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When is the best time to travel to Bali weather by month and the rainy season

sezon dlya otdyha na Bali

Indonesia attracts tourists from all over the world. Bali is a charming place with a nice warm climate where recreation is excellent. However, it is understood that the weather in Bali can be changeable and unstable. Before traveling, you should examine the weather features, as well as tips from experienced travelers.

Climate Bali - weather months

Klimat ostrova po mesyacam

Each season is demonstrated in different ways. To be ready for the journey, it is necessary to carefully study the weather.


If you plan to visit in winter, be aware that in Bali there are monsoonsthat bring heavy rains.

The temperature in winter can reach 30 degrees. The moisture level increases several times.

You should consider the weather, read more:

  • December. Average temperature: 28 degrees by day and 23 degrees at night. A humidity level of 80%. The water temperature in the sea is 27 degrees. December is characterized by rainy and cloudy weather;
  • January. The temperature never drops below 27 degrees. Night it happens at around 20 degrees. The humidity level is still high: 82%. The average water temperature in the sea: 25 degrees. In January the wind is strong, the sun appears slightly more often than in December. The rains are short, heavy showers happen less;
  • February. The air is getting warmer: 30 degrees by day and 23 degrees at night. The humidity level is equal to 78%. The sea water is warm, the temperature never drops below 25 degrees. In February, continues the rainy season, although cloudy days are much smaller than in December. The wind was still strong.


In the spring the weather is Sunny, warm days. However, in early spring, frequent rain, they disappear only at the end of March. Each month has features:

  1. March. Ends the rainy season. They happen less and less, the wind abates. The average temperature is 30 degrees during the day and 21 degrees at night. The humidity level is slightly lower: 75%. The water temperature in the sea: 25 degrees. In March becomes much more Sunny days;
  2. April. It's a warm month, rains are rare. The wind becomes weak. The day temperature reaches +31 degrees, at night to 23 degrees. The humidity drops to 70%. The sea water is warm, is equal to around 27 degrees. April attracts tourists with warm weather. Rains a little, Sunny days is becoming more and more, though often there is cloud;
  3. May. The beginning of the tourist season. No rain, they occur very rarely. The Sunny weather happy travelers, warm wind, weak. The average temperature of the air is 32 degrees in the afternoon with a plus sign and 23 degrees at night. Humidity level: 60%. Water temperature in the sea of 27 degrees. May perfect for a beach holiday.


pogoda letom

Summer in Bali is hot, the sun is shining, there is no rain. Each month has certain characteristics:

  • June. The day temperature reaches 32 degrees, during the night of 25 degrees. The humidity level is 60%. Water temperature in the sea of 28 degrees. This month beach season is in full swing. The weather is warm, every day is Sunny, the wind is low;
  • July. The day temperature is 31 degrees Celsius during the night it drops to 27 degrees. The level of humidity low: 60%. The water in the seavery warm, does not drop below 27 degrees;
  • Weather every day is Sunny, overcast is rare. July is great for cruises and beach holidays.

  • August. The average air temperature +30 degree, night mark is 25 degrees. The humidity reaches 65%. The sea water is still warm 27-28 degrees. The weather is Sunny, but periodically there are rains. They are short, and tourists, they do not interfere. In August you can sunbathe, swim in the sea, enjoy the Sunny weather.


With the onset of autumn the weather becomes a little colder, gets more rain. The wind becomes a little stronger. To learn more about the weather in the fall, you should see every month:

  1. September. The average day temperature reaches 31 degrees, at night 25 degrees above zero. The level of humidity remains the same: 65%. The sea water cools down, never drops below 27 degrees. Beach season in September, ends. Sunny days are often, but rains remind myself. When the wind increases;
  2. October. The temperature of the air slightly decreases: 29 degrees Celsius, at night it reaches 23 degrees. The humidity level is a bit more: 75%. The sea water is warm: 27 degrees. Increases the amount of rainfall, is observed in the afternoon. Sunny days are less. The wind is getting stronger;
  3. November. The day temperature is equal to 28 degrees, at night it drops to 21 degrees. The humidity level increased to 80%. The sea remains warm, water temperature: 25 degrees. Rains occur almost every day, there is cloud. The sun, the wind gusty. Beach vacation at this time is not developed. Better to go on the tour.

So, we can conclude that the temperature in Bali throughout the year varies only slightly.

When to go to relax?

v kakoe vremya luchshe ehat?

Every month in Bali involves certain advantages and disadvantages. Before your trip to see them.

High season

Is high season in Bali is from June to September.

At this time there is very large influx of tourists, which can cause problems with the search of hotels upon arrival.

Tours sold out quickly. High season has some advantages:

  • The weather is Sunny and warm;
  • Rains practically does not happen;
  • A lot of entertainment events;
  • Hotels are conducting show-programs;
  • Excursions are carried out daily.

But in all this splendor there are some disadvantages:

  1. The queue for excursions;
  2. In the restaurant need to book in advance a table;
  3. Hot weather may please not everyone;
  4. Rising cost of hotels and entertainment.

At this time, in addition to tourists who want to bask in the warm sand and explore the local attractions, the island remains a lot of surfers, as these months are considered the best to practice this water sport.

The rainy season

Despite the season of tropical rains Bali is also very popular in the New year and Christmas. But the number of Russian tourists in the winter significantly less, since at that time direct communication with the capital of Russia. Often in the winter in Bali, you can meet new Zealanders and Australians.

dozhdlivoe vremya

Tourists should know that the rainy season in Bali is from November to March. This time has its pluses and minuses. The benefits include:

  • The cost of entertainment and hotels reduced;
  • There are no queues on excursions, to museums;
  • Restaurants and cafes are free, tables must be booked;
  • Weather comfortable.

From disadvantages it is necessary to highlight:

  1. Rains come almost every day;
  2. The wind is strong, the waves in the sea become high;
  3. Sunbathe on the beach are unlikely to succeed;
  4. A little entertainment.

Beach vacation

Beach season begins in Bali in may and ends in September.

This time is best suited for bathing in the sea, relaxing on the beach. It is a lot of fun.

The best beaches are:

  • Geger. Located in sawangan. High waves is not the case, they prevent a coral reef. Heat is not observed, is fresh, slightly cool wind. The beach stretches for many kilometers. The descent is gentle and the bottom is fine. It's a wonderful, fascinatinglandscapes;
  • Sanur Beach. From the island's capital to the beach ten kilometers. There is always a lot of fun. Picturesque landscapes like everyone. The beach is large so plenty of space;
  • The Jimbaran Beach. The beach is very well maintained, covered with white sand. Is a twenty minute drive from Kuta. The sea water is calm and shallow. The beach is calm, you can enjoy the quiet, measured rest.

In winter, a beach vacation is not quite comfortable because of the rains, and in February and did the winds blow from the southwest, causing frequent storms. As a result, the water becomes dirty to the shore and washed up seaweed and debris.

The best time for surfing

luchshij period dlya zanyatij serfingom

Is the surfing season from April to October. The waves at this time are medium. In October, they become very high and can be dangerous for beginners. It is recommended to learn to surf when the waves are small: June-August.

Summer surfers choose the South-Western part of the island, for example, Uluwatu and Kuta. In winter it is better to do this water sport in the East.

In the summer on the beach of Padang Padang is the most ambitious contest surfing "Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang". Specific day to call, no one can, because everything depends on nature. The organizers are waiting for, when the sea "curls" is a height of over 3 meters.

On this island there are a huge number of surf schools. During the holidays you can take classes in surfing and to learn the basic rules.


Experts say that Bali is best suited for diving, because the water temperature even in winter does not fall below 25 degrees. Diving is possible all year round. The place is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Around the island there are diving schools. First, tourists are instructed, learn the basic rules, and later practice the acquired knowledge into the sea.

Experienced guides and instructors will teach the basics of diving fairly quickly. For professionals, there are also classes that allow you to move the person to a new level, to achieve even greater success. Active tourists diving will be very interesting.

Fishing on the island

Fishing in Bali always brings a great result. Here, there is freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes, and sea. Fish in ponds a lot, you can catch:

  1. Mahi-Mahi;
  2. Tuna;
  3. Sea bass;
  4. The Spanish real;
  5. The mackerel;
  6. Barracuda and many other varieties.

Fishing is excellent as trolling and on live bait. There are centers where you can rent a fishing rod. You can fish at various beaches. The most famous and popular places there, the fish are literally everywhere.


Prazdnovanie svadebnoj ceremonii

Many tourists come to Bali to celebrate the wedding. A beautiful island with warm weather suits this best. Bali wedding season runs from June to September. The weather is Sunny, the holiday will not be spoiled by the rain. And the sacrament of wedding ceremonies is of particular beauty and fabulousness.

To fine time to celebrate the most important day in your life, you need to find an organizer for 6-7 months before the desired date. If you start preparing for the wedding later, you can simply miss your day, because there are a lot of.

The best time to take

If the tourist loves history, exploring new cultures, you should go in Bali from October to may.

The temperature will drop slightly, not sometimes hot weather. The sun is baking not so much, so walks are transferred fairly easily, there is less chance of getting sunstroke.

At this time, you should visit:

  • The Temple Of Tanah Lot;
  • Rice terraces of Jatiluwih;
  • The Holy source Tirta Empul;
  • Monkey forest in Ubud;
  • Bird Park;
  • The Batur Volcano.

At this time there is not a lot of tourists, and therefore will not have to stand in line, and you can fully enjoy the cultural values of the island.

A vacation with treatment

Speaking about Wellness for the season, it happens from September to may, although the health treatments in most of the hotels are available all year round. The weather is warm but not hot. There are a large number of health centers, beauty salons. There are no queues, so it's morning to evening to visit a Wellness treatments. This will allow not only to rest from work, relax, tourist will reinforce the varioussystems of the body, will stock up on vitamins.


  1. Thermal baths near crater lake Batur;
  2. Hot springs of air Panas, located a kilometer away from the Banjara village.


mesyacy dlya palomnichestva

Flocking the adherents of the various religions, although Bali has its own religion - Hindu Dharma. They believe in evil spirits and daily make offerings to them in the form of baskets with rice and flowers.

Sometimes, tourists who witness a Balinese rituals remain completely shocked by their conduct.

For example, on the beach you can stumble upon a crowd dancing and playing the Balinese that just death of a relative.

Usually the pilgrimage season begins in late summer - early autumn. It lasts quite a long time. It is the rainy season, when Sunny days become less and the island is empty, the tourists are leaving. At this time a lot of people gather together, recite prayers, includes a special state of consciousness. Committed trips to sacred mountains and places of the island.

To determine the exact beginning of the pilgrimage difficult, know that local or specialists in this field.

The holiday season

It is difficult to say which month is more holidays to Bali. Almost every month there are meaningful days for local residents, when on the island are holiday events:

  • Balinese New year. It happens on the new moon in March or April. It is a day of meditation, the island is quiet and peaceful. You can't work and play;
  • The day after Balinese New year comes a hilarious and joyful celebration. At this time on the island is a lot of people, festivals;
  • In June-July we have an Art Festival. There are many exhibitions, performances, dances, entertainment;
  • The Jazz Festival. Held in November in Kuta. There is a lot of music welcomes talented musicians from all over the island, as well as from other countries.

Travel tips: how to save money on vacation in Bali?

To save during the holidays to Bali should be aware of some important guidance:

  1. A start is better to buy in advancefor a few months. You can choose the more beneficial option of the hotel's most convenient location.
  2. Visit better than restaurants for tourists and local cafes. They have many delicious local dishes, and the cost is much less than in tourist areas;
  3. The most famous resorts are more expensive. There is less known but incredibly comfortable resorts a little further from the centre. Accommodation in such places is much more profitable.

Thus, it is possible to relax in Bali at different times of the year. This island offers plenty of entertainment, so bored tourists will not have time.

See in this video, details about the seasons in Bali: