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India: the weather in April in Goa

pogoda v aprele v goa

Stay and the weather in Goa in April can bring a lot of unforgettable discoveries, such as the fabulous Dudhsagar waterfall, otherwise known as "milk ocean", the deserted city of Hampi, keeping a long history, beautiful sandy beach.

What is the weather in the state in April?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v shtate v seredine vesny?

In April continues dry and hot season in Goa. Watch out for the trip here, if you are quite difficult to handle the heat and high humidity.

The temperature of the air and water

The air temperature at different resorts in Goa ranges from 32 (example Panaji) to 36 degrees (in particular madgaon). The difference is very small and little visible.

If we consider the water temperature, it reaches an average of 28 degrees in all the cities of the state, close to the sea.

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Other weather conditions

The only obstacle can be the weather, but you can mitigate this heat will help the wind, sometimes it flows reach 9 km/h.

But do not forget about humidity, sometimes, it reaches 70-80%, so that should take care of the presence in the room standing air conditioner. With regards to rains, it is unlikely that you will have to deal with this phenomenon in April, a month will have the maximum of two rainy days, so an umbrella with me will not have to take.

Charms spring holiday in Goa

preimushestva otpuska v vesennee vremya

The journey in this period will stay with you for the abundance of mangoesand many other fruits. But that's not the main reason to go, after all it was in April you can go a mile and not meet a single person.

The pros and cons

The perception of the trip will depend on the personal preferences of the person: someone who likes the heat, some slush. But at this time more hot than cold, the wind picks up, it is worth noting that fans of surfing this season in Goa will like.

Also during this period, he completes the season and reduced prices at many hostels, hotels, rental of transport and some goods.

Is it possible to find cons in such a beautiful place like Goa? Unlikely. Is that excessive exoticism, which many will not like.

What to wear?

kak odevatsya?

With him is only light clothes: shorts, t-shirts, shirts, swimwear. Certainly the presence of a headdress to heatstroke couldn't dampen your trip. This month you will not catch rain and strong wind, so warm clothes are not worth taking.

What to do?

Whether to go on a cozy beach, to experience the local cuisine or to contemplate amazing landscape? On these questions you will not just learn how to find answers, but it will have to. It is impossible to get bored!

A beach holiday and entertainment

You need to decide what is Goa for you to choose for themselves the appropriate beach. It is divided into South and North. North Goa is a large crowd of tourists, a place filled with life, numerous party and TRANS-party.

If you like clean and uncrowded beaches, North Goa, you most likely will not work and should move to the South.

Such as Utorda beaches or Betalbatim offers a better and much cleaner. The atmosphere here is less charged, but you pay for that peace of mind.


ekskursionnye marshruty po dostoprimechatelnostyam

As notedabove, a wonderful place to relax in the Dudhsagar waterfall, on the way there, we drove to the reserve Bondla, which is teeming with various animals. Wild nature and the impressive panorama will not leave you indifferent.

Ancient sights of Hampi and Gokarna - for those interested in the history and culture of the country. And the temples of Sri Chandranatha and Sri Bhagavati recommended to visit those who would like to explore other religions and discover something previously unknown.

In order to get to experience the exoticism of this place, you can visit the markets of Goa in Mapusa, Panaji and other. Even if you're careful to buy the sauce the questionable products, you should come here. The strangeness of these places will surprise you.

Holidays and festivals

In April in Goa celebrate Easter, the Hindus celebrate Ramnavami, this holiday is celebrated the appearance day of Rama. This month is filled with events for religious people of India.

In this video you can see what the weather is waiting for you in April in Goa: