for excursions is the capital of the country. In Budapest there are a large number of architectural monuments, museums, castles, cafes with national cuisine.

The most striking attractions of Budapest:

  • the Hungarian Parliament building;
  • széchenyi chain bridge;
  • The Buda castle;
  • Fisherman's Bastion;
  • Basilica. Stephen;
  • the Matthias Church.

In the mandatory places to visit include the Hungarian Opera house, Great synagogue, and the infamous monument "shoes on the embankment." In addition to the architectural attractions in Budapest decided to visit the bath – the széchenyi and gellért.

For those interested in trails in the country, there are river buses – the vehicles, which can cross the whole of Hungary, traveling on the Danube.

ekskursii na rechnom tramvajchike

Possible to improve health in one of the resorts on the lake of hévíz is the thermal lake which does not freeze all year round.


During the month in Hungary held local fairs and festivals dedicated to the onset of autumn.

When visiting different cities, you can get acquainted with the local rituals, taste national cuisine and buy traditional Souvenirs.

The large number of holidays can be found in Budapest:

  1. Short film festival;
  2. Wine festival;
  3. The National Gallop.

The last two holiday collect in places especially a lot of people. At a wine festival, be covered with long tables, so everyone could taste the works of local winemakers.

The "national Gallop" is dedicated to the millenary traditional Hungarian horse race and is held in Budapest on Heroes ' Square. In the vicinity of the square at this time organizes various fairs, exhibitions, holidays, and field kitchens.

In this video you can see what the weather can be in Hungary in September: