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Holidays in Vietnam in September - Nha Trang: what's the weather and where better to go?

pogoda vo Vetname v sentyabre

Vietnam for a long time kept aloof from the popular tourist destinations. To see everything – and a weak economy, and the consequences of the long war, and the prevailing opinion of the tour operators that arrange a comfortable stay in a country is impossible.

But now Vietnam is making itself increasingly known and among the tourist market. One of the reasons for the popularity of the country was the climate. For example, the weather in Vietnam in September, will greet the tourists with an incredible warmth.

What is the weather like in September in Vietnam?

temperaturnye usloviya v nachale oseni

If you look at the map, you will see that Vietnam strongly elongated vertically and located at several latitudes.

Hence, the varied landscape and different climatic zones, so the weather in different parts of the country is different.

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The particular weather conditions

In Vietnam, as in most countries of the Indochinese Peninsula, the year is divided into two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Precipitation in Vietnam in the rainy season falls in all the districts is almost uniform. But in September in the North and in the South still there are no rains, and in some places there is almost always sunshine and bad weather alternated with good weather.

But at the same time in ha long Bay are often raging typhoonsthat come here from the Philippines. In the Central part of Vietnam, da Nang, Hoi an, hue, gain strength in the monsoons, on the Central coast winds are raging and are bombarded by heavy surf. The rainy season in the Central areas comes first.

osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima

There have been years when the rains in September hit certain areas of Central Vietnam with such force that the cities were flooded streets, and the countryside was washed away village roads.

In the South in September is still quite comfortable. There is also wet and occasionally rains, but usually the weather governs at night or in the early morning hours.

In Nha Trang and Phan Thiet still no seasonal rains, and only a small intermittent rain and mostly at night or late afternoon.

The day the sun is shining and the sky appear only light clouds. Small storms begin only in the end of the month.

The temperature of the air and water

In the North , too, the rains are short, high temperature - to +30 degrees during the day and +25 night. A completely rainy days no more than 7 per month, though often the sky is covered with clouds during the day.

Colder just in the mountains in Sapa, at night the thermometer does not rise above 16 degrees, and in the afternoon the thermometer shows +20-23 degrees Celsius.

pokazateli vozduha i vody

In Central Vietnam, although weather and unfavorable for tourism, but the temperature is quite high: a day reach +30°C, and at night the air does not have time to cool down much, so the thermometer shows below 25-23°C.

In the southern part of the country, the daytime temperature is nearly the same as in the Central part - from +28 to +30 degrees, and at night from +25 and above.

But at some resorts, for example, in the mountainous da lat, in the afternoon the thermometer can drop to 21 C, and night of show only +18°C.

The temperature at this time, the national average is around +27 degrees in the afternoon. Night in General is not below 25 degrees.

The water on the coast of Vietnam is very comfortable, its temperature only 2-3 degrees below daytime temperatures, the night it cools down almost.

Off the coast of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet water temperature at all the same as the air – +27-28 degrees.

September break

Travelers worldwide are becoming interested in this country. And there are many reasons:

  • Everything is new and exotic for European tourists;
  • It is possible to combine excursions and beach holidays;
  • Clean beaches and clean water;
  • Friendly and helpfulstaff in hotels and shops;
  • The crime rate is low;
  • Low prices on vacation.

In September, in Vietnam there are a large number of places where you can relax. The rainy season is not the universal flood. Of course, to spend the whole day at the beach will not work, but it is good to sunbathe and swim without difficulty.

But days when the weather and the beach beckons, you should dedicate to the excursions of the "closed" sights, relax in the Spa, get pleasure from shopping.

Where better to relax?

gde mozhno otdohnut?

First about where you should not go at this time. The rest will not be comfortable in Central Vietnam, especially in hue, Danang and Hoi an. Here come the rainy season. But in the North and in the South, the rest will take a lot of pleasure.

  1. North. Here in the North, in Hanoi, Sapa and ha long, weak monsoons and a lot of heat and sun. Although in the morning and sometimes dense fog.

    Relax on the sea at this time in MUI ne. The weather is windless, warm day of 30 degrees or higher. The water in the sea is also very comfortable.

  2. South. On the southern resorts is also good, Sunny weather, short rain. It is best to choose Nha Trang and Phan Thiet. But also comfortable enough and in Ho Chi Minh city, Fanrage and con Dao.

    In September in many places to the great outdoors surf and kite – good wind, waves, classic folding into the pipe.

  3. But for underwater walks with the timing. The water is turbid, low visibility, and marvel at the coral reefs will not succeed.

How to dress?

chto vzyat s soboj?

Take warm clothes is not necessary. Is that a light waterproof jacket. The sweater is likely to be needed only in the mountains. And the wardrobe for a trip to Vietnam in September, traditional, as for any leisure at the seaside: swimming suits, shorts, t-shirts, light skirts and t-shirts.

You can take a light jumper and trousers for evening walks and visits to temples, which is cool enough. It's bring and hats – scarf, hat, light cap.

However, if evenings seem too cool, something warm you can buy directly at the resort. Clothing in Vietnam is very cheap. Directly on the best place to buy shoes good quality.

The pros and cons

A big advantage of holidays in this season will be almost empty beaches and hotels. And the sand on the beach in September is the same white as in high season and the sea is warm. However, in some bays the high tide which may cause some inconvenience.

In restaurants in September is still a lot of seafood, and the prices are much lower, so to spend an hour or two, to wait out the rain and get a lot of fun and at the table restaurant.

But in September, Vietnam should not come to people suffering with weather dependent. During this period there is little entertainment for young people, although at some resorts still working night clubs. But for a quiet family holiday this is the perfect time. Beach, excursions, fishing - all available in September.

What to do at this time?

In September, for tourists there are two main classes: a pleasant - relaxing on the beach, and cognitive - sightseeing.

Beach vacation

otdyh na poberezhe

Beaches in Vietnam are many, each in its own way attractive. Best beach resorts:

  • Halong Bay is three thousand Islands, rocks, caves. The tourist season here lasts all the year;
  • Nha Trang – the local beaches stretch for six kilometres, it is one of the oldest Vietnamese resorts since the days of the French colony. Here in addition to sought after sea bathing and mud springs;
  • Nha Trang is a great place for family holidays - there is an interesting amusement Park, cable car to the island of hon tre, ancient pagodas and Monkey Island.

  • Phan Thiet – one of the most popular resort among Russian tourists. Perfect white beach, is located almost at the steps of the hotels, plenty of restaurants, bars, all the conditions for practicing water sports and on land – a good Golf course;
  • Con Dao island in the South China sea, a popular island resort here nice beaches, there are attractions, scuba diving centres and national Park;
  • Dalat is a mountain resort with many lakes and attractions, despite the absence of the sea, there is almost always a lot of tourists;
  • Phu Quoc is an island resort with several beaches, of which the most famous is long beach;
  • Tuan Chau is also an island, also has Americans. Here the Golden-brown sand, isshallow natural pool near the beach, ideal for children, and many water activities – water skiing, water scooters, boat rides and boat trips.

What to see?


Moving from North Vietnam to the South you can see a lot:

  1. Interesting in the North of Hanoi, where there are all – French colonial mansions, spacious avenues and skyscrapers;
  2. Hue – the ancient capital of Vietnam, in which lived the last emperors of the country, there are more than 300 architectural monuments, it is considered that there is best cooked Vietnamese national dishes;
  3. Hoi an – a city-Museum, through caravans along the silk road, there are an incredible number of temples, such as the Quan Cong pagoda and Dai;
  4. Dana is a fascinating mountain, ngu Hanh son or "Five poetic summits", the Hai van pass, which has the poetic name "Sea cloud";
  5. Nha Trang – here stands the magnificent Statue of Buddha, the Museum of Marine fauna, the famous Cham towers;
  6. Ho Chi Minh city – bustling Asian neighborhoods with narrow streets, these Eastern markets, the jade pagoda, the temple Trang hang Dao, Duc BA Cathedral and Cu Chi, kilometer-long tunnels dug by guerrillas to the border with Cambodia.

Festivals and celebrations

In Vietnam holidays in General a little, and in September, before the rainy season, and very little. Only two are known:

  • Independence day, which is celebrated on September 2, this day in Hanoi parade and evening fireworks luxury;
  • The mid-autumn festival is an interesting children's holiday parades, and a spectacular night launch paper lanterns;
  • The festival of firecrackers, which is held in Hai Phong.

Vietnam is interesting at any time of the year. Even the tropical rains, high tides, monsoon – exotic for a European. And it is also worth seeing.

But if still it is possible to get a tan, fill swim in the warm sea, see the ancient pagoda, temples, unique tropical nature, beautiful Islands, which are world natural heritage, then the trip will be truly unforgettable.

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