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The water temperature in the sea of Azov months: braid Berdyansk summer, winter

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Azov sea – the shallow waters and the warmest sea. He is considered a great place for families with children, since the depth does not exceed 15.5 metres, and the coast is gently sloping and composed of sand.

The water temperature in the sea of Azov by months

In fact, the Azov sea is the northeastern side of the swimming pool the Black sea, but the climate here is much drier than on the black sea coastand the humidity is less.

Heat on the sea of Azov is transferred more easily, as the swimming season starts in may.

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In the winter

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  • December. In winter the water temperature in the sea of Azov is often close to freezing, and almost all area covered with ice. In December here, cold winds from the mainland, and the average monthly temperature shows 0 to -2°C. Near the Kerch Gulf water temperature remains above zero.
  • January. This month is the coldest on the coast. Sea water in this cold weather turns to ice thickness up to 80-90 cm. Its temperature falls to -1°C on the South coast and in the North drops to -6 degrees. First, ice is formed on the Taganrog Bay, and then in utlyuks'kyi, Yeisk, Beisugskoie Akhtar and estuaries.
  • February. With the advent of February gets a little warmer. The temperature of the sea water rises by 4-5 degrees. The level is +2°C on the South coast of the Taman Peninsula and -1 on the North coast.

In the spring

  • March. Early in the season on the Azov sea is still cool weather. The sea in the area of the Taman Peninsula, about +5-7°C. On the Northern coast of the sea only warms up to +3°C.
  • April. In April the air significantly warmed, and sea water in comparison with the previous month, it gets noticeably warmer, going up to 7-8 degrees. On the South coast of Azov temperature reaches 10-12 degrees, and in the North +7-8°C.
  • temperaturnyj rezhim maya

  • May. In early may, the sea water is still not suitable for swimming, as its temperature is still low, but in the second half of the month the temperature readings encouraging number +of 18.5 degrees, which allows tourists to access the beach season.

The southern resorts of the Azov sea are open to the public from mid-may onwards, as the water temperature warms up to nice numbers – +21°C.

In the summer

  • June. In summer the waters of the Azov ideal for swimming. Water temperature in the first month of summer is about +24°C, but such figures, it reaches only to the end of June. However, this does not prevent tourists to come here to spend long-awaited holiday surrounded by wonderful nature.
  • July. In this month the sea temperature off the coast is incredibly nice for vacationers as it is +26 degrees. In the Northern part of the Azov thermometer shows 24 degrees, but often higher. Due to the fact that the sea is not deep, it warms up very quickly and this temperature is favourable round the clock. Often there are cases when in July the water temperature reaches +32°C.
  • August. The sea temperature in August is not much different from July. The indicators fall just a few degrees, but not always. Most often the Azov sea warms up to +26°C, and this temperature is the end of the month.

In the fall

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  • September. In September, the water is starting to cool down, showing +21-23 degrees.
  • Autumn on the sea of Azov is considered the "velvet season", which lasts until mid-October.

  • October. In the first half of October, temperature are kept ataround 19 degrees, and by the end of the month, the sea begins to rapidly cool. The water temperature hovers around +16-18 degrees.
  • November. Already quite cold and unsuitable for swimming the water is in November. Her temperature keeps at level of +11-16 degrees.

Thermal behaviour

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In winter from the mainland towards the sea of Azov blowing easterly and North-easterly windscausing a decrease in air temperature and sea water to the level below zero. The coastal area and part of the sea covered with solid thick ice.

On the North coast, winter comes early – in October and in the South only in the beginning of November. Winter in this region is short, relatively mild, but the North of the Azov sea temperature may fall to -30°C, while in the area of the Kerch Bay shows -8°C.

Summer in this region is especially pleasant and is characterized by a flat temperature, regardless of the place of stay. Everywhere is the same weather, and on hot days the sea cool breezes that blow.

Autumn and spring are sudden changes in temperature, especially in the middle of the season, when only a week temperature regime can change from the figure of +12 degrees to +18°C.

Water in different areas during the year

As noted above, the water temperature in the sea of Azov is noticeably warmer in the South and West, and on the North and East coast is colder than 3-4 degrees. Therefore, tourists often choose to stay in area of Berdyansk, or on the resorts near the town.

Off the coast of Berdyansk

The resort Berdyansk is located on the Eastern coast of the Azov sea.

Berdyansk spit on the beach season opens in June and closes in September.

During this period the average water temperature never drops below 20 degrees. In the summer of Berdyansk spit warms up to +28 degrees, and fall to 21°C.

vody u beregov Berdyanska

In the summer months the water temperature in the sea:

  1. In June 25.3 degree;
  2. In July of 27.8°C;
  3. In August of 26.4 degrees.

In the fall the water cools and its temperature is approximately 21°C in September to +16°C in October and 14°C in November.

In the winter off the coast of Berdyansk becomes cool and, consequently, the sea water freezes, and its temperature in December is reduced to 4 degrees in January to +2 degrees, and in February increased slightly to +3-4°C.

At the beginning of spring on the coast of the Berdyansk is still cool, while the sea temperature warms up in March, only 1 degree and is about +3°C. In April the sea becomes warmer, showing the mark of +8-9°C. In may, some tourists discover here the swimming season, although the water is still cool. Its temperature does not exceed 17-18 degrees.

In Yeisk estuary

On the biggest estuary of the North Caucasus temperature of the water slightly higher than in other regions of the Azov sea, because the close location to the black sea coast makes the place a little warmer. The difference in temperature is about +2-3 degrees, but often more.

Best time for beach season in Yeisk estuary from may to mid-October.

The average temperature of water at this time is about +27 degrees:

  1. In may of +18 degrees;
  2. In June +23,8°C;
  3. In July of +26°C;
  4. In August of 24 degrees;
  5. In September +20° degrees.

Pogoda v Ejskom limane

Often the water temperature in the summer, especially in July and August warms up to 29-30°C.

In October already much colder and the temperature drops. Maximum values of sea reach 16 degrees, and in November +11°C. the Water becomes unsuitable for bathing, and on the shore to be not so comfortable.

Winter months – not the most auspicious time to visit the town. In this period the water of the sea does not freeze, but its temperature drops to +7 degrees in December, +4°C in January to +5°C in February.

When to go to relax?

Many tourists open season in mid-may, going to rest on popular resorts of the Azov sea: Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Eisk, and Berdiansk, stanitsa Golubitskaya and Dolzhansky, as well as the villages of kuchugury and pour. These resorts are ideal for relaxing with children.

Clean air, good climate and the sea, which is warming faster than anywhere else in the resorts of Russia, allow you to choose the Azov sea as a wonderful place to stay already inthe beginning of June. The day temperature in this month is +25 degrees, and the water warms up to 23°C.

Even better to relax on the Azov sea in July, as the number of Sunny days here is equal to 28-30, the sea water is permanently warm (28 degrees).

July for those seeking a beach holiday or planning a trip to the sea with children.

Exactly the same season here in August, but in contrast to July, the number of tourists a little less. However, this month is considered a Paradise for those who do not want to get out of the sea, as the water temperature is gorgeous – 25 degrees.

The sea of Azov, and the resorts located along the coast, actively developed, with each year getting more and more "family tourists". There are new entertainment, and a beach holiday is always on top.

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