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Holidays in the Canary Islands: weather and temperature in Tenerife in April

pogoda na Tenerife v aprele

Tenerife is the most warm Spanish resort, located in the Atlantic ocean in the Canary Islands. Its open spaces year-round pleasant weather and the temperature of air and water allows your whole vacation spending time on the coast. Weather in Tenerife in April pamper tourists a pleasant performance.

What is the weather in April in Tenerife?

temperaturnye usloviya na ostrove

Not just Tenerife I think a great place to vacation in April. This month on the coast observed a fabulous weather – the air gradually begins to warm up to slightly higher temperatures.

The temperature of the air and water

With the onset of April in Tenerife is set for real spring weather. Day tourists are pleased with the clear skies and high temperature. At the beginning of the month throughout the island, the thermometer rises to +20°C, and at some resorts up to +22°C.

The warmest conditions observed on the South coast – in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +25 degrees.

It is worth noting that in early April, after sunset the air cools to 17 degrees, but by the end of the month the difference between day and night temperature is almost imperceptible. Often after sunset the temperature drops by only 2-4 degrees. The wind during this period is almost not prevent the rest – compared to the previous month, his impulses are not so noticeable.

A little cooler and windy on the North coast the day temperature does not exceed +20°C. But the sky remains clear, allowing tourists to combine Hiking along the coast of the ocean, shopping and sightseeing. The average temperature of air and water in the sea in April allow you to be outside without worrying about weather conditions.

pokazateli vozduha i vody

On resorts of Tenerife temperature in April of the following:

  • La Orotava – day +21°C, +17°C;
  • Candelaria – in the afternoon – +20°C, at night +17°C;
  • Granadilla de Abona – day +21°C, +17°C;
  • Icod de Los Vinos – day +21°C, +17°C;
  • Santa Cruz de La Palma – day – +18°C, +17°C;
  • Playa de Las Americas – day – +23°C, night 18°C;
  • Costa Adeje – the afternoon – +22°C, night 18°C

The average water temperature in the ocean in early April is 18°C, but by the end of the month she warms up to +20°C.

Weather conditions in Gran Canaria

Less pleasant environment for relaxation are observed on the neighboring island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands). During this period the number of Sunny and clear days reaches 28, and rainy only 3.

And despite the fact that the daytime temperature is +22°C may not seem so hot, still burn in the sun quite easily.

At night the temperature drops to a mark of +18°C. This is comfortable enough for those who prefer to explore in the dark. Water temperature in early April warms up to +20°C, the end – to +22 degrees. The holiday season opens in may, so get in that water is not recommended.

Spring break

aprelskij otdyh

Tenerife is beautiful in April and everything is blooming and blooms, and the abundance of a variety of recreational amenities makes the stay as interesting as possible.

How to dress?

High temperature performance, which are observed in the resorts of Tenerife in April, enable tourists to confine light summer clothes and open shoes. If the trip is planned for the beginning of the month, you should take things that do not allow to freeze in the evenings. At the end of April will come in handy a hat, saving from the scorching rays of the sun.

The inability to swim in the waters of the Atlantic ocean does not negate the fact that the rest of you href="http://tour.liketourist.com/sovet/na-more-chto-vzyat-s-soboj-spisok-veschej/">take a swimsuit. Many hotels offer indoor pools, filled with sea or running water.

Which fruits ripen?

In local hotels, cafes and restaurants, as a rule, the imported fruit, so to enjoy the fruits grown on farms, it is better to go to the markets. Better marketplaces to visit in the morning to catch the widest choice.

A large part of the island cover the banana and grape plantations, so the deficit of these fruits had not. On these plantations grow avocado, mango and papaya.

In April you can already enjoy strawberries and Nispero, which looks like an ordinary plum, only yellow.

Where better to relax?

To fully enjoy your vacation in April, you should choose the southern resorts of Tenerife, such as Playa de Las Americas.

This part of the coast created for an unforgettable stay – in its territory there is a large variety of hotels, from budget options to luxury suites.

In addition, there are many shops and cafes and is also located near iconic attractions of the resort.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

Thanks to the great weather – Sunny days and no heat, visitors can enjoy coastal walks and beach recreation, as well as many other opportunities that are available during this period.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

The entire coast of Tenerife is a beautiful beaches, covered with fine Golden or black volcanic sand. Walking on them takes a great pleasure, and the opportunity to sunbathe, sunbathing, quite real.

If the choice fell on Playa de Las Americas, the absence of water procedures it is possible to replace on a fascinating boat trips on yachts or catamarans, deep sea fishing, extreme jet skiing, and recreation in water parks.

Excursions and entertainment

Many tourists recalls the Tenerife tourist country in miniature. The island has everything for an exciting and informative vacation. Daytime excursions are available at natural attractions:

  1. The Teide Volcano;
  2. Cliffs in Los Gigantes;
  3. Laurel forest;
  4. Loro Park.

If you are interested in monuments, you can go to the ancient city of the pyramids of güimar, located in the South of Tenerife, or visit La Orotava is a city that is laid by the Spaniards.

In addition, in April on the island accessible Golf, diving, karting, fishing and surfing, as well as nightly entertainment such as casinos, discos and night clubs.

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Holidays and festivals

The main holiday in April in Tenerife, which celebrates and all Spain, – Easter. For this important event, local residents are prepared in advance and on the day of its celebration around the island, arrange religious procession.

See this video, what's the weather like in Tenerife in April: