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Weather in Mexico by month: when to go - the season for a holiday in Cancun

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Mexico is a country with ancient history, a rich selection of beach resorts and an extensive cultural program. Due to tropical climate and warm weather in Mexico months, the tourists have the opportunity to visit it any time, enjoying a great vacation.

The climate of Mexico by region

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In General, the climate of Mexico is hot, but because this country covers a large area and has different terrain in its regions exhibit different temperature readings.

At that time, in the North hot and dry in the South starts tropical summer with lots of rain and high humidity.

According to tradition, the local climate can be divided into subtropical and tropical. In the North of the country dominated by subtropicaland the average annual temperature in this region is about +24°C. Thanks to such temperature readings to be in this part of Mexico is very nice regardless of the season.

In the southern regions of the Caribbean coast, the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of Mexico rests a tropical climate, which is characterized considered as a fairly high temperature and unbearable humidity. In this part of the throughout the year air and water warm up to 27-30 degrees.

We should also mention the Cancun is a coastal resort, where year-round is kept fairly stable mild and humid climate. Local weather depends weakly on the season, so this part of the country ideal for a beach holiday at any time of the year.

What is the weather by months?

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Journey to the vast expanses of Mexico will be interesting and memorable, if you know in advance what weather to expect tourists.

In the winter

Winter is one of the best periods to vacation in Mexico. This season on the coast is warm but not too hot weather, and temperature readings, perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

Those who prefer dry and comfortable weather, you can safely go on a trip.

  • In December on the coast of Mexico there is a great weather. The air temperature at the coastal resorts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco achieves nice performance - +28-31°C day and 21°C at night.

    The water in the Caribbean sea warms up to 27°C in the Pacific up to +21°C. Due to the lack of rain and strong winds, the water becomes clear, so here direct diving fans.

  • In January, continues the high season on the coast and in the center of Mexico observed dry and warm weather. The air warms up to 28 degrees by day and 24 degrees at night. Sea water still is ideal for water treatment, her temperature is +26°C. Such conditions are perfect for a variety of travel, from a beach holiday and ending with tours of the country.
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  • February is considered the most dry month in Mexico during this period, the temperature of the air pleases indicators +27-31°C during the day, +23°C at night. The water temperature in the sea reaches +26°C, and in the ocean +24°C. Such conditions are particularly enjoyable for tourists, who dreams to change the cold winter in more pleasant weather.

Weather conditions on the coast of the Peninsula of California differ from southern regions. In La Paz, the temperature reaches only +23-24°C, Gulf of California warms up to +23°C.

In the spring

In the spring time weather in Mexico is ambiguous – at the beginning of the season, the weather continues to be warm and dry, in that time, as by the end of this period there is high humidity and stuffiness.

  1. In March you can still find a nice dry and warm weather, especially on the coast of the country in Cancun or Acapulco. In these regions the temperature keeps on a mark +27°C during the day, and at night the thermometer drops to +21°C.

    The water in the beach resorts of warm –in the afternoon it warmed up to 24 degrees. The rains and strong winds do not disturb the tourists until the end of the month.

  2. In April, the great weather continues to remain one of the largest peninsulas in North America - the Yucatan, so many people want to get it in this part of Mexico. Increased humidity, caused by frequent rains, noticeable only on the mainland. On the beaches of Cancun and Acapulco the day temperature reaches +32°C, and at night only +22°C.
  3. The water in the sea is pleasant for swimming – its temperature is 27°C, but strong waves sometimes difficult to stay long in it.

  4. In may, the weather deteriorates completely, and the wet period continues until fall. At this time, the rains and high humidity is especially noticeable in the mountains and within the time, as the North of the country is characterized by stable weather. The average day temperature is +32 degrees, and at +21°C. the sea Water is consistently warm to +27°C.

On the North of the country in the spring temperature reaches +27-28°C, water temperature - 22 degrees.

In the summer

In the summer in Mexico continues the low season. The storm is particularly noticeable on the beaches of the country. The exception is Cancun region that tropical rains affected to a lesser degree.

  • In June, the air temperature in the North of Mexico that can reach +30°C, and on the coast – to +32°C, but due to the increased humidity it creates the feeling that the street is much hotter and, consequently, much stuffy.

    Rain occurs throughout the country the total rainfall is 58-89 mm. of Sea water remains warm, +27°C, but dip it unlikely. Hide from the heat in the national parks, located in the heart of the country.

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  • In July the temperature reaches its highest level of +33°C. these conditions increase the heavy rains, hurricanes and storms, so the swimming in the sea or sunbathing on the coast it is possible to forget. At night becomes much cooler the air temperature is around +26°C.
  • Weather in August is not much different from the July – throughout the country, especially near the coast, the raging rains and hurricanes, and it's all accompanied by high temperature. Day the thermometer rises to +34°C at night drops to +27 degrees. The water in the ocean is reminiscent of fresh milk – its temperature is 27°C.

    This period is considered the most dangerous, especially for finding on the coast, so tourists are advised to go inland. For example, in Mexico the rains come less often, and typhoons reach the center of the country. Temperature by 4-5 degrees less – about +27°C day and 21°C at night.

On the California Peninsula the average summer temperature is +31°C by day and 25 degrees at night. The Bay is heated to +28°C. Precipitation is virtually no.

In the fall

Autumn period is characterized by the fact that in the beginning yet visible the remains of the weather. Since mid-autumn, Mexico kicks off the high season, and weather all resorts normalized to the guests.

It is worth noting that on the coast the temperature is 2-3 degrees higher than in the Central and Northern part of the country.

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While on the beaches tourists rejoice indicators +32°C in the North should not – +27°C.

  1. In September, the rains occur much less frequently, so the risk of hurricanes and high humidity decrease. The air temperature is +32°C, day +24°C at night. The water warms up to 27°C. a few degrees fresher in the hinterland.
  2. If beginning of October is not much different from September – high humidity and high temperature performance in the second half of the month the weather is getting better. At the resorts again the crowds of tourists, due to the fact that air temperature drops to +28°C day and 21°C at night. The water is warm for swimming or diving – its temperature is +27°C.
  3. November is considered one of the best months at this time there is dry warm weather and lack of wind and rain. It allows tourists to enjoy any kind of vacation. The temperature of the air and water day reaches +27°C, night 21°C.

The Northern regions of the country delight in the Sunny days. The day temperature on average +26°C, but by the end of fall indicators drops to +24-23°C. the Water reaches 28 degrees.

When to go to relax?

Visiting Mexico is always a great and unforgettable event. If you're lucky with the weather, you can diversify your vacation a variety of entertainment.

High season for beach holidays

The best time for vacation in Mexico – the period from October toApril, especially the winter season. At this time, tropical rains and the wind does not bother tourists, creating ideal conditions for the trip.

An excellent choice is a visit to the beaches:

  • Cancun;
  • the Peninsula of Yucatan;
  • Acapulco.

For tourists in this part of the country is available for your stay in seaside and nearby attractions.

The rainy season

It is not recommended to visit the coast of Mexico, starting in may and ending the middle of October. This period be on the coast dangerous, and because hurricanes can cause damage.

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