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Weather on the Black sea: the temperature of the air and water in Sochi months

Temperatura vody v Sochi

Russian "Cote d'azur", our "nice" domestic "Hawaii". Like not just talking about this fabulous place! And it really fits all his titles.

Sochi is a truly amazing place on the resort map in our country. It captivates, attracts, allures. And all. This city is a paradox.

Staying here is not cheap. Where frugal for your hard-earned money will go, for example, commonplace in Egypt. But no. We are drawn here. Because of the many features of this wonderful resort. But first and foremost – because of its weather specific.

What will please the environment?

Weather in Sochi is really enviable. And all thanks to the climate of the place. It is, if you operate on special terms, is subtropical. This means that winter is here nahorodny and rainy. And the summer is hot and Sunny.

If you take the overall performance, it can be noted that the average annual temperature in Sochi is held at just over 14 degrees.

Sochi has a humid, subtropical. This feature of territorial location gave the city a very humid climate.

But it's "not scary". Because most rain falls in winter, summer gets rain, like "a cat naplakal". And in the summer due to the humidity hardly felt the burning heat. And if we talk about winter, the precipitation here falls more often as rain than snow. Just like in any warm European town!

Osobennosti klimata

However, in the wintertime this area is not excluded freezing and even snowfall. But in moderation, of course, quantity.

In short, the climate of Sochi is:

  • in an enviable warm winter;
  • really hot and inviting summer;
  • and Yes. Didn't say anything about spring and autumn seasons. And for good reason. They are here - magic. Warm, with beautiful weather. The "velvet" in one word, seasons.

Winter weather

At this time, the "pearl" of the Russian resort happy and surprised. First, your weather. And she's downright fairy tale. Of course, not to say that such as, for example, Thailand or the Maldives, where in the winter it is always warm. But compared to most snowy Russian cities of Sochi in the winter is a really lovely place to relax and enjoy the weather.

This time is not suitable for swimming in the sea. Despite the mildness of the winter weather, a beach vacation will have to wait for other months.

And there are those exceptions, when winter in Sochi is extremely cool and snowy. With unusual ice and even more unusual snow. But these vagaries of nature is really an exception. Year on year, as they say, is not necessary.

The question arises: how to spend time tourists in Sochi in the winter, when the weather seems to be not cold, but not "warming body and soul."

Winter in Sochi is very rich. This, in the first place:

  • ski resorts;
  • special "winter tour";
  • visit the legendary Sochi attractions and museums;
  • you can even arrange a gastronomic tour – in Sochi there are many cafes and restaurants, where delicious cooked.

Pogoda v Sochi zimoj

Can you be more specific?

To better understand what might be waiting in Sochi in the winter, we will understand exactly what weather is typical for each month. So:

  1. in December the temperature is kept in the range of +9...+10° C. the Daytime temperature usually is at the level of + 9.8° C, at night – in the range + 4,5°. The days can stand cloudy and windy. The average wind speed is 2 m/s. the water Temperature at this time is not higher than +11° C. the Number of rainy days is on average no more than three;
  2. as for January, this month the day temperature is kept at index + 8.0° C. the Day column does not fall below 3.3° C. temperature of the seawater is of the order of + 10.5° C. But rainy days more than in December – 6. Wind speed is also greater at 4 m/s;
  3. the February weather is pretty mild: the temperature is 9.2° C with a plus sign, night is 3.8° C. the Water is heated to 9.4° C Days with rainfall of three. The February wind was blowing at a speed of 3.3 m/s.

Despite the fact that winter is not beach holidays in Sochi is always something to do even in this period. You can visit the famous ski resort, located in Krasnaya Polyana, a wide range of winter sports, for example snowboarding. You can still arrange trips on the Sochi beautiful places to explorethe slopes of the Caucasus ridge.

Spring on the Black sea

This beautiful city in the spring changed even more. Rest in this time of year can bring a lot of pleasant experiences.

The main advantage of the rest days of spring - enjoy the wonderful climate and nature.

You can safely go to the seaside to breathe in the revitalizing air, admire the beautiful expanse of the sea, to sit in a cafe and enjoy sitting.

Temperatura v Sochi vesnoj

What kind of weather is giving us spring? Of course, warm:

  1. March, however, still carries echoes of winter: daytime temperatures in this time is about 10.6° C, at night it is 4.8° C. the water Temperature is 9.1° C. during this period of about 5 rainy days. The wind was blowing at a speed of 3.5 m/s;
  2. April the air warms up to 14.6° C (day) and up to 7.3° C at night. But the water still remains cool is 11.2° C. the Rainy days to just about three. The wind speed is 3.1 m/s;
  3. in may the weather is air, progressis already to 20.7° C during the day and to 11.8° C at night. Seawater temperature increased sharply to 17.4° C. This spring month brings no more than two rainy days. The wind speed does not exceed 2.5 m/s.

What to do in such glorious weather? Many! In the spring most often in Sochi are still quite a few tourists, and this means that you can safely, without the hassle to visit the city's famous sights, take tours, walk around the awakening from winter sleep the city.

Another advantage of the spring time – very affordable cost of vouchers to stay in hotels and hotels.

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Sun city

In the summer Sochi weather gives travelers a truly unforgettable experience. The advantages of summer vacation here are obvious: they are bathing in the beautiful warm sea and enjoy the wonderful weather, and visit the many excursions that are offered at this time at every step.

Gorod Sochi letom

That's what weather greets the summer of Sochi:

  1. June is famous for warm days with daytime temperatures at 25.3° C and the night is 15.4° C. the Sea can boast of the temperature at 22.7° C. Rainy days are almost there . The wind speed is at 2.7 m/s;
  2. in July the weather is very comfortable, especially for swimming: the day is 28.4° C, a night of 17.5° C. the Sea is just a fairy tale, the water temperature is 25.5° C. the Rainy days, as a rule, not at all. The minimum wind speed of 2.6 m/s;
  3. August is famous for the truly hot days: day reign as much as all of 29.4° C, night - 17,6. Sea – "fresh milk" (26,8° C). No rain. The wind speed, as in July to 2.6 m/s.

Velvet season

That's called autumn in Sochi. And absolutely rightly. Autumn in Sochi is a perfect mild weather, still very warm sea water and of course plenty of fruits.

But I must say that the "velvet season" only covers the first two months. In November, already felt the "breath of winter", the weather changes significantly.

Barhatnyj sezon na chernom more

What are the weather characteristics by month:

  1. in September, the air is heated by day to 25.5° C, 14.5° C, sea water – to 24.5° C. the Rainy days often does not happen. Wind speeds of only up to 2.6 m/s;
  2. October brings still comfortable the days. Daily temperature of 20.2° C, night is 11.2° C. the sea Water is 24.5° C. the Rainy days is about three. Wind speed – 2.7 m/s;
  3. in November, expect cool weather: day – to 14.7° C, the night is 7.7° C. the sea water Temperature is 16° C. November brings about three rainy days. The wind blows with a speed of 2.9 m/s.

So, Sochi is really a true tale. There are many foreign resort towns, which are impressive. But beckons us here. And the secret of this largely – amazing weather conditions.

All about the weather in Sochi during the year: