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What is the climate in Crimea, weather and average water temperature by month in winter

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The Crimean Peninsula has a unique flora and fauna, and the extraordinary resort conditions, making it an almost ideal place for rest and for recuperation.

Despite the small size of the Peninsula, the weather in Crimea in the months varies depending on the time of year and area.

What type of climate on the Crimean Peninsula: territorial differences and features

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On the Peninsula are from three climatic zones - steppe, mountain and Juzhnoberezhja.

On the North and East of the Crimea prevails temperate continental climate, and in the South and in the mountains is subtropical.

In the Northern parts of the Crimea is quite hot, dry summers, while winters are windy and almost snowless. In the South summers are hot and humid, and winters are very mild, with virtually no precipitation. In the mountains of Crimea summers are dry and mild and winters are very cold and wet.

For those who wish to move to the Peninsula, becomes the main question, where in the Crimea the best climate for living. Most dry climate prevails in the plains in the heart of the Peninsula, therefore, habitable area is defined as South coast and the South-Eastern coast - both in summer and winter reigns here is quite warm and comfortable life weather.

The average annual relative humidity of the air in 67-73% occurs in the foothills and on the South shore, increased in 74-80% for all the rest of the Peninsula. In winter, the relative humidity of the air varies from 60% in the foothills to 65-75% in other districts, in the summer months, 40-44% in the foothills and steppes, 50-55% in the coastal points.

Weather and average temperature by month

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As in any other region in Crimea the weather is changing depending on the month.

In the winter

Winter on the Peninsula is soft, with a small amount of snow (especially in mountains), which lasts a few days. Particularly low air temperatures is not observed, frost rare. The only exceptions are the mountainous terrain, which opens the ski season.

In the winter time of year blowing strong winds, causing the storm at sea.

On the coast there is high humidity, so even the zero temperature seems to below zero.

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  • In December the average temperature at daytime is +7-9 degrees Celsius, and at night - +1 degree. The sea water temperature in December is equal to 8-10 degrees.
  • In January daytime temperature is equal to +3-4 degrees, and night is from +1 to -1 degree. The water temperature is +6 degrees.
  • In February the day temperature is +3 degrees and the night is 0 degrees. The water temperature is +5-7 degrees.

In the spring

Spring in Crimea is considered the driest time of the year. The beginning of the spring period was characterized by frequent changes of temperature from plus to minus and back. Active in the mountains the snow melts and water runs down and fills the river. In March is still quite chilly, but in April it starts warming and the flowers bloom. In may is really warm.

  1. In March the average day temperature is +7-9 degrees, and at night drops to +3 degrees. Water temperature in this month is equal to +8 degrees.
  2. In April, the day temperature is +12-14 degrees, and at night - +4 degrees. Water temperature in April is equal to 9-10 degrees.
  3. In may, the air is heated to +18 degrees by day and 10 degrees at night. Water temperature in may is +15-17degrees.

In the summer

Summer in Crimea is warm and moist, particularly in parts of the southern coast of the Peninsula.

In the steppe part of the Crimea, the summer is arid, and the South coastal part, on the contrary, is given very humid with lush green flowering.

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  • June greets everyone with a bright sun and rapidly growing flora. The average day temperature is +22-24 degrees, and at night - +13-14 degrees. The water in June is heated to 21 degrees.
  • In July there is a sharp change in day and night temperatures. In some mountain gorges, there is even sub-zero temperatures. The average daily temperature is equal to 28-30 degrees and night - from +14 to + 18 degrees. The water in the sea at this time warmed up to 22 degrees.
  • In August the average temperature is +26 degrees during the day and 19 degrees at night. Water temperature in August is equal to 21-24 degrees.

In the fall

Autumn in Crimea is considered the "velvet season" - this time not so hot as summer, but warm enough to relax and swim in the sea. By the mid to end of autumn the temperature decreases and begin to blow cold winds. Daylight is diminishing and the nights are getting really cool.

  1. The average daytime temperature in September is +23-25 degrees, and night - from +10-14 degrees. The sea at this time of year, warmed up to 23 degrees.
  2. In October, daytime air temperature drops to +17-19 degrees, and night is +8-10 degrees. The sea water cools down to the level of 16-18 degrees.
  3. In December, the air is cooled to +10-14 degrees during the day and up to +6-8 degrees at night. The water temperature is +13-15 degrees.

When is the best time to have a rest in Crimea?

Depending on weather and temperature conditions vacation in the Crimea is divided into low and high season.

High season

vysokij period

The beach season starts from late June and continues until the end of August. At this time, a large number of tourists travel to the Peninsula with the purpose of beach and sightseeing activities. The beaches are usually clogged, water treatments can also be performed in water parks or swimming pools of hotels.

In the Crimea at this time filled with children's and youth camps, and Wellness resorts and hospitals.

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Low period

September and October in the Crimea is the "velvet season" - at this time the influx of tourists is a little reduced, and the cost of leisure is reduced by 30-40%. Great weather, not very hot and is not cold, promotes familiarity with the Peninsula - at this time, you can see all interesting attractions.

After comes the low season - a kind of lull until the next holiday period. But given favorable weather conditions, at this time quite a lot of people wishing to visit such an interesting place.

Moreover, the cost of plane tickets, train, accommodation in sanatoriums and hotels on the coast is reduced. But during the winter holidays the rates can raise as the New year in the Crimea is also popular.

A few interesting facts about the Crimean climate - in this video: