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Climate, weather and water temperature in Tunis by months: season in Djerba

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This is the perfect destination for those who prefer to enjoy the holiday relaxing on the coast or strolling through the ancient sites of Tunisia. Weather months brings warmth, allowing you to relax at local resorts at any time of the year.

The climate of Tunisia by region

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Features and benefits of staying in Tunisia is that in this country there from several climatic zones.

In the North prevails tropical Mediterranean climate, while the centre and South, bordering the Sahara, located in a tropical arid area.

For a holiday in Tunisia is ideal the Mediterranean coast is the area where most precipitation falls, and the flora and fauna of this region is most diverse. If you move inland, the vegetation gradually disappears, and is replaced by a dry and lifeless desert.

If we consider each resort separately, on the Northern coast of Tunisia – Tabarka and Bizerte air temperature during daylight hours is always a few degrees lessthan on the South shore. Accordingly, the farther away is the resort from the Mediterranean sea, the more arid and hot the weather becomes.

What is the weather by months?

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Wanting to choose a comfortable time to relax in the resorts of Tunisia, it is sufficient to refer to the weather by months. This will allow you to find the perfect option for a holiday by the seaside.

In the winter

Tunisia is lovely for relaxing at any time of the year. Even if the temperature of water and air does not allow you to enjoy a beach holiday in this state has a lot of other interesting entertainment.

In the first month of winter in the resorts of Tunisia is cool weather. In December, the day the thermometer rises to +16-18°C, which is not comfortable for a long stay in the fresh air. The sea temperature remains at around 12-13 degrees.

In addition to coolness at any moment can start a cold rain, which will further strengthen the discomfort.

Table of temperature at different resorts in December:

  • Djerba – +18°C;
  • Monastir – +17°C;
  • Mahdia Is +17°C;
  • Sousse – 18°C;
  • Tunisia – +16°C;
  • Hammamet – +15°C.

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At night in December is really cold the air temperature drops to +8 degrees. But tourists like this climate does not deter, but on the contrary. This is the time many go to the legendary resorts of Tunisia, to provide an inexpensive recreation. In addition, the nationwide harvest citrus, so everyone can enjoy fresh tangerines, oranges and grapefruits.

In January in the resorts of Tunisia becomes 2-3 degrees cooler. On the island of Djerba, Monastir and Sousse, the day temperature can reach +16°C, water +15°C. At other resorts celebrated cool temperature of 15°C and below. At night on the street can not do without warm clothes – the air is cooled to +5°C.

In January at the resorts especially violent sudden rains and strong winds. One day on the street can be Sunny and warm, and the other the sky will be tightened by clouds and showers will go to night. This holiday brightens up the abundance of fresh fruit ripening in January. Tourists are apples, almonds, pears and citrus.

In February in the resorts of Tunisia becomes more enjoyable because the temperature rise by several degrees, and the number of rainy and windy days is an order of magnitude less. But even so, the weather remains unpredictable, so it's best to stay in hotels, enjoy the pool or Wellness treatments.

The average temperature in the resorts is +17 degrees. The warmest days are on in Djerba and Sousse in this part of the country the temperature reaches +19°C. In Hammamet, Monastir and Mahdia day is celebrated on 16 degrees. The water on the coast barely warms up to +15degrees.

Throughout the country tourists are citrus, which continue to bloom despite the cool weather.

In the spring

From the first days of spring in Tunisia the weather is changing. Resorts becomes much more clear and Sunny days. Temperature of air and water allows you to be outside more, enjoying the coastal walks and fascinating excursions.

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  1. In the first month in Tunisia is celebrated on warming temperatures in the southern resorts (Djerba, Sousse) reaches 20 degrees. The number of Sunny hours is becoming more and this weather is perfect for sunbathing.

    At night, the coolness reminds tourists that the holiday season is still long. The thermometer drops to +15 degrees. The rain and wind still continue to disturb tourists, but much less frequently. This month in the resorts of ripening strawberries.

  2. In April in Tunisia comes the real spring with warm and Sunny days, blossoming nature and the almost complete lack of rain. If the showers go, they are cold and refreshing, and the nature of after they transformed.

    The temperature in the resorts of Sousse and Djerba reaches +20-22 degrees during the day and +16°C at night. A couple of degrees colder in Tunisia, Hammamet and Monastir. The water on the coast warms up to +15-17 degrees, which is absolutely not suitable for swimming.

  3. A distinctive feature of the weather in may a lightning storm. Weather in this period in the resorts is variable, Sunny days becoming a little more but the rains are not inferior to their positions. In the South temperatures will reach a high point, allowing you to get an attractive tan.

    In Sousse and Djerba mellita the weather is fluorescent indicators 25 degrees, and at other resorts +23°C. the nights are still cool and +15°C. the Sea water warms up to 17-19°C.

  4. But tourists have the opportunity to eat fresh citrus fruits, almond, medlar and mulberry berries.

In the summer

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With the arrival of summer in Tunisia starts the holiday season. The air temperature warms up to a comfortable temperature, allowing you to spend time on the beaches and in the water, or go on sightseeing tours of the country. During this period, the resorts are available a variety of fruit, which is especially popular with the children.

On the most popular beach resorts in Djerba and Sousse temperature increases throughout the summer. Early in the season it reaches +29°C, in July +32°C, and by the end of summer of +33°C. On the other resorts such as Hammamet, Monastir and Mahdia, the temperature reaches +27-31°C.

The swimming season in the summer is in full swing at the same time, thanks to the sea breeze, the heat and strong heat in the resorts is almost not felt. Therefore, tourists have the opportunity to relax on the beaches without fear of overheating. The sea invites to swim – its temperature reaches +20-23°C.

Just after sunset on the beaches of Tunisia comes coolness and freshness. After a hot daytime temperatures on the streets becomes much more pleasant to be in. The temperature in this period reaches +20-24°C. In the dark an active life in resorts continues – everywhere noisy discos, clubs and open restaurants.

For tourists who decided to spend their summer holidays in Tunisia, the available fruits and berries in large quantities. Among them the most tasty and juicy fresh strawberry, Fig, cactus fruit-prickly pears, apricots, peaches and melons. In late summer, ripe apples and pears of all possible varieties.

In the fall

In autumn the heat in the resorts of Tunisia falls, and the overcast sky often reminds that the holiday season is over. However, the weather did not prevent tourists to visit the country, because in this period are equally pleased to be on the coast or to visit different excursions.

  1. In September the weather is not much different from the summer. Resorts such as Sousse and Djerba, the temperature is increased to +31°C, and in the evening +23°C. the Water is perfect for swimming – its temperature is +23 degrees.
  2. In the last week of the month becomes a little more cool when temperature of air and water is lowered by 2-3 degrees, and the wind from the sea creates the feeling that it is not hot.

    temperatura osenu

  3. In October, the swimming season is closed, since the temperature of air and water in the resorts is lowered to the level of +26 and +21°C, respectively. At night it becomes cool and fresh when the air is cooled to 21°C. such changes are Especially noticeable in Mahdia, Hammamet and Tunisia. Hammamet is considered the cool region, so the onset of autumn is much stronger than on the other coast.

    By mid-autumn the numbercloudy days and precipitation increases. If at the beginning of the season the showers rarely reminded about yourself, then by mid-October, clear and cloudy days becomes equally.

  4. Enjoy warm days in November, if you visit Djerba. Among all the resorts in Tunisia, there remains only the pleasant warm weather in the afternoon – to +22 degrees. At night the air cools down to 15 degrees and becomes quite cool. Water in the Mediterranean sea cools down to +18 degrees.

Autumn in Tunisia, ripe melons, sweet and delicious dates and a variety of grapes. At the markets you can buy summer fruit and vegetables such as apples, pears and juicy oranges.

When is the best time to relax?

Resorts of Tunisia prefer not only Russians, but also tourists from European countries. This is because it provides a high level of serviceand there are many interesting opportunities available outside the season.

High or beach season - in which month to go?

The best period to stay in Tunis, June – November. During this period in the resorts is warm but not hot weather, affordable, clean beaches, activities and excursions in the country.

For vacationers available legendary well-being treatment – thalassotherapy.

It's time for jellyfish

This period in Tunisia, it happens every year and depends on weather conditions. Traditionally, it starts from the middle of August and lasts up to two weeks.

In those days the sea water itself is paved with dangerous jellyfish, contact with which leads to burns. But do not worry that the rest of August will be spoiled. Off the coast some hotels are mesh, allowing you to hold jellyfish.

The rainy season

From November to April in Tunisia starts the low season. It is characterized by strong winds and rains. At this time tourists will not be able to spend time on the beaches, but offers different kinds of services and entertainment.

Choosing what to do in the low season, you can give preference to informative walks around the resort and neighbouring towns, treatments, visits to shops and markets.

See this fascinating video tour of Tunisia, what kind of weather awaits tourists almost the entire year: