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When is the best time in Bulgaria: climate, weather and water temperatures by month

pogoda i temperatura vody po mesyacam v Bolgarii

Bulgaria – a country resort with an impressive list of features for a memorable vacation. In the vastness of its popular Hiking trails through natural beauty, historical and cultural attractions.

Near you can meet the coast, which is decorated with Golden beaches of soft sand. Weather in Bulgaria by months and water temperatures are encouraging tourists, especially in summer season.

The climate of Bulgaria by regions

klimaticheskie usloviya v regionah

Bulgaria is not just considered a country resort. Its climate is perfect for outdoor activities in any season. Winter here is quite warm and summer is of high temperatures.

But you need to keep in mind that depending on the region, climatic conditions, this trend will change.

The most popular place for rest in Bulgaria – the Black sea coast. This part of the country occupies a very large territory and its peculiarity is a pronounced Mediterranean climate.

The best time to relax on the beaches – the summer months – the period when the air temperature is 23-28°C, water – +25°C. it Should be noted that the weather at the coast is just great for tourists with children and lack of rain allows you to spend more time in the fresh air.

On the flat expanse of the observed moderate continental climateand every season in the Central part pronounced. In winter the temperature falls to -10°C, and in summer stay around +23°C. This weather is perfect for a leisurely stroll along historic sites and travel outside of cities.

In the mountains lasts all year round cool weather. The climate of this region is characterized by low temperature – in the summer the temperature reaches +18°C, while in winter -20°C. the following parameters create the perfect conditions for recreational activities in the summer and ski tourism in the cold season.

What is the weather by months?

pogodnyj rezhim v techenie goda

Due to its excellent temperature performance and mild climate, tourists are eager to get to the resorts of Bulgaria and its ancient cities.

This country has good weather regardless of the season, making the trip even more interesting and attractive.

In the winter

In winter, tourists are eager to get to the ski resorts of Bulgaria. In this part of the country the weather is best suited for active tourism. The season starts in December and lasts until April. While on the coast observed the cold and rains in the mountains are at their most pleasant weather conditions.

  • In December, the winter tours are aimed at such resorts as Bansko and Borovets. Their expanse is wet snow, and the temperature reaches -5°C to -13°C degrees. But in some of the days can happen freezing. In such moments, the temperature is rapidly lowered to -30°C.
  • In January, the tourists also tend to spend a Christmas vacation in the mountains of Bulgaria. Weather this month is markedly different from the previous one. Average temperature – from +1°C to 6 degrees. Traditionally, January is considered the coldest month of the year, as the weather accompanied by strong winds and high humidity.
  • zimnij period

  • In February it gets a little warmer and more pleasant in comparison with January. In the mountains continues to snow, and on the coast are heavy rains. The air temperature reaches around +5-10 degrees. At the end of the month in all areas of the country there is warming the air warms up to +10 degrees and above.

It should be noted that throughout the winter season on the coast is quite large for all weather. Temperature at resorts such as Sunny beach, Golden Sands, Varna or Burgas is +5-7 °C, water – +5°C. Such temperature indicators are not suitable to visit the beaches.

In the spring

Inspring time, Bulgaria is changing – at the beginning of the season throughout the country is becoming warmer and rainfall is rapidly decreasing. While on the mountain slopes holding snow and the ski season continues, the rest of Bulgaria begins to bloom profusely greens.

  1. In March there are more Sunny days, especially in coastal resorts and in the Central part of Bulgaria. Weather is still changeable – in the absence of rain temperature reaches +9°C, and on cloudy -4°C.

    On the coast of Bulgaria in March, yet there is no hint of resort weather, – the air temperature reaches +9°C, water +8 degrees.

  2. Ski resorts in March, the season is in full swing, but some days the rain can stop to rest.

  3. In April, the weather in Bulgaria is getting better, and the cold gradually retreat. The ski resorts will stop working, so tourists flock to the Central part of the country to enjoy the facilities. While in the mountains continues to melt the snow, and on the coast is not yet available full range of beach activities in the center are observed in ideal weather conditions.

    strana vesnoj

    In cities such as Sofia, Burgas and Plovdiv the day temperature reaches +16°C, and at night drops to 8 degrees. In the mountains the temperature is kept at around 0°C, and on the coast +12°C. rain and strong winds across the country are retreating and they are clear and warm days.

  4. In may approaching the holiday season, since the weather in this month is even more warm, and the wind and rains back down. Before swimming, but sunbathing on the coast of Sunny beach, Golden Sands or Varna.

    On separate resorts air temperature warms up to +25°C, but night is still quite cool up to 16°C. the Water is kept at around 16 degrees.

In the summer

Weather in summer is perfect for trips to the coast, but also no less beautiful for Hiking trails in the mountains and ancient cities.

In the country it gets warm, but not yet very hot – the temperature on the coast is +25°C, in cities +23°C, and in the mountains – +19°C. it Should be noted that Sofia and Plovdiv drops out quite a lot of rain compared to other cities.

  • In June, tourists enjoy the weather in the Bulgarian resorts, especially in Nessebar, Sveti Vlas and Golden Sands. This month, many open the swimming season, the temperature for a beach holiday great. In the afternoon the air temperature on the coast reaches +27°C, and the sea is +24°C. At night, too warm is +17°C.
  • In July starts the peak season – the number of clear and windless days reaches its highest level. On the coast the temperature rises to 29°C day, 19°C night, and the sea is pleased with the performance in +25°C. this month the sea is the warmest. In the rest of the country, the average day temperature is +23°C, +17°C.
  • August is noted as one of the most dry months of the year. On the coast of the falls not more than 32 mm of precipitation. The temperature is the same as in July, and in the southern part of the country gets really hot.

poberezhe letom

The only downside of staying in August is such an unpleasant feature, as the abundance of blooming algae in the sea.

Although the sea of blooms in different periods of the summer months, most often this phenomenon is observed in August. This phenomenon depends on the temperature of the wateras soon as it crosses over +26°C, this process begins when than where less depth.

In the fall

With the onset of autumn in Bulgaria begins velvet season.

  1. In autumn, the heat subsidesand the air temperature in September remains at around +24 degrees. At night, heat up to +21°C, and on the South coast of the country – +23°C.
  2. In the first half of October the temperature is still kept at a high level. At this time is especially popular to relax in Sozopol and Burgas. The temperature of the air and water is +24°C, and in the other coastal regions 21°C. In the second half of the month on the coast come rain and strong wind.
  3. temperaturnye pokazateli osenu

  4. In November, the weather in Bulgaria is spoiled completely. Throughout the month there are heavy rains and high humidity and low temperature performance creates unpleasant weather conditions. At this time on the coast the temperature is +16°C, in mountains – 0°C.
  5. But even if this weather does not put off, for Sunny days better to go South.

When to go to relax?

Each of the months in Bulgaria in its own way beautiful. In this country, in winter you can ski from the slopes, and at other times to meetculture, traditions and history, explore nature, attend events or enjoy the kitchen.

High season

Since Bulgaria is a country dominated by beach holidays, to go better in the summer and until October. At this time, the coast is beautiful weather – warm enough but not so hot, so acclimatization is easy. Due to these conditions, the resorts of the country are among the best to stay with the child.

In the summer season for a beach holiday will fit the following spas:

  • Sunny beach;
  • Golden Sands (Varna);
  • Varna (Balchik);
  • Albena;
  • Sozopol.

Many of the beach resorts ideal for families with children because of their gentle slope into the water and a rich infrastructure. For the convenience of tourists from the coastal resorts to famous and interesting cities run buses.

The rainy season

According to reviews of tourists, not the best time to visit the coast – November and March. In these months weather is very unstable, and the amount available for tourists entertainment is minimal.

But the period from November to April is ideal for ski holidays. And during the summer months in the mountains of Bulgaria popular Hiking trailsthat are open to tourists amazing views.

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