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Israel: what is the weather and water temperature in the sea at the end of April?

pogoda v Izraile v aprele

Israel and its many resorts are gaining more and more popularity among tourists due to the wonderful conditions for rest, absence of language barrier and the need to make a visa.

To get bright and interesting cities of this country enough to decide when we are going to visit. Weather in Israel in April, just perfect for a beach and sightseeing holiday, depending on the region.

What is the weather like in April in Israel?

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine vesny

Israel is open to tourists at any time of the year, and the pleasant weather of this country in April allows you to spend time at the resorts.

You can relax on the excellent beaches, visit local attractions, as well as to improve their health.

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The temperature of the air and water

The weather in Israel is beautiful in April – the holiday season has not yet arrived, but the air in all parts of the country warms up to a comfortable temperature, and torrential rains recede into the background.

Most hot weather is observed in the resorts of the Dead sea. During the day on such well-known resorts like Ein Bokek, the air in the early morning warms up to +28°C, and in the midst of the day – up to +31°C.

In the early and mid-April in this region is dry and hot weather, but compared to subsequent months, to be here is so far quite comfortable. At the end of the month the temperature rises a few degrees, but due to the special climate, the heat in this region is almost never not there.

srednie temperatury

The water in the Dead sea even in winter is heated to a pleasant temperature. Therefore, tourists do not deny yourself the pleasure of swimming in it. In April, her temperature is 24-26 degrees, which is perfect for swimming because the water feels in the sea is reminiscent of "fresh milk". The only unpleasant moment is that long in such water be not recommended.

A little less hot, but the same pleasant weather is observed on the coast of the red sea – especially on such a popular resort, Eilat. In the afternoon the air temperature in the city reaches +28°C, and at night cooled to +24°C.

Sea water on the coast is +23°C, so many tourists discover informal beach season.

Differently shows the weather in the resorts of the Mediterranean sea. In such cities as Haifa, tel Aviv, Herzliya and Netanya is often overcast, and sometimes rainy. The air temperature is still cool enough for a beach holiday – the thermometer freezes at +22°C during the day +16°C at night. The water temperature is +19 °C, so tourists are not recommended to dive into it. But by the end of the month, the temperature increases to 21°C.

Thus, the sea water on the coast is around:

  • The dead sea is 26 degrees;
  • The red sea – 23 degrees;
  • The Mediterranean sea is 19 degrees.

In the hinterland, in such popular tourist towns as Jerusalem, Beersheba and Bethlehem, the air temperature during the day is 22 degrees, perfect for excursions. At night, it gets quite chilly – +11-14 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

harakternost pogodnogo rezhima

For a little Israel, surrounded by seas with completely different climate, characterized by different weather conditions. While in April on the Dead sea is windless and hot weather, and the rains may not be speech, on the coast of the Mediterranean storms are 5-7 times in a month. While in tel Aviv and Haifa there is often cloudy weather, strong wind from the sea does not allow to spend time on the beaches.

In the center of the country weather conditionsunstable: throughout the day in the cities can stand a pleasant dry weather, in the end the sky will be tightened by clouds and the rains.

In such moments you can take refuge in one of the local cafes with delicious cuisine.

The charm of spring break

In Israel, the summer never ends and these conditions, the country attracts tourists from all over the world, especially in April. While the resorts of the Mediterranean and the red sea starts the unofficial beach season on the coast of the Dead sea in all is gaining momentum all the most versatile entertainment.

The pros and cons

For tourists who decide to spend April vacation in Israel, while traveling in this country can have many advantages and minimal disadvantages. For a start it is worth noting the excellent climate, which will accompany travelers during the entire vacation, and regardless of the region, which will be holidays.

Favorable weather conditions allow to be outside without worrying about sunburn and sunstroke. If it is reliable to protect yourself from the sun, then in April it will be possible to spend the most unforgettable vacation, going on pilgrimages, visiting the local markets or getting out all day in the desert.

The cost of this holiday is still very attractive to book a room or tour to this country is 15% cheaper than the ticket will cost in the coming months. Thus, even if the rest do not get to swim in the sea, you can find inexpensive hotelin which tourists will have an indoor pool with sea water. This bath will not only spend time, but also a bit healthier.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu brat?

The best option for tourist of the closet in April is an easy summer clothing with long sleeves made of natural fabrics, as well as sunglasses, protective cream and a hat. Securely sheltered from the burning rays, it is possible to spend more time on the street.

But not all resorts are equally hot in Haifa, tel Aviv, Netanya and other cities of the Mediterranean sea at night quite cool. In order not to freeze in the dark, better take a warm sweater or windproof stuff. Also do not forget about such attributes of the April holiday as an umbrella in case of rain, swimsuit for beach tourism and comfortable shoes for long walks.

What does the fruit ripen this month?

The abundance of fruit is characteristic of Israel at any time of the year. In April, the suitable harvest season of pitaya is an incredibly sweet fruit with soft and juicy filling. In local markets you can find a guava Sesac (or medlar) and Passiflora.

These fruits are typical for this country, so unlikely to try them in other States.

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Where better to relax?

The abundance of various resorts of Israel, as well as the gorgeous April weather allows tourists not to be limited to one or two resorts. If the trip is planned with children, you should visit Eilat. This resort located on the Red sea, and its climate is most suited for an action-Packed children's activities, and a large selection of land and water activities will allow you to spend a fabulous vacation.

kurorty dlya otdyha

In order to improve health, is to go to the Dead sea. In this region healthy air, water and local products made of salt and mud of this reservoir, as well as many ancient sites will not get bored even for a minute.

For youth recreation will approach tel Aviv – this city has a lot of incredibly interesting sights, nightlife and entertainment for every taste. If you get bored in this city, you can get to the desert or to neighbouring Jerusalem.

What to do in this period?

Not much hot weather, refreshing sea breeze and slight rain, allow to diversify the journey. During the holidays you can move around a small area of the country to relax on the beaches of the coastal resorts to visit many interesting excursions and improve health.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

To best enjoy the beach, diving, surfing and swimming, in April, is to choose the resorts of the red sea. In the favorite by many tourists Eilat already all sunbathe, to swim, to enjoy the maximum choice of entertainment.

The beaches of this resort is something that will never leave anyone indifferent. The coastal area stretches for 12 kilometers,looks incredibly well kept. All of them belong to hotels, but for tourists they are free.

The beaches of this resort are divided into two parts , the North shore – coast consisting of sand or pebbles, and Coral beach – a name that speaks for itself. They are all cozy and well maintained, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, cafes and shops.

Each of the sections of the coast with a developed infrastructure and a wide choice of accommodation.

The most popular hotel beaches:

  1. Meridian;
  2. The Queen Of Sheba;
  3. Leonardo Plaza;
  4. Club Med;
  5. Isrotel Yam SAF.

mozhno li zahodit v vodu?

In Eilat there are public beaches, such as Coral, Dolphin Reef, Migdalor and Kososki Sport. In this part of the coast is well developed diving, as the magnificent underwater world so unique that attracts tourists from all over the world. The red sea has always been famous for the best views, and the area surrounded by free beaches can compete with the Egyptian spots for diving.

Where to go?

In Israel there are a selection of various tourist destinations, and some of them include trips to neighboring Jordan and Egypt. In the following months to get on such trips will be much more difficult because of the unbearable heat.

As a starting point you should choose Jerusalem. The city is the incredibly large number of attractions, many of which are famous all over the world:

  • The Wailing Wall;
  • The Dome Of The Rock;
  • The Tomb Of The Virgin;
  • Old town;
  • Mount Zion;
  • Gersinski garden;
  • The Road Of Sorrow.

In Jerusalem there are infinitely many attractions, and beautiful weather in April will provide an opportunity to discover how the brightest, and those that are hidden from the tourist crowds.

If the trip is planned for the red sea resorts, here too you can find a lot of entertainment. In free beach time, you can make breathtaking desert safaris, camel rides or jeep Safari, discover the rich natural world of the National Park of Timna.

For young tourists of the soul will have an amusement Park "kings City" and entertainment facility that allows in a playful way to get familiar with the history of Israel.

Holidays and festivals

In April in Israel is visited by many pilgrims, because in this period is celebrated on Easter, so every tourist will get a unique opportunity to witness how to produce the Holy fire in the Temple of the Lord.

See in this video, what's the weather like in April in Israel: