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The season for a holiday in the Dominican Republic: weather and water temperatures by month

pogoda po mesyacam v Dominikane

The Dominican Republic is the purest beaches, warm sea and eternal summer, surrounded by exotics. Here all year round tourists come to rest in a wonderful country, where are the best beaches in the Caribbean.

The climate of the Dominican Republic

Klimat respubliki

Due to the island location and proximity to the equator, the climate in the Dominican Republic is subtropical and humid, but, unlike many other countries, it doesn't feel like sweltering heat. This is due to the fact that the island is constantly there are soft breezes and the trade winds.

In the highlands the temperature is much less in the winter months can be below zero.

The climate is typical of the Dominican Republic the average temperature +25-27°C. the hottest month is August (+31°C) and January the coldest (about 22 degrees).

In summer, the Dominican Republic affected by tropical cyclones. In the period July and August there are heavy rains, strong wind, storm and typhoons are quite common.

Actually it's not as bad as in recent years, the rains are of short duration and at a temperature of +28°C they are not very annoying. High humidity characteristic of the tropical and subtropical countries, there is almost not felt, and typhoons bypass the long island side.

In the winter

pogodnye usloviya v techenie goda

The Dominican Republic is beautiful at any time of the year. Even the rainy and cloudy weather it will not hurt to make the stay pleasant in a country where the temperature almost never drops below +27°C.

With the arrival of winter in the Dominican Republic starts the high season, which is characterized by summer weather with a comfortable temperature of water and air. In the winter time in the Caribbean water a few degrees warmer than in the Atlantic ocean.

  • December. In the first month of winter in the Dominican Republic established a favorable and Sunny weather with an almost complete absence of precipitation. The day temperature is +27-29 degrees, and at night the thermometer drops to +24°C.
  • The water temperature in December is about the same (+26-28°C), therefore be it incredibly nice.

  • January. For Jan generally clear and warm weather. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +27-30 degrees, and at night cooled to +25°C. however, heat is considerably easier, since rain is becoming less. For the month rainfall is only 1-2 times. Water temperature during this period does not fall below 26 degrees.
  • temperatura zimoj

  • February. This month one should not expect coolness even at night. In the afternoon the thermometer shows +26-30°C. At night the figure drops to slightly refreshing +19-21°C. Since February is considered the driest month of the year, you can be assured of a great vacation in the rain is not expected, and the sky is clear all month. The water temperature at the coast warms up to 26 degrees.

Features winter

Winter is the best time for vacation in the Dominican Republic, thanks to the great weather and warm sea. Also here celebrate the traditional events: New year and Christmas holidays with the colorful performances and the clink of glasses.

Winter in the Dominican Republic there is almost no wind, so fans of scuba diving offers a great opportunity to dive to the bottom of the Caribbean, whose beauty is famous all over the world.

If you are going to the Dominican Republic, is, first and foremost, to bring the sunscreen, stock up on light summer clothing, a long sleeve shirt and a hat. Don't forget about the swimwear. Clothing made of natural fabrics will help you to feel a little more comfortable in such hot weather.


In the spring

The spring is the sequel to high season, respectively, the weather here is always beautiful.

  • March. In the first month of spring the rest is going to be great due to the warm and dry weather, and day temperature of 28-30 degrees. The sea is not far behind on these indicators, as the water warms up to a comfortable +26-28°C. In the evenings the heat is a little abated, and the thermometer shows +21-23°. Precipitation in March is practically absent.
  • more vesnoj

  • April. In mid spring starts the rainy season, but it is not as noticeable as in subsequent months. For APR generally clear and warm weather, perfect for a beach and sightseeing holiday. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +30°, and at night cooled to +21°C. the sea Temperature rises to +27°C.
  • Humidity in April is not very noticeable – it rains 4-5 times in a month.

  • May. In late spring it becomes very humid (65%), but it rains mostly in the evenings and are short-term phenomenon. The temperature shows +30°C, and at night becomes much cooler (22 degrees C). The water on both coasts warms up to +26°C.

The benefits of spring

Spring is a wonderful period for all kinds of holidays, which is available on the Dominican Republic. Tourists come here wanting to enjoy sun, sea, extensive excursion programs and active recreation. Weather contributes to a long finding in the fresh air.

For a trip to the Dominican Republic in the spring should take light summer clothes made of natural fabrics, swimsuit and a few things with long sleeves, to avoid burning in the sun. Also need to grab a hat and burn cream.

In the summer

letnie shtormy

The summer season in the Dominican Republic is not constant. Here at any moment can descend a strong wind, storm and typhoons, and maybe the whole season to remain warm but slightly wet weather.

  • June. The number of clear and cloudy days this month equally. The rains early in the morning, when the sunbathe is still time, or in the evenings after sunset. The temperature in this period is +28-32°C, at night – +28 degrees. The water in the sea and the ocean warms up to +28 degrees.
  • July. This month you'll be hot and humid weather. The number of rainy days becomes more and the rains come just after lunch. The temperature of the air remains the same – +32-33 degrees during the day, +23°C at night, and the water temperature is around +28°C.
  • August. This month is not much different from the previous one only by August added the hurricanes and storms that can come at any time. The air and the water, heated to 32 degrees, not very suitable for finding the resort. Even the night +23°C, not much saving from the heat.

The specifics of the summer holidays

During this period there are tourists who want to relax in a country, where never-ending summer, and the climate is pleasing and an excellent weather.

Despite the lack of resort conditions, many are attracted to the low cost of vacation and other resort costs.

The best summer clothes to relax in warm clothes, covering the body from the scorching sun, and not interfere with the umbrella. If you book the hotel with a private pool, is to grab a swimsuit.

And to book a room in any hotel, you can use this search form. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departure, number of guests.

In the fall

obstanovka osenu

Autumn is considered the off-season. If in early autumn, there are rains and there are threats of Typhoon, by the end of the season set a favorable climate.

  • September. The first month of autumn is not much different from August. Everything here is also a high probability of bad weather and frequent rains reaching a critical point. The thermometer shows 30°C by day and on low season lets you know high humidity (90%). Even in the night hours at +24°C heat is not much abated. The temperature of the water remains high, at about +29°C.
  • October. If in the first half of October is still quite a lot of overcast days, the second the weather gets much nicer. Daytime temperatures reach a comfortable level of 28 degrees, and at night drops to +23°C.
  • Humid climate in October leaves, and the beaches are once again filled with tourists.

  • href="http://tour.liketourist.com/pogoda/osen/noyabr/v-dominikane/">the Nov. In late autumn the weather in the Dominican Republic stabiliziruemost, delighting tourists with the lack of rain and the high number of clear days. Excellent temperature of air and water a day is perfect for beach holidays (28 degrees), and at night the heat drops to +23°C.

The specificity of autumn

In the autumn for tourists is available all the same fun as in high season: guided tours, beach recreation, diving and surfing. However, the cost for all services, including booking tours, comes out much cheaper.

A standard set of things to stay in the Dominican Republic in autumn light clothing, swimwear and headgear. Just in case you should take an umbrella.

The tourist season

turisticheskij potok

In recent years in the Dominican Republic the difference between seasons is not so noticeable as it happens in other countries with a tropical climate. This is due primarily to the unique location of the resort and the internal climate of the country.

When to go?

The best time for vacation in the Dominican Republic is the period from the beginning of December to March. In these months here is perfect weather, especially compared to winter in Europe and Russia.

For tourists there are plenty of places to stay, but many of them prefer to spend time on the beaches.

Still a comfortable temperature to relax in the Dominican Republic is in the spring months and in October and November.

The rainy season and algae

Low season in the Dr starts in June and continues until the end of September. Particularly adverse weather is in July and August, when high humidity creates comfortable conditions for rest.

Low season unpleasant not only by the lack of clear days and threats of showers, but a large number of algae, which literally flooded the beaches from March to October. In the Eastern part of the island they are mostly much more than in the West. Algae that produce the odor becomes so much that the hotel staff just did not have time to remove them.

Time for a beach holiday

vremya dlya posesheniya plyazhej

Due to the fact that the temperature of the air and sea in the Dominican Republic does not fall below a mark in +27 degrees, the beach season here can last all year round. So tourists can choose when they would prefer to relax in the country.

Even in the rainy season while the Caribbean coast is the weather in the resorts of the Atlantic ocean can stand great weather.

Beach season, many tourists choose the most popular coast of the country:

  1. Puerto Plata – the place where some of the best beaches in the country. Here are a lot of picturesque places for rest and diving in the beautiful coral lagoon;
  2. Boca Chica lagoon protected by coral reefs, has beaches with gently sloping entrance into the water. It is the perfect destination for families with children and for young people wishing to go diving or surfing;
  3. Samana resort for fans of secluded relaxation. A small Peninsula, famous for its unspoilt nature and deserted beaches;
  4. Punta Cana is a resort on the South-East of the island, where the Atlantic ocean merges with the Caribbean sea. Here is a lovely peaceful place for a family holiday with plenty of entertainment;
  5. La Romana – the cleanest beaches in the country, most of which belong to the hotels. However, if you really try, you can find wild stretches of coast.

In the Dominican Republic there are no such beaches that are not like tourists. They all have the highest degree of cleanliness and neatness, therefore, create the impression of a perfect holiday.

Where better to go?

The choice of places to stay in Dominican Republic depends entirely on preferences. The best resorts for many years are considered one of Punta Cana and Boca Chica.

Here come the lovers, couples and young people, but this particular load is not observed.

Diving fans prefer the resorts in the Caribbean, famous as the flora and fauna of the seabed here is really unique. Surfers choose the Atlantic coastbecause the wind is much stronger.

See this video, what the weather is in the Dominican Republic almost the whole year: