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Spain's climate: weather and water temperatures in Mallorca by months in Palma

pogoda i temperatura vody na Majorke po mesyacam

Mallorca is loved by many Spanish island resort. It is about 200 excellent beaches, equipped for youth, family and secluded relaxation, and a variety of entertainment for every taste. Description of the weather in Mallorca by months and water temperature will help you to choose the right time to relax.

The Climate Of Majorca

klimaticheskie usloviya

For Mallorca is typical Mediterranean climate, but on the island it is markedly different from mainland Spain. Summer in the region is quite hot and dry and the average temperature often reaches 30°C.

However, tropical wet climate makes the weather comfortable enough, because on the coast it is much less exhausting.

Throughout the season the sky is clear, and it rains 2-3 times in a month.

Because Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, in different places, observed various climatic features. Most high performance temperatures in Palma de Mallorca, and also at nearby resorts such as Palma Nova, Illetas, Magaluf, Arenal, Santa Ponsa and Playa de Palma. A little cooler in the mountain region, especially in winter.

In winter the climate of Majorca is beautiful. The Serra de Tramuntana, located on the West coast, protect its territory from the weather. The resorts for this period is characterized by rains in the mountains – snow, but in such conditions, the thermometer shows +13-14°C in the area of capital resorts.

Weather by month

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The wonderful climate of Mallorca gives you the opportunity to relax on the island all year round – just choose a suitable resort to have a great time.

In the winter

Despite the fact that winter in Mallorca non-tourist season, vacationers still do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit the local coast. Continental Spain is different because in Mallorca there is a nice weather and much less rain.

  • In December in Mallorca receives the greatest number of precipitation – about 15 rainy days. On the coast the cool temperature in the daytime rises up to +12°C, and after the sun cools to 5°C and below. The Mediterranean sea warms up to +16°C.
  • In the mountain and nearby areas are much colder, sometimes frost and snow.

  • In January the weather in the resorts quite nice, so there are those who pick these places to spend Christmas and new year holidays. Particularly captivating is that the island is very quiet and peaceful. The day temperature rises to +14°C night 7°C and rain and wind disturb less than in December. Sea water warms up to the level marked at +15°C.
  • February in the resorts of Majorca is not much different from January. This month maintain the same temperature of the air, but rainy days are considerably less – about 10. The sea water cools down to 13 degrees. The only thing that can spoil a vacation on the island – strong wind, because of which it seems that the coast is too cool and chilly.

In the spring

ostrov vesnoj

In the spring, Mallorca is transformed. At the beginning of the season, everything blooms and exudes a dizzying aromas. But the nights are still quite cold, so travelers should bring warm clothes.

  1. In March, in Mallorca there is a sharp increase in temperature. If at the beginning of the month, the day the air warms up to +15°C, then by the end of the month to 18°C. after sunset the air cools dramatically – throughout the month, the temperature in the evening hours hardly reaches 9 degrees.

    Sea water warms up to +14°C, so swimming it is not suitable, but due to the abundance of Sunny days, tourists have the opportunity to bask on the coast.

  2. In April Mallorca greets visitors with clear and Sunny days during which the air is heated to +18°C. this period is already possible to get a tan on the coast, but yetyou can not swim. The Mediterranean sea warms up to 15-16 degrees. A night cool enough – to +11°C. Rain and wind almost not to disturb holidaymakers in Mallorca in April.
  3. May is considered the beginning of the holiday season as this month the temperature of the coast increases to 23 degrees and the water temperature to +17°C. the Precipitation is reduced to a minimum, and a nice refreshing breeze makes a particularly hot days.

In the summer

Summer pleases tourists with sustainable heat and abundance of Sunny days. Already in the morning the air is heated to an average temperature of +27°C, and the sea is perfect for swimming.

Everywhere becomes available hotels at different prices, entertainment and excursion program.

In early June the resorts of Majorca are filled with tourists. Air temperature +27°C and water +21°C provide the opportunity to spend the entire vacation on the coast, enjoying the sandy beaches and the emerald sea. For the whole month the rains fall no more than 2-3 times, and after half an hour they are not left a trace. Refreshing sea breeze does not give heat to spoil the holiday.

letnij rezhim

In July the temperature rises up to +30-32 degrees, but the hallmark of this weather is that the heat on the island carried much easier. By mid-summer the sea water warms up to 26 degrees, which is ideal for families with children and beloved diving. This month is considered the peak of high season, so the resorts on the island significantly loaded with tourists.

August is not much different from the previous month – the temperature of the air and water remains the same, and the lack of rain. Clear skies and +30-32°C at all resorts on the island happy tourists in the daytime, and at night becomes a little more cool – to +20°C.

In August and July is particularly relevant resorts:

  • Playa de Muro;
  • Alcudia;
  • Playa de Palma.

Also popular among tourists are the resorts that are located directly near the capital. There is the most pleasant weather.

In the fall

In early autumn, the island is still heat, and the temperature decrease starts only at the end of September. In the first half of the month in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +26 degrees, and at night to +18°C. the Sea water is suitable for bathing – +24°C. the Number of Sunny and warm days kept the same mark, but by the end of the month, the air is cooled to 26°C.

In October the weather is unpredictable – Sunny days become a little less, but the rain and wind disturb rest. The air cools to 22°C by the end of the month to +18°C. the nights are cool and +15°C. In the first half of October you can still swim – the water warms up to 22 degrees.

In November, the holiday season is over, but the temperature readings yet perfect for relaxing on the island. Weather resembles September in Russia – in the afternoon the air rises to +18°C, and at night to +11°C. it Should be noted that the rains in November are less intense than in other months.

osennie kraski

The water on the coast is not suitable for swimming, especially with children. Part of it is hampered by low water temperature (19°C), and part of the cool wind.

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When is the best time to go?

A distinctive feature of the climate of Majorca is the lack of traditional notions of "high" and "low" season. Transition temperature on the coast is so invisible and not so pronounced that every tourist can choose their own time for rest, based on personal preferences.

High period

Officially high season in the resorts of Mallorca starts at the beginning of may and lasts until October. During this period, here is the most favorable weather, and the temperature exceeds 27 degrees. The water is perfect for swimming – it is quite warm and clean to swim with the kids or enjoy water sports.

Gorgeous hot weather comes to different types of travelers:

  1. Beach tourism;
  2. Excursion programs;
  3. Acquaintance with the underwater world;
  4. Surfing and kite surfing;
  5. Sailing and fishing.

While in Mallorca you can find noisy youth resorts with white sand on the coast, as well as a cosy and peaceful areas intended for family vacation.

It rains

sezon dozhdej

Life on the island fades from early November to March despite the fact that in the resorts to be clear. This is due to the fact that Mallorca is mainly considered a beach destination, and in the low season the water is cooled to 14 degrees.

However, these weather conditions do not prevent tourists to visitMallorca. During this period there everywhere making a variety of activities, among which the most popular shopping in malls. In winter branded items in local stores can be purchased at a discount of 50-60%. Besides the trip itself would cost quite cheap, because prices for tickets and hotel rooms much fall.

The holiday season

Mallorca often hosts various events, from fairs in honor of the harvest to major holidays. It is worth noting that every city on the island honors the tradition and, therefore, at any moment you can witness interesting events.

The most outstanding celebrations are those that are held on Mallorca in the low season.

Especially notable is Valentine's day. Sebastian – an event that is celebrated a few days (19-20 January). During this everywhere you can see colorful parades, processions, concerts and theatrical productions.

Velvet season

Velvet season to include the period from September to November, when the temperature of the air and water still allows you to swim and sunbathe on the beach, and on cloudy days tours in different regions of the island.

See a video review of the tourist on holiday in Mallorca in the autumn season: