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The climate of the Canary Islands: weather and the water temperature in Tenerife by months

Pogoda i temperatura vody v Tenerife po mesyacam

Tenerife is one of seven Islands of the Canary archipelago, the largest. This beautiful place is a real Paradise for tourists. Its popularity increases every year, several million guests in a season — best evidence.

The climate and geographical features

The highest point on the island, El Pico del Teide (volcanic peak of mount Teide) with a height of 3718m above sea level and is located almost in the center, and the whole of Tenerife is, in fact, a mountain. In 1706 a volcanic eruption destroyed several villages and the port town of Garachico. In the early 20th century, scientists recorded a weak eruption in the Western part of the Teide.

Currently, the volcano is sleeping, seen only the evaporation of sulfur in the crater area. Now the area surrounding the volcano and he will form the main attraction of the island is the Teide national Park.

On the coast of the island of coconuts and date palms, South fruit, corn, bananas, molochniki. At an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, evergreen Laurel forest begins. Sometimes there is found the famous Dragon tree, believed to be the oldest instances dates back several thousand years.

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The island is divided by a ridge into two parts, each of them having its own climate. North side of Tenerife wet and cool, most of the rainfall occurs there, and in winter on top of a volcano even snowing. Due to the abundance of moisture the vegetation in this part of the island is amazing.

The South coast of the island, protected by mountain peaks from cold air masses and winds, so it's dry and Sunny, almost windless.

The diversity of nature in Tenerife is impressive even experienced travellers — in one day you can visit on a snowy mountaintop, in the rainforest, soak up the waves of the Atlantic ocean.

When to go and how to choose a place?

The choice depends on several factors:

  1. Time of year — winter is still a few degrees cooler, especially in the Northern part of the island. If you want to sunbathe and luxuriates in the warm water in the winter should prefer the southern part.

    The famous resorts of the South: Playa Paraiso, Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos, El Medano. On the Northern beaches at a comfortable temperature for swimming from August to October; San Andres, Puerto de La Cruz, Los Gigantes — the most famous of them.

  2. Preference on vacation — if you plan most of the time to devote to a detailed study of the surroundings, you can live close to the most interesting. For example, near the town of Villaflora on the 1400 metres altitude, you'll absolutely unearthly landscape created by nature itself from the ashes and solidified lava called lunar (Paisaje Lunar).

    In the East of the island in the town of Guimar towering six mysterious stone pyramid. No one knows when and how they appeared and for what purpose erected. There are different versions, but exactly nothing is known.

    In the centre of the Orotava valley is the historic town of La Orotava, he appeared before the first arrival of the Spaniards to the island. Aristocratic mansions, paved the streets — everything breathes antiquity. City center Spain announced its cultural heritage.

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  4. In principle, it is possible to rent a car and self drive around the island at any time. For lovers of relaxation there are lots of different beaches in any part of the island : Benico, La Tejita, Las Vistas, El Camison and many others. The entrance is free everywhere, only pay for use of loungers, umbrellas, toilet and other services as desired, for example, water rides and entertainment.
  5. It is necessary to consider in advance what more you want — if noisy nightlifethat will fit the largest resort of Las Americas. Discos, restaurants and various cafes, where life never stops even for a minute — this resort is often chosen by young people.

    Las Americas is the Largest water Park "Aqualand", it offers water rides, pools, and fun activities. A relaxing stay for families with children and older people to better search the resorts of Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. Luxury hotels in these places perfect for a romantic getaway.

luchshie mesta dlya otdyha

Tenerife is located near the coast of Africa, near the equator, so you can relax the wholeyear. There is no winter cold and sweltering summer heat. The mild climate gave Tenerife the title "island of eternal spring". Since the fluctuation of temperature of air and water throughout the year is negligible, in any season, the island gives a comfortable stay.

NASA experts have concluded that the island's climate is the best on the planet.

Winter in Spain - celebrate the New year on the largest island of the Canary archipelago

Weather in the winter months, brings warmth, unlike most European resorts. The average temperature is 20-22 degrees is very comfortable, especially for sightseeing and visiting the parks on various subjects.

In the Northern part of the island at this time is cooler, there are cloudy and rainy days, so a light jacket will not prevent. But how wonderful to spend the day sightseeing, enjoying the fresh air and lack of heat.

otdyh zimoj na Tenerife

And now the details:

  • In December, the day temperature +22-22ºC at night +17-18ºC in Northern night temperature sometimes drops to 14ºC. Rainy days in the South small — 3-5 for the entire month, on windy days (and them some), the wind speed reaches 5 m/s, in normal — light wind 1-2 m/s. the water Temperature is 20-21ºC.
  • January — the day to 22ºC heat on cloudy days the temperature drops to 18-19ºC. Water +19-20ºC. The wind speed is 3-4 m/s, there are days with complete calm. Rains 5-6 times a month.
  • In February, daytime temperatures of 19-20ºC, night 17-18ºC, rainy days — 1-2, wind is weak to 3 m/s, the water temperature 18-19ºC.

In the winter months, many visitors come to the island to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

But the main event of the winter season, of course, the carnival, held each February in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It combines the brightness of Brazilian and elegance of the Venetian carnival. A week of festivities filled with masquerades, competitions, parades and costumed performances. Worth at least once to see this magical sight, and can be, and make it an annual tradition.

Best time to visit parks and not only

The arrival of spring on the island is celebrated on March 21, the vernal solstice. After the winter rains of the southern part of the island is covered with lush vegetation and flowers. Here there are more than a hundred endemic plants growing only on Tenerife.

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For nature lovers in the North-Western part of the island organises excursions-Hiking, with the participants is the instructor, it helps to overcome the difficulties during the path.

  • Weather in early spring, in March, moderately warm. A day temperature of 22-23ºC, at night to 20ºC. There is practically no rain, wind 1-3 m/s. the Water is still cool +18-19ºC.
  • April — water on the coast +19-20ºC, the air from 22-24ºC day to 19-20ºC at night. Raining one to two times a month, it becomes more windy — up to 6 m/s on some days.
  • May happy warm — up to +27ºC, the weather is Sunny, dry, malamatina — 3-4 m/s. the Water warms up to +21ºC.

In may, after a brief lull, begins the beach season. The water is still quite cool, but the sun already warms. Let on the island is no tropical stuffiness and heat, do not forget about the close proximity to the equator and the sun.

To burnt very quickly even in cloudy weather. Therefore, it is necessary to use sunscreen before each exit to the street.

Spring is a great time to visit parks, a lot of them on the island. Monkey Park in Los Cristianos, reserve, Amazonia, cactus Park, eagle Park with a unique collection of birds of prey is only a small part of the reserved places on the island, a visit which will definitely bring an unforgettable experience.

East Atlantic summer

pogoda letom

In the summer season of guests on the island is much more. The weather is warm, the water warms up. After a day on the beach and in the evening you can go in search of entertainment. Hotel services and facilities restaurants, cafés, open air discos and bars.

  • In June the thermometer rises to the level of 28-29ºC during the day and around 20 ° C warmer at night. Almost always dry and Sunny, in the rare event appears clear. The wind is about 2-4 m/s.
  • July — air temperature 28-30ºC, night +20-22ºC, water — up to 23ºC, rain may fall one or two times per month, on some days it is windy — up to 7 m/s.
  • In August the water warms up to 24ºC, the air +29-31ºC at night +21-23ºC, rain, Sunny, wind 4-5 m/s.

What you can do on the island in the Atlantic in the summer? Of course, swimming!

The beaches in Tenerife are very diverse: from black volcanic sand, rocks and turquoise waters, look very unusual. For those who prefer the classics, bulk lot of beaches with white sand imported from the Sahara desert.

Fans of active recreation will find here more than twenty beaches for surfing for both beginners and suitable only for professionals. The most famous El Conquistador, Las Conchas, Punta Blanca, Los Patos.

The island of eternal spring — fall

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Inearly fall weather is practically no different from the summer, the water even gets a little warmer. You can continue with a beach holiday combined with excursions. To November is a little cold for walks in the evening and night will have to choose clothes with long sleeves.

  • In September the average daytime temperature of 27-30ºC, night, +21-22ºC, it is sometimes quite windy, up to 9 m/s, no rain but cloudy days are about 10 per month. The water temperature reaches its highest level in a year — 24-25ºC.
  • The Oct maintains a comfortable bathing temperature of the water of 24ºC. The air becomes a little cooler +26-28ºC, but on some hot days it may be 35ºC. Night of 22-23ºC. No rain, but the wind may increase up to 10 m/s, this happens infrequently, windy days 6-7 per month.
  • November — the water in the ocean is already cooler 21-22ºC, and air — to 22-23ºC in the afternoon heat and an 18-19ºC at night. Two or three times a month rain, many cloudy days. The wind maintains a velocity of 3-6 m/s.

Fall is the time to visit the famous mount Teide and its surrounding national Park. At the foot of the volcano cable car starts to climb to the crater.

To climb to the top, you have obtained permission from the authorities. For him it is better to apply ten days before the planned date of recovery.

At a height of over three thousand meters and the temperature around 0ºC and a strong wind, so you should bring warm clothes. And, of course, a camera — the views are simply breathtaking.

pogoda na ostrove tenerife osenu

In Tenerife , everyone will find entertainment to taste. Here come the newlyweds during the wedding trip; family with children on holidays, new year's and may holidays; elderly people choose the island for the mild climate and the absence of large changes in temperature and pressure; beach lovers come here for the wonderful sun and the refreshing cool of the ocean.

Young people receive a lot of impressions at music festivals and water attractions. At any time of the year the island gives a good mood and waiting for its guests.

Features holiday on the island of Tenerife, see the following video: