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Holiday in Italy: what is the weather temperature at the beginning of the end of April in Rome?

pogoda v Italii v aprele

Italy provides tourists a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the most ancient sights, learn about the traditions of this country and relax on the many resorts. Weather in Italy in April will warm heat and provide an opportunity to diversify the rest.

The weather in April in Italy

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine vesny

The climate of Italy allows tourists to relax in the country in April, enjoying spring and the beautiful Sunny weather.

The temperature of the air and water

In April in Italy comes this spring – is becoming more and more clear days, and the rain almost stopped.

That is why this month is one of the best to visit the country.

However, not all April the weather is excellent performance in different parts of the country the temperature of the air and water may slightly vary, since this state has a fairly extended territory and diverse topography.

The coolest weather was observed on the North of the country in tourist cities such as Milan, Turin, Bergamo, Genoa, Rimini, Bologna, Venice and Verona. In this period here, the day temperature rises to +16°C, and the nights are still cool enough up to 8 degrees. Throughout the month the weather is not stable – the rains of up to 4-6 days and may begin as suddenly as and end.

srednie temperatury

In the Central part of Italy – at the Vatican, Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, Umbria and in Lazio and Abruzzo a few degrees warmer. During daylight hours the thermometer reaches the level of 18-19 degrees, but the nights are still chilly – up to 11 degrees. With the warm weather observed in Florence in the region of the Central part of Italy almost all of April Sunny.

The highest temperatures in April in the South of Italy – in Naples, Bari, Salerno, and on such Islands as Sardinia and Sicily. In this region, possible changes in temperature – in especially clear days the thermometer pleases indicators +20-21°C and at night 15 degrees. In bad weather the temperature drops to 18 degrees, but this situation is rare. Rainy days spoil the rest just 2-4 times per month.

The water temperature is relatively low:

  • The Ionian sea is 13 degrees;
  • The Ligurian sea is 13 degrees;
  • The Adriatic sea is 14 degrees;
  • The Tyrrhenian sea is 15 degrees.

This temperature of water is not yet suitable for swimming, but tourists crowds flock to the coast to get a secure spring sun at local resorts.

The particular weather conditions

April in Italy can be called a break – in this month in the country is not so much rain as in March, but not as warm and pleasant as may be. Rain can still spoil the holiday and high humidity, especially in tourist cities like Venice, creates a sense that the street is cool enough.

In southern areas, the lack of strong wind and high humidity has a positive effect on the rest. However, cloudy and rainy days on the coast brings a light freshness, giving the opportunity to relax from the heat.

Spring break

aprelskij otdyh

At the April holiday in Italy sent a lot of tourists who decided to change the cold on clear and Sunny days.

The pros and cons

Every day in Italy is getting warmer and warmer, and in April these changes are particularly noticeable. If in the beginning of the month you can catch the cool weather and cloudy days, in the middle and end of the period on the whole territory of the country the weather normalizes and begins to please all the tourists a pleasant day.

It should be noted that the price for a journey to Italy in thismonth is much lower, and this cost is justified. Many travelers are able to book cheap tours, while receiving for the money complete relaxation. In March, organize tours around the country was quite difficult because of dogliotti and coolness, in April the weather begins to delight in clear weather and long light days, so you can travel the whole day, learning a lot about the country.

Of the minuses is worth noting the only cool weather in the North of Italy. In this region there are quite a few interesting attractions to visit and also offers exciting shopping in Milan. But if cloudy days and cold nights don't deter, you can spend your vacation in this region.

How to dress?

Changeable weather in April requires to take a lot of things. For daytime sightseeing, and the coast of the useful light clothing, and for evening promenade – warm clothes like warm sweater, shoes with a closed nose and a light windbreaker.

Many hotels offer its guests relaxation in the indoor pool, filled with sea or running water. For such cases need a swimsuit.

Where to go and where to rest?

na kakoj kurort luchshe sezdit?

The most favorable weather in Italy is observed in the southern resort Islands – Sicily and Sardinia. In these regions the APR rarely changes in temperature, and it provides many opportunities for day walks along the coast, exploring the iconic attractions of the Islands and trips out of town.

Things to do this month?

Due to the fact that Italy is warmer than in other coastal countries of Europein different cities of this country are tourists from all over the world to indulge in the warm days, variety of entertainment and festivals.

Beach vacation

Since the low temperature of the water in the seas of Italy does not allow to swim in April, don't count on a beach holiday. But even so, tours of the coast popular and relevant among tourists, because the sun allow you to obtain a wonderful tan.

The most beautiful beaches of Sicily:

  1. Mazzaro in Taormina;
  2. Mondello in Palermo;
  3. San Vito Lo Copo;
  4. Cefalu.

The local beaches are a luxurious coast with soft white sand, walks which bring pleasure is an incredibly ideal environment for walks in April. At the same time, tourists have the opportunity to find secluded beaches, as well as those in which there is a lot of entertainment, clubs and cafes.

What to see?

In southern Italy, especially in Sicily, incredibly a lot of tour cities. In particular, among tourists is popular in romantic and fabulously beautiful town of Taormina, home of the mafia in Syracuse and also in a small province in the mountains.

In these places particularly noteworthy lunch at a café on the tops of mountains, where you can discover breathtaking panoramas.

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Holidays and festivals

In April, quite a lot of interesting events, and they begin with the celebration of one of the most important holidays – Easter. At that time very popular pilgrimages to the Holy places.

Then in Italy celebrate the day of the founding of the capital on 21 April in Romeand in other cities festivals events.

We recommend you to watch this video, how beautiful is Venice in April: