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Odessa: the temperature of the air and water in the Black sea

temperatura vody v CHernom more v Odesse

Weather and water temperature in the Black sea in Odessa depending on the time of year varies. During the winter the temperature drops, but since the spring, the temperature begins to rise, and by July Odessa appears in the best light. Warm, Sunny, plenty of entertainment and beaches.

What is the climate in Odessa?

odesskie klimaticheskie osobennosti

Odessa is located in a zone moderately-a continental climate. The winter is mild, but the temperature of water and air decreases, sometimes to zero.

Spring is protracted, it lasts until mid-may. Summers are warm and long.

In the summer Odessa receives the greatest number of tourists, the water temperature in the sea in summer is warm and pleasant, a great vacation option for families with children.

Autumn does not last long, brings with it a lowering of temperature and precipitation.

The average annual rainfall is 460 mm. the Largest number falls in the fall, winter and sometimes snows, but it melts quickly.

From July to August, the Sunny days are observed for 25 in each month. The sea in these months is considered the warmest.

Autumn and winter, the wind blows predominantly from the West or from the North in spring, South wind in summer is North-West direction.

Weather by month

ezhemesyachnaya pogoda

Favorable months for tourists can be considered the period from may to September. In this period the weather is warm, low rainfall and warm winds.

In the winter

In December the temperature is set at around 4-6 degrees. The water is cooled to +4.

The humidity in Odesa in December is 85%. The deposits in the form of rain and wet snow.

In January:

  • the temperature is about 3 degrees, it can drop down to -2;
  • the water temperature within +1-2 degrees;
  • humidity – 90%.

In February:

  1. the temperature is +2-4 degrees;
  2. the water temperature is set at around 2 degrees;
  3. humidity is 84%.

In the spring

vesennie mesyacy

  • In March, temperature of water and air begins to rise. The air warms up to +7, the water is still cold, the water temperature does not exceed +5 degrees.
  • In April, the increase becomes more noticeable. The ambient temperature rises to +10-11 degrees by the end of the month and up +18°C, the sea temperature is 11 degrees.
  • In may the average air temperature equals to +21 degrees, the water temperature rises to 17°C.

The average humidity in the spring months is kept at around 65-75%.

In the summer

Summer is considered the best time for a beach holiday. The number of tourists in the summer increases several times, the city blossoms.

  1. In June the temperature ranges from +23 to +25. The water is warmed to 22.
  2. July is marked by the increase in temperature to 27 degrees, the water is warm to +24.
  3. In August the water temperature is 25 degrees, the air is +28°C.

The average humidity in summer is 55-65%.

In the fall

In September , the velvet season begins. The air warmed up to +23, water temperature keeps at level of +19 degrees.

In October:

  • the water temperature is +13;
  • the air temperature is +16.

osennie kraski

In November:

  1. water temperature - +8;
  2. the air temperature is +11.

Average air humidity in the fall – 65-85%.

When is the best time to relax?

Tourist chooses the best time to relax on the basis of theirdesires and possibilities. If you want to spend a beach holiday, you should go between may to September.

Sea in high season, warm temperature is favourable, there are places for entertainment and snacking.

Wishing to wander in Odessa, it is better to get acquainted with the history of the city and attractions is better to go in September-December. Swimming in the sea is unlikely to succeed, although in September, there will be less tourists and prices for accommodation and food will be acceptable.

High season

plyazhnyj sezon

The season starts in June, sometimes late mayand lasts until September. Need to take care of housing, to book for a month or two before you travel.

Note that prices will be somewhat inflated, you need to calculate your financial capabilities.

Many beaches, most equipped with everything necessary. In the evenings there are discos and various competitions.

In September starts the autumn season, this time at the resort you can still swim, but also for exploring the ancient streets of this period fits perfectly.

Low period

As such, the low season in Odessa there as wanting to visit the city enough at any time of year, but the decline in tourist flow is observed from October to April.

At this time, the tourists come to sunbathe and swim, and generally make walking through the city, visiting attractions, festivals. Prices are lower compared to the high season, but need to look for housing in advance.

Tourists coming winter in this city, met in Odessa on Christmas and New year.

Everyone decides how he wants to spend a holiday on the Black sea in Odessa. Some dream to sunbathe on the beach the entire vacation swimming in the sea, others more interested in the cultural side of the holiday, but any visitor would remember this time with an indescribable atmosphere, comfortable climate and hospitality of the Odessites.

See in this video, what Odessa in new year holidays: