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Holiday in Spain: what is the weather, the water temperature and where to go in April?

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Spain is one of the most interesting tourist destinations intended for fascinating exploring ancient sites, dive into the unique atmosphere of cultural and outdoor activities. Weather in Spain in April will allow you to enjoy it to the full.

What is the weather like in April in Spain?

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The southern climate of Spain and the proximity of the Mediterranean sea allow tourists to visit the country in April, enjoy the most extensive number of features offered by every resort.

The temperature of the air and water

Spain in April – blooming landscapes, the bright and warm rays of the sun, warming in the morning, and no cloudy days and fairly comfortable conditions for rest.

At the beginning of the month throughout the observed high heat – the day the air warms up to 21 degrees, and at night cools to 16 degrees.

Especially nice to be in the South of Spain. Here, in the region of Valencia and Barcelona, in the afternoon, the thermometer warms up to 21-23 degrees. Warm and dry weather throughout the month, but the nights can still be a bit cool up to 14 degrees.

In the Central part of Spain, especially in tourist cities like Madrid, Leon and Toledo, is not without short-term rains. Rains characteristic for the first half of the month, but by the end of April you can forget about them. The temperature in this region is a few degrees lower than in the South of the country – the day the thermometer freezes at around +19°C, and at night the air is cooled to +11°C.

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On the coast of Spain, on such important resorts of the Costa Brava, Salou and the Costa Dorada, in the beginning of April the air temperature is +17-18 degrees, but at the end of the month on the coast becomes a little warmer. Sea water in this region are not yet suitable for swimming – it barely warms up to 17-18 degrees.

On the island resorts of the country the temperature of air and water is a little different:

  • Ibiza – day +18°C, at +18°C, water temperature +17°C;
  • Majorca – day +20°C at +10°C, water temperature +17°C;
  • Menorca – day +19°C, night 16°C, water temperature 19°C;
  • Tenerife – day +25°C, at night +16°C, the water temperature is +19°C.

In General, the weather is not suitable for a beach holiday, but the best for Hiking along the beaches, as well as for exciting excursions across the country.

The particular weather conditions

Heavy rain and wind ended in Spain in Marchand April throughout the country reigns great spring weather. In the daytime the sun warms the air to a comfortable temperature, but without the very tiring heat, which would be typical for the next month.

The most humid region is the North-Eastern part of the country. Here are the rainfall that falls no more than 7-9 times a month. For this reason, many tourists flock to the South to relax where prevailing dry and clear weather.

April vacation

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Planning a trip to Spain in April, you may not worry about bad weather, but also because during the trip will be bored here. In every city there are a lot of places where you can spend your time, spending it on something interesting.

The pros and cons

The main advantage of the weather in April and the lack of wind and rain. In the daytime it's so nice to be that you can constantly alternate between a beach vacation, gourmet tours, shopping and excursions.

In this period begin to run ferries from the mainlandpart of Spain to the Canary and Balearic archipelago, which allows tourists to reach the most warm country resort – Tenerife.

Especially in Sunny days the water is heated so well that you can afford a beach vacation.

It is worth noting that the low prices for holidays in April. Since the holiday season in the country only opened in may, tourists have the option to book hotel and tours at an attractive cost. At the same time, all the sights and museums are open in the normal mode, so this holiday promises to be eventful and interesting.

How to dress?

If in the daytime the air is heated so well that you can walk down the street in light clothes and comfortable shoesand also take a trip a swimsuit and sunglasses, at night, it gets pretty chilly. To keep warm during the evening promenade, should you pack in suitcase light sweater or jacket.

Where to go?

If you want a little more warmth and good feeling in April, you should go to island resorts of Spain to any of the Canary Islandssuch as Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote. In this region even in winter the resort is weather, and in April the air is heated so well that you can devote a vacation on the beach, as well as familiarity with different places.

What to do this month?

Regardless of the season, Spain and its many resorts and a sense of celebration in each city that attracts tourists from around the world, giving them the opportunity to spend a very nice vacation.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

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The Spanish coast is lots of different beaches, is designed for those who want a budget, but a great place to spend time sunbathing under the gentle sun surrounded by the gentle waves of the Mediterranean sea. Water temperature in April is not suitable for immersion in water, but it doesn't stop tourists who have decided to get a spring tan.

For a beach holiday should go to the beaches of Tenerife:

  1. Playa del Duque;
  2. Playa De Las Vitas;
  3. El Bollullo;
  4. Playa Jardin;
  5. Playa del Medano.

In this region the water temperature at the beginning of the month warmed up to 19 degrees, for this reason, some tourists dare to water treatments.

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Excursions and entertainment

The most attractive for travelers in April – Madrid and Barcelona. In these ancient cities is an incredible number of monuments of history and culture, as well as the most modern projects, which managed to earn the attention of tourists.

In Madrid should visit the historical district, Royal Palace and Prado Museum, and in Barcelona monuments legacy of the great gaudí and the Museum of Picasso.

Holidays and festivals

In Spain every month celebrates the bright festivals, and in April a major event in this country is Easter. During the weeks before and after the event, the everywhere making of the show, as well as hold street processions and parades.

By the end of the month – the 23rd of April in Spain celebrates its own Valentine's Day called Valentine's Day. George.

Especially vividly it is celebrated in Barcelona, when all the streets are decorated with red rose petals, and at night held a theatrical show.

See in this video, what's the weather like in April on the Spanish coast: