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Climate, weather and water temperature in Spain: Malaga, Majorca

temperatura v Ispanii po mesyacam i temperatura vody

Spain is a country beautiful to visit at any time of the year. It fascinates tourists a special atmosphere, a wonderful climate and great opportunities for a varied holiday.

During the trip you can combine a beach holiday, as well as familiarity with ancient attractions. The temperature in Spain by month and water temperature will help to understand what time of year will be comfortable to relax.

The climate in Spain's regions

klimaticheskie osobennosti po regionam

The climate of Spain is quite diverse and varies from region to region. While one part of the country dominated by heat and high humidity, in another part of the eternal spring reigns.

The territory of Spain is divided into four climatic zones:

  • Moderate sea – is located in the North and North-West, in the Basque country, Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria. Weather in this region is completely dependent on the Atlantic ocean. The summer is warm and humid, not hot, but despite this, the region is not especially popular among fans of beach rest;
  • Temperate continental occupies the Central regions in the country. During the winter, cool enough by the standards of Europe and summer is very hot. The main advantage is that precipitation for this region – a very rare occurrence;
  • Subtropical – takes quite a large area of this country. It includes famous Islands – Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Eastern regions of the country. During the summer, these popular resorts is dry and hot weather, and winters are mild and wet;
  • Tropical climate zone is observed on the Canary Islands. In this region is never cold or too hot, and the temperature of the water almost year round for swimming.

klimat na raznyh kurortah

It is worth noting that the climate of Spain is characterized by stability and sustainability, and this means that the difference between winter and summer temperatures are not very big.

Not all countries in Europe can boast such an attractive feature, so tourists willing to visit Spain regardless of the season.

Weather by month

Spain is considered the hottest of all the European countries. Winter in this country lasts long, and the rest of the time is ideal for a varied holiday. Thanks to the weather conditions, and the possibilities pretty quickly to fly to resorts to visit in Spain enjoys an incredible demand.

In the winter

pogodnye usloviya zimoj

In the winter in Spain, the day temperature is kept at around +8 to 16 degrees, often rains and sometimes snow, but only in the North of the country. But even so, clear days in winter is enough to comfortably relax at local resorts.

In December weather in Spain varies from region to region. For warm days, many tourists prefer to go to the Canary Islands where the daytime temperature is kept at around +18-20 degrees and at night drops to +15°C. Slightly cooler on the other popular Islands. In Ibiza, Mallorca the air warms up to +15 degrees, and at night to +8°C.

On the coast of the country in December cool enough, it can be seen in exemplary table:

  1. Alicante and province – of +17°C day 10°C night, water temperature +16°C;
  2. Costa Brava – +13°C, day +9°C at night, water temperature +14°C;
  3. Costa Dorada – +15°C day 10°C night, the water temperature +15°C;
  4. Salou – +15°C day 10°C night, the water temperature +15°C;
  5. Malaga is +17°C day 10°C night, the water temperature is +19°C;
  6. Valencia – +15°C, day +10°C at night, water temperature +16°C;
  7. Torrevieja is +17°C, day +12 night, the water temperature is +17°C;
  8. Marbella - +17°C, day +10 night, the water temperature is +16°C.

In the Northern regions of the country by 4-5 degrees cooler, for example in San Sebastian +13°C, and in Bilbao - +14°C.

It should be noted that during this period the sea water is not suitable for swimming, not only because oflow temperature, but also because of the strong and cool wind.

In January in Spain is a little cooler, but the temperature difference is not very noticeable. According to the figures, the air in the daytime across the country cools by 3-4 degrees. The Canary Islands remain the most attractive destinations. On the coast the temperature is +18°C. Despite the fact that in such weather it is better not to swim, walking along the coast will bring no less pleasure.

In February the weather again begins to build – is nearing warming. The temperature of the air and water reaches the indicators that was in December. The only drawback may be the strong rains for several days, and in the North – snow. However, compared to other countries, especially with the weather here is still warm.

In the spring

temperaturnyj rezhim vesnoj

Spring is one of the best periods in Spain. During the spring months in the country all around is beginning to blossom, open many resorts, and all around are all kinds of holidays and festivals.

In March the onset of spring is not yet very noticeable, although by the end of the month everything starts to bloom with bright colors and emit pleasant aromas. At the same time, it becomes 4 degrees warmer in comparison with the previous month. Along with good weather comes more clear days, and rain and wind remind myself a little less.

In April across the country decreases the amount of precipitation and the air temperature in the dining reaches its peak at 20 degrees. The nights can be still quite cool to 13 degrees, so you should take a warm clothes. The temperature of the water in the sea warms up to +17 degrees, but it is still not suitable for swimming.

Weather conditions in April are a little different for resorts:

  • Barcelona - +18°C during the day +12°C at night, water is 15 degrees;
  • Valencia – 19°C day +14°C at night, water – 16 degrees;
  • Málaga – +21°C, day +14°C at night, water is 18 degrees;
  • Ibiza – 19°C day +14°C at night, water – 16 degrees;
  • Costa Brava – +18°C, day +10°C at night, water is 14 degrees;
  • Costa-Blanca – +21°C, day +14°C at night, water is 15 degrees;
  • Salou – +19°C, day +14°C at night, water is 15 degrees;
  • Majorca – +18°C, day +14°C at night, water is 15 degrees;
  • Tenerife – +22°C day +14°C at night, water is 19 degrees;
  • Torrevieja - +21°C, day +14°C at night, water - 16 degrees;
  • San sebastián - +16°C afternoon 10°C at night, water is 14 degrees;
  • Marbella - +21°C during the day +11°C at night, water - 16 degrees.

In the resorts of the province of Alicante in April in the daytime is quite warm – the air temperature reaches +21°C, and at night the thermometer drops to +15°C.

In may, Spain kicks off the holiday season. Across the country opened numerous hotels on the coast, ready to receive tourists. Water in the Mediterranean sea is ideal for swimming. Its temperature is 20 degrees, and in some regions and a few degrees higher.

The rain in may is rare, like the wind, and the temperature across the country during the day is about +20 to 24 degrees.

In the summer

harakternost letnego perioda

Summer in Spain – the best time for vacation. During this period, sea and air in all parts of the country warmed to the perfect temperature, and almost always clear sky pleases warm and Sunny days. Everywhere also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and after that held bright festivals, among which the most famous "Tomatina".

In June the air temperature is not as high as in the peak season. Throughout Spain, the air in the early morning warms up to +23°C. these weather conditions are perfect for those who plan to combine a beach and sightseeing holiday. During this period, the most favorable temperature for relaxation is on the coast of Andalusia, of Valencia, on the Costa Brava, as well as in the South of Catalonia. The air temperature in the regions warms up to +25 degrees, as the water in the sea.

In July and August across the country is equally beautiful resort, the weather, which is perfect for relaxed beach holidays. Temperature in this period reaches the maximum of +27-32°C day and 20°C in the evenings. The sea water warms up to 26-27 degrees. In addition, blowing in from the sea and the hot dry wind that further increases the feeling of heat, especially noticeable in the Canary Islands.

If you do not much like the heat, but I really want to swim, you should go to the resorts located in the Canary Islands, Costa Blanca and Costa Dorada, as well as to the beaches of the Balearic Islands.

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In the fall

In autumn time in Spain starts the real velvet season. In September is worth the same beautiful weather as in previous months, so the number of tourists does not abate. Sea continues to keep you warm until the middle of theseason.

specifika osennego vremeni goda

In September, the best weather for the autumn vacation. During this period, the daytime temperature is fully consistent with the summer months. The highest temperature of air and water is in Alicante, Benidorm, Malaga, Ibiza and Tenerife. One-day performance in these resorts reach 28-29°C, water – +25°C. a few degrees cooler in Costa Brava, Valencia and Salou.

In October , the weather is noticeably deteriorates. The air compared to the previous month, cools down by 5-6 degrees. Cloudy days becomes more increasingly rains. However, even in this period it is easy enough to find warm and Sunny days suitable for bathing and sightseeing of the country. Sea in October warms up to +23-25 degrees.

In November in Spain begins a fall. The resorts of the country are closed until spring, only in the Canary Islands continues to remain Sunny and fairly warm weather to relax on the coast. The air is cooled to +17-20 degrees, and the nights are becoming quite cool up to 14 degrees. Sea not suitable for swimming – the water temperature falls to 18 degrees. Strong wind and rain may slightly spoil the holiday.

When is the best time to go?

Spain is ideal for all types of recreation. In this country has the best beaches of Europe, also the abundance of most interesting ancient and modern attractions.

High season

The best time for vacation in Spain begins in may and ends in October. This season is characterized by the abundance of Sunny days and high temperature performance of air and water.

In the first and last resort of the month the weather conditions have not only to relax on the beaches, but also to the fascinating cultural programmes. The only drawback of such a vacation can be a large number of tourists.

The rainy season

Low season in Spain is considered to be April, October and winter months. At this time, the rain and the cool wind can spoil the holiday. But even in these months, tourists visit the country because the cost of leisure and entertainment in this period attractive.

Due to weather conditions, Spain attracts tourists from all over the world almost year round.

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