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Rest in Gelendzhik weather forecast: what temperature is it in April?

pogoda v Gelendzhike v aprele

Gelendzhik – one of the most beautiful and cozy resorts in Krasnodar region. Its coast is blessed with beautiful beaches, healing spas and a large selection of sports and other features. And the weather in Noumea in April, welcomes its first tourists with heat.

What is the weather like in April in Noumea?

pogodnye usloviya v seredine vesny

Thanks to the southern climate, the weather in Noumea in April is warm and pleasant.

Clear days, replacing the cloudy sky, the rains recede into the background, and all around blooms of rich colors.

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Forecast air temperature and water

In April Noumea is transformed, attracting the beautiful weather and lack of rain, tourists from all over the country. To high of the season is only a month, but warm and dry climate is perfect, especially for spring break.

The air temperature in daytime is about +15 degrees at night, +6°C. Such weather conditions may not seem very warm but the South wind and the proximity to the sea enhance the effect.

The water temperature in the Black sea warms up to +11°C, and by the end of the month to +15°C, but it is still not suitable for swimming. But on the clearest days, incredibly nice to walk along the coast, enjoying the therapeutic air filled with ions of the sea.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima

In General, everything suggests that it was nearing the holiday season. The cool wind gives way to the warm South-East breeze. Rain almost all the way back, and they are replaced by clear days. April is one of the most arid periods, for the entire month is about 46 mm of rainfall and number of rainy days does not exceed 4-6.

Spring break

April vacation in Gelendzhik beautiful in its own way. Despite the fact that the spring weather on the coast is not really suitable for a beach holiday, this month you can find a lot of entertainment.

The pros and cons

One of the advantages of booking a holiday in April – the lack of tourists, and with it, peace and quiet on the coast. After a month on the resorts start coming in vacationers from everywhere, and the beaches are filled to capacity.

Also much easier for vacationers in April to go on trips and to amusement parks – the lack of queues will allow to spend time pleasantly.

preimushestva i nedostatki

The lack of demand for travel to Noumea gives the opportunity to buy tours at a fairly low cost. The price for 20-30% less than in may and subsequent months. At the same time, tourists have access to all features offered by this resort, except the beach vacation. This moment is the only drawback of this trip.

How to dress?

On vacation with you can take how easy things are suitable for day walks, and warm clothing which will protect from the cool evenings. Many hotels offer to its guests indoor swimming pools with sea or running water, so you should pack in the suitcase the swimsuit.

Do not forget about comfortable shoes, as exploring the local area, mountains and local attractions can be time consuming.

Things to do this month?

Tourists visiting Noumea, prefer to stay in boarding houses and sanatoriums, but in addition medical procedures, it is possible to discover new things.

In the heart of the city is loads of fun, dominated by new and old water parks, such as the hippopotamus, Dolphin and Golden Bay. The city has a Dolphinarium, Aquarium, entertainment complex, Olympus, Safari Park and amusement Park.

Outside Noumea, in its surroundings you can visit the mountainfallsto see the rock Sail, and the cruiser Kutuzov and the House is upside down.

In April in Noumea fairly quiet – plenty of different events is waiting for tourists next month. Therefore, you can safely go here for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

See this video, what is the weather in Noumea in April: