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Climate and weather in Singapore by months: may, March, April, June, November

pogoda v Singapure po mesyacam

Singapore is an amazing country. This tiny Asian state, but with a strong economy, multi-ethnic, but ethnic without problems, located on a small island, but with a large number of national parks, including the world values.

This is one of the most urbanized countries with a large number of modern skyscrapers and futuristic objects, but at the same time carefully preserving the architectural and religious monuments. And all who are going in this country, I want to know about climate and weather in Singapore months.

Singapore's Climate

klimaticheskie usloviya

It is clear that attracts travelers to see this Asian miracle, admire the orchids and other exotic plants, to see a fantastic Buddhist and Hindu temples, eat in restaurants with Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai cuisine, go shopping because Singapore is a free trade zone.

Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to lie on the beach, although they are a little bit.

As Singapore is a small country, to talk about any significant differences in weather in different parts is not necessary.

The climate here, as elsewhere, forms the geographical location. It is an island state in the tropics, hence the tropical monsoon climate. The temperature is equable throughout the year. Fluctuations are negligible.

There is always wet. Especially high humidity, up to 90%, happens in the morning. Then it gradually decreases, and by mid-day, the rate becomes approximately 70%. Because of the heat, and the day here the average annual temperature is 25C° and night 20 degrees, due to the high humidity and are often thunderstorms.

klimat gosudarstva

As Singapore is near the equator, then it is impossible to allocate the four seasons. Here there are bright and characteristic of many southern countries ' seasons of drought and rain. During the month, alternating hot dry and rainy weather. But at the end of November to early January there are heavy rains.

On Singapore island there are the mountains, where rainfall is much less.

In Singapore, we can distinguish several periods of weather depending on where you get the monsoons and that they are:

  • Northeast monsoon starts to blow in December and ends in March. At this time, the short rains start to go two or three times a day, the humidity reaches 87%, even during the day.

    The average temperature ranges from +38 to +31 degrees. But this period is not uniform. In December – January here, very humid, and from late January to March becomes drier;

  • South-West monsoon blows from June to September. The rains become more rare, not more often than once in two or three days. The humidity begins to drop in the afternoon and reaches up to 83% only in the early morning. The temperature is high, an average of +30-31 degrees;
  • Transitional periods: April-may and October-November. This is the wind, constantly changing direction and frequent strong thunderstorms, high humidity and heat to +30-31 degrees.

What is the weather by months?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v techenie goda?

Weather for months does not undergo major changes. A minor change in the number of rainy days and thunderstorms, 1-2 degrees increases or decreases the temperature of the water. Night air temperature is consistently kept at around 24-26C°. The division on the usual European seasons here simple Convention.


December here is hot and humid month. The air temperature is 30-32 degrees, water – +29. 19-20 days in the month is rainy. Almost through the day, break out in thunderstorms. Often heavy fog. Interestingly, the rain and thunderstorms in the middle of the island go in the afternoon, and on the seashore by night.

The weather in January is little different from December, however, becomes a little colder the water is, its temperature is on average +27-28 degrees. It rains mostly in the late afternoon, the day the sun shines, but in the morning about once in two or three days is fog.

Number of stormy days becomes smaller, up to five throughout the month.

In February there is little change in temperature, but it is the driest month in Singapore. The rains are only 10-11 days per month and moreall are short, and therefore the moisture becomes less, to 61% in the afternoon.


  1. March brings almost no change in the weather. However, the rains are coming more often than in February, about once in two days. But the humidity remains at the same level. And almost every storm is accompanied by thunderstorms.
  2. In April, increases water temperature up to 30 degrees. Half of the days in the month rainy, the increased number of thunderstorms and rising humidity. But it rains at night and in the afternoon, and the day is Sunny.
  3. May detail is similar to April, on account of the weather, nothing changes. Only a lightning storm rattle more often, more days begins with fog.


letnij dozhd

The temperature of water and air in June does not change, but humidity approaching 95%, and it rains most often in the late morning or closer to the middle of the day.

July – hottest month in Singapore. Were the years when the temperature rose to 34 degrees. And the humidity is high. It rains approximately every two days, the fog is rolling in in the morning almost every other day. Besides strong winds often blow.

Weather in August is the same as in July, but also increases the humidity, only good news is that it rains often in the morning and in the afternoon the weather is clear. The water temperature is traditionally 30 degrees.


  • Weather in early fall, Septemberis still very hot - up to +30 degrees Celsius, it rains through the day, almost every morning a fog. The water temperature drops by 1-2 degrees.
  • Half of the days in October are rainy, and the rain now coming day.
  • Almost all the October rains are accompanied by thunderstorms, the temperature is high - in the afternoon to +30 degrees.

  • The temperature in November slightly increasedto 31 degrees, more than half of the days raining with thunderstorms.

When is the best time to fly?

kogda mozhno priehat otdyhat?

In Singapore you can safely go in for the whole year. The weather here has sharp seasonal differences. And there is always something to see and something to please yourself. But the division into two traditional season is still there.

The rainy season

The rainy season, which falls on December - January, is not popular with most tourists. But many travelers tend to get here in these months, because at this time not so hot, and the prices for tours are much lower.

Travelers who set out to see the many Buddhist monasteries and temples, choose this time. It the solitude is the reason for this choice.

Does not interfere with the weather and culinary tours. To get acquainted with the peculiarities of the cuisine of the peoples of Singapore, and to the accompaniment of the rain. Fans of the shopping tours at this time I feel great. In large shopping centers and small shops is the season of good discounts, and the lack of crowds is a big plus.

The Waterpark, aquarium, entertainment, sightseeing from the top, from the observation decks of skyscrapers, plus the many museums, concert hall – all this is familiarity with almost all of Singapore.

What exactly can be seen in Singapore in the rainy season? Here is what to look out for:

  1. The aquarium, which is home to around 800 species of marine animals, it is the largest aquarium in the world;
  2. The Wax Museum of Madame Tussaudswhere you can see 60 figures of famous people;
  3. Museum of Science and Art – an original attempt to show the relationship and interaction of science and art;
  4. Museum of the history of Singapore;
  5. The Esplanade – there is not only a theatre but also concert and exhibition halls;
  6. In the concert hall of excellent acoustics, therefore it is necessary to purchase a ticket to any concert.

  7. Buddhist temples such as, temple of the sacred Tooth;
  8. Hindu temples, e.g. the temple of Sri Thandayuthapani;
  9. Mosques, synagogues, Catholic and Protestant churches.

High season

turisticheskij sezon

High season Singapore lasts from January to November. It is beach holidays and sea bathing. The local beaches there are all conditions for diving. This is a very popular beach holiday in Singapore.

On the island begins flowering of numerous exotic plants, so it's time to visit gardens and national parks:

  • Botanical garden and Orchid garden, where bloom 6 thousand orchids;
  • The bird Park of Jurong, where they live thousands of birds, including endangered species, will be of special observatories;
  • Japanese and Chinese gardens. To see such gardens means to take the first steps to a knowledge of the East;
  • Wetland nature reserve with its crocodiles, monitor lizards, giant crabs, this will not see anywhere else;
  • Park "Night Safari" - an adrenaline rush for a long time;
  • Zoo, where there are almost all animals that live on Earth.

On Sentosa island there is a magnificent amusement Park, where you can not only relax but also to learn a lot and swim in the pool near the corals and marine fish.

In Singapore constituted the largest Ferris wheel. Here some of the most beautiful fountains, the biggest fountain of Wealth.

Lovers of the exotic East can go for a walk in Chinatown or little India.

Yes, and simple sightseeing tour through the city will make a lasting impression on even the most sophisticated traveler.

That is only a bridge in the form of the DNA helix, Marina Bay Sands hotel – three towers skyscrapers swimming pool - boat on the roof, Museum of Art and science in the form of a Lotus flower, the petals of which reach 60 meters.

Singapore each perceives in his own way, but remain indifferent to it no one can.

Watch video about Singapore, where you will also see what the weather often happens in the country: