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What is the weather and temperature in Abkhazia in April?

pogoda v aprele v Abhazii

Weather in Abkhazia in April to a long Hiking and nature enjoyment, and the presence of different types of entertainment.

What is the weather and temperature in Abkhazia in April?

pogodnye usloviya i temperaturnye pokazateli v seredine vesny

In early April the temperature is set at around 15-18 degrees at night drops to +7-8 degrees. At the end of the month, the temperature more comfortable, to +20-22 degrees.

The black sea is on average warms up to +14 degrees to +17-18 at the end of the month. Few tourists dare to swim.

The wind blows often, but is impulsive in nature, so while walking you need to take a warm sweater, and on the coast it is better not to walk, high humidity, blowing in from the sea the wind and is likely to get sick.

The rains are, as a rule, in the beginning of the month, but it happens that at the end of the month, but much less frequently.

The amount of precipitation sometimes reaches 120-130 mm per month. Umbrella.

A vacation at this time

otdyh v etot period

Although the APR does not apply to high season, holidays this month in Abkhazia can still be fun.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of holiday in April, a small number of tourists, without haste and bustle to enjoy the natural landscapes and listen to the tour guide. You can get to the Easter celebration and to try a variety of interesting and delicious dishes.

To spoil your holidays in Abkhazia in April, may biting sea winds and possible precipitation.

How to dress?

Should dress warmly. The wind is cold, so a sweater, warm jacket, and insulated pants should be mandatory. The umbrella should also be in the set of the tourist, the rain can catch at the most inopportune moment.

Shoes should wear comfortable, does not restrict movement, otherwise the end of the day your feet will hurt badly, because in Abkhazia a lot of mountain roads, various trails, which can be difficult for Hiking in city shoes.

What to do?

chto delat?

April in Abkhazia is the month for fun. Horseback riding, Hiking. Lake Riza, Blue, gorges, dolmens waiting for tourists.

A beach holiday and entertainment

The country has many lakes. Anglers catch trout, Chub, and other predatory fish. To organize fishing is not difficult, at this time in Abkhazia there are many companies offering similar events. You can fish from a boat, from the shore, swim to the middle of the sea and to throw the spinning.

Whom nature is not so interesting, can hold a tasting of local wines, cognac. The most persistent try chacha. Sweet I definitely need to try dried persimmons, churchkhela, and mountain honey.

Ailaj local dish made of corn flour and cheese will appeal to tourist and will allow you to get acquainted with the Abkhaz cuisine.

To please loved ones, in Abkhazia you can purchase local wines, foods with a long shelf life and original Souvenirs.

For recovery it is recommended to visit the sulfurous mineral springs. To worry that it will be cold is not necessary, the springs have a year-round natural heating. Before visiting be sure to visit the doctor, to avoid possible problems.


Organized tours of Holy places:

  • The new Athos monastery;
  • The Monastery Of St. John Chrysostom.

You need to knowthat when visiting religious sites clothes should cover the shoulders and knees. On the head women haveto be wearing a scarf.


In April, the whole of Abkhazia together celebrating Easter. You can visit the festive service. Anyone can try dishes for the Easter table:

  1. dumplings with cheese;
  2. sacrificial lamb or goat;
  3. the local wines.

Video-overview of holidays in Abkhazia in April see in this video: