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Weather and water temperature in the UAE for months - when is the best time to relax in Dubai?

pogoda i temperatura vody v OAE po mesyacam

United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, are a favorite place for recreation for many tourists from around the world.

Dry subtropical climate helps easily endure temperatures in excess of 40 degrees, and dunes, Golden Sands and Eastern landscapes will immerse you in the fairy tale about Aladdin.

The climate in Arab Emirates regions at different times

  • January is the coldest month in the UAE with temperatures warm happy sun but not for swimming – the water is too cold. At this time in Abu Dhabi is pretty cool, especially at night. Most rain in Sharjah and Fujairah.
  • In February, the Emirs EN masse rains, and fog enveloped the beach. Most often this weather is in Fujairah and Sharjah.
  • March.

    This month in the Emirates starts the beach season – not cold, but not scorching weather, the most popular with tourists. But there is a small chance of rain.

    Really warm in RAS-al-Khaimah and Sharjah and in Abu Dhabi and Fujairah a little cooler.

  • April - the most comfortable month without rain and suffocating heat. The temperature of the water and air are slightly higher than in March. In Fujairah this month is the greatest heat.
  • May is the last month in anticipation of the hot Arabian summer, although the weather is already quite hot and the sea is ideal for swimming. During this period, the greatest surge of tourists and vacationers. Fujairah has a high fever does not subside even at night.
  • klimat po mesyacam i regionam v OAE

  • June. The highest temperature is in Abu Dhabi and in Fujairah the optimal temperature and water and air. This month starts a hot time – the water temperature in the sea can even exceed 30 degrees. But the heat this due to the subtropical climate is easily tolerated. Rains practically does not happen.
  • In July the air temperature in the UAE reaches 50 degrees or more. This is the period of this heat. Humidity increases. Precipitation is unlikely. In Fujairah at this time is the most mild weather, and in Sharjah and RAS-al-Khaimah is the most hot.
  • August is very similar to July – the same hot and windless. Humidity reaches its maximum. In Fujairah, the air warms up to 35 degrees, and Abu Dhabi and Sharjah up to 45 degrees.
  • September. Still the highest temperature is in Abu Dhabi, and the cool sea during this period, can boast of only Fugar.
  • At this time, even though the temperature is not falling, but the heat leaves just until next summer. The temperature of the water in the sea gradually decreases. Starts pretty the velvet season.

  • October. The most favorable weather for all those who want to relax without the stifling heat and merciless sun. In the morning possible fog. Just hotter in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman and most comfortable in Fujairah.
  • November is considered the peak holiday season. The heat subsides, the sea water gets cool. Most "hot place" is Dubai and Fugar, in other regions, the temperature gradually decreases – if the day is looking quite warm, the night can and freeze.
  • In December in the Emirates rather warm day and cool at night. The sea water warms from 20 to 25 degrees. High probability of rain and fog. The most comfortable weather in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and RAS al Khaimah.

High season

The most favorable period to stay in the Emirates are October, November, March and April. In these months most mild and moderate climate – not as hot as summer and not as cool as in winter.

kogda nachinaetsya vysokij sezon v OAE?

What weather "painting" in the course of the year?


Winter in the UAE is pretty cool, the sea the night is getting cold, so many people prefer to spend this time in hotels, not the beach. Also winter in the UAE is rains and cool winds.

  • In December the air temperature is still 26 degrees by day and 23 by night. The sea at this time of year it changes temperaturedepending on rainfall and varies from 18 to 23 degrees.
  • Winter in quite a cool temperature for swimming but ideal for sunbathing and walking, as well as visits to various sightseeing and shopping – in the winter months here large discounts on all goods.

  • In January temperatures are a bit smaller than in the previous month – 23-25 degrees during the day and 20-23 degrees at night. The sea temperature is around 17 to 21 degrees.
  • In February a day on the thermometer, you notice figures 24-26, and at night 21-23. The sea remains cool.


This time of year is the best period to visit the resorts UAE – the summer heat has not yet come into their rights, and the rainy season has passed.

  • In March the temperature varies from 22 to 28 degrees during the day and 23 to 25 degrees at night, and the water temperature averages 23-25 degrees.
  • In April , the air is heated to 30 degrees during the day dropping at night just a couple of degrees. The sea is the same warm.
  • kakaya pogodnaya

  • May marks the heat of summer – this month we can expect the air temperature up to 36 degrees during the day and 29 at night. Along with the air heats up and the sea temperature in may is about 26 degrees.

Spring in Dubai and other popular resorts the perfect base for walks and excursions for this Eastern country and beach vacation, including beach volleyball and water skiing.


The summer months in the UAE the hottest. The sea warms up to a high degree of fervor that many people prefer to swim in the pools.

  • In the first month of summer day the temperature does not fall below the level of 38 degrees and at night below 30. The temperature of the sea almost equal to the air temperature is about 32 degrees.
  • In the heat it is very difficult for a long time under the scorching sun, so many tourists at this time of the year prefer to stay in hotels and entertainment centers.

  • In July , the situation has not changed – the day hot (39-42 degrees), the night bears no special coolness (32-34 degrees). The sea in this month is worried at a temperature of 29 – 32 degrees.
  • August is almost identical July – the same 40 – 42 degrees during the day and 32-33 degrees at night. The sea is also not time to cool down and its temperature equal to the temperature of the air at night.


Like spring, autumn is a wonderful period to travel to the United Arab Emirates.

  • In September the weather is still very similar to the summer – 40 – 42 degrees during the day and 32 at night at the temperature of the sea at 30 degrees.
  • Since mid-September, the heat begins to subside gradually, and in October it already equals 34-36 degrees during the day and 30-32 degrees at night. The sea at this time has time to cool to 28 degrees.
  • pogoda v techenie goda v OAE - osen

  • In November the temperature drops a little more – the day can be from 30 to 34 degrees, and in the night from 27 to 29. In the sea is already active you can swim, because his temperature dropped down to 24 degrees. This month begins the rainy period in the Emirates, but the precipitation in the form of rain is intermittent and unlikely.

At this time in the Emirates you can go anywhere: on a tour of the neighborhood, on the beach, to flea market or to stay in hotels with air conditioning. Also everywhere in the fall bloom flowers – plants literally cover the state.

Before you go to the Emirates, you need to decide on a resort. In Abu Dhabi, excellent service, wonderful, like fairytale landscapes, beautiful fountains. Ajman is famous for the fact that it is free to sell alcohol, and the Emirate is quite provincial.

Dubai is the most famous region of the Emirate in the world, the most "European". There are a lot of various hotels, shops and entertainment. Sharjah is notable for its strictness in the observance of Sharia, a good area for divers and great for families. Fujairah is rich in truly Eastern attractions from ancient ruins to reefs.

In addition, before you visit a Muslim country, you need to get acquainted with the traditions and rules of conduct in the country.

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