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Holidays in Montenegro: what is the weather and the water temperature at the end of April?

pogoda v CHernogorii v aprele

Montenegro is a small, but incredibly attractive state. Tourists come to this country to relax on the cleanest beaches of the Adriatic, skiing or explore the ancient architecture. Weather in Montenegro in April, will delight travelers.

What is the weather like in April in Montenegro?

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine vesny

The climate of Montenegro allows tourists to visit the country at any time of year, especially in April when the country comes the real spring.

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The temperature of the air and water

The weather in April is perfect for tourist trips. During this period, throughout Montenegro comes a time when swimming in the sea is still quite early, but being on the coast is nice. The temperature of the air at popular resorts in early April freezes at around +18 degrees, but at the end of the month the temperature varies between 22 degrees. The nights are still cool enough – +11-14 degrees.

Temperature Montenegro in the following cities:

  • Budva – the day +18°C, night 10°C, water – +15°C;
  • Bar – day +18°C, at night +9°C, water – +15°C;
  • Tivat – day +17°C night 7°C, water – +15°C.

As can be seen, the low water temperatures suggests that until the holiday season is still very far away.

But even in such conditions, tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure to walk along the coastline to enjoy the sun.

srednie pokazateli

On the slopes of the case with the weather, things are different. Such well known resorts of Zabljak and Kolasin, sometimes snowing, and the temperature does not exceed +7 degrees during the day and 1°C at night. In some years the weather allows you to extend your ski vacation, as snow under these conditions goes pretty late.

In the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica – the temperature throughout the month is not over the mark of +17 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. However, the warm breeze and the almost complete absence of high humidity gives a feeling of warmth.

The particular weather conditions

Compared to March in Montenegro in April, much less rain, but cloudy weather occurs yet frequently, especially on the coast.

Beach resorts of the Adriatic are considered as the most humid region – damp and rainy, typical of the first half of April. In the second half of the month cloudy weather gives way to sunshine and warmth, and the clouds seem much less.

April vacation

Journey in April of Montenegro is ideal for those who prefer to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment, and do not tolerate extreme heat.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

In April, in Montenegro there is a large choice of entertainment, but the cost of leisure is very low. Before the holiday season is still a month, and that means you can book a tour and a room in the hotel at an attractive price, and then to go trekking or to the mountains.

Tourists don't have to worry about the lack of a beach holiday. All the hotels are ready to provide its guests with indoor pools with sea water. This will give the opportunity not only to relax and enjoy swimming, but also to improve their health. This hotel for tourists and can arrange treatments which are famous in Montenegro.

Of the minuses is worth noting the abundance of rain (about 7-11 days), but even they can't spoil the holiday in April because they often short-lived.

How to dress?

Still in April in Montenegro is quitecool and overcast, so we need to be prepared for different weather conditions. For warm and Sunny days, we need light clothing and for cooler nights or rain suit jacket or sweater, as well as waterproof shoes.

If a holiday in Montenegro is planned for the beginning of April, it is still possible to catch the last days for ski resorts. In this case, suitable warm clothing and footwear.

Don't forget about bathing suits in hotels you'll find a pool with warm water.

Things to do this month?

April is great for different kinds of tourism, from exploring the coast to the fascinating trips around the country.

Beach vacation

otpusk na poberezhe

Hardly find a tourist who decides to take in the cool sea water of the Adriatic sea. But especially romantic and picturesque in April looks the coast of the country, especially in such iconic resorts:

  1. Tivat;
  2. Budva;
  3. Bar;
  4. Herceg-Novi.

Already in the morning the air on the coast is heated to a comfortable temperature, clear and Sunny days, tourists sunbathe right on the waterfront.

Beaches the country is quite different – if the trip is planned with the child, it is best to choose the South of Montenegro. In this region predominates the sandy coast, at that time, in the North is a small pebble resembling croup.

Excursions and entertainment

The trip to Montenegro is interesting in any season and a pleasant weather in April provides an opportunity to on the street as much as possible. In such moments it is best to get acquainted with the architecture of the country – monasteries and shrines, castles and palaces:

  • Church of St. Luke and Butch Palace in Tivat;
  • Piazza Armerina and Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor;
  • The king Nikola's Palace and the Fortress of Old Bar, in Bar;
  • Ostrog monastery, the ancient city-fortress of Medon in Podgorica, and many others.

See this video, what is the weather on the coast of Montenegro in April: