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Stay in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in April: weather and temperature in Dubai

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United Arab Emirates – ideal for those who prefer to stay in luxury, stay on well-kept beaches, as well as a high level of service. Weather in the UAE in April, hot as in other months of the year.

What is the weather in April in the UAE?

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Temperature in the UAE high at any time of the year, and the lack of rainfall makes the country one of the best periods in life.

Forecast air temperature and water

While in Europe the reigns of the spring and unstable weather conditions in the UAE comes the real summer.

Throughout the month in cities across the country is high, but pleasant enough to relax the temperature.

The APR relates to velvet season, as the daytime temperature is very comfortable for the location on the street and off the coast. A day on the thermometer you can see the figures of 30-32 degrees.

In different parts of the country the temperature is not much different at the beginning and in the middle of the month:

  • Abu Dhabi – day +33°C, at +23°C;
  • Dubai – day +32°C at night +22°C;
  • Ajman – day +30°C at night +20°C;
  • Fujairah – day +33°C, at +23°C;
  • Sharjah – day +30°C at night +20°C;
  • RAS al Khaimah – day +32°C at night +22°C.

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And at the end of April, the temperature in the UAE rises by 3-4 degrees, but it's not very noticeable.

The water of the Persian and Oman gulfs perfect for swimming and so it will continue through April. In the morning her counts reach +25°C, and during the day rise to 27°C. the coolest water at the standards of the country on the coast of Fujairah up to +24°C, and the other resorts especially in the Western part to 27 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

Overall, in April is much nicer than in previous months. Temperature of air and water allows you to spend time on the coast or poison for long trips.

Rains during this period are virtually absent – according to statistics, for the entire month they go 2-3 times and for a very short period.

It should be noted that weather conditions in April in the UAE are ideal for those who can not tolerate heat, but want to spend time on the coast. During the day humidity is not stopping to relax, especially for those who want to diversify their leisure.

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The only drawback could serve as a fog, which occurs mainly in the morning and in the evening. At such moments, we must remain especially vigilant to those who are travelling around the country driving, as well as those who are going to swim before dinner. In those days, it will be difficult to go on excursions, or looking at the city from the observation deck.

Spring break

April is one of the best months to visit the country. In this period of comfortable weather and plenty of entertainment will make your stay as bright and saturated.

This vacation will be wonderful for both children and adults alike, as each resort is laid out in detail.

The pros and cons

Holidays in April in the UAE has a lot of advantages. Favorable weather conditions and low humidity and lack of rain are ideal in order to have time to swim, sunbathe, explore the iconic sights and visit the most colorful events of the country.

The only drawback would be the crowds of tourists. Since this periodconsidered one of the best to relax, travelers from all over the world flock to the coast to spend a memorable and eventful vacation. Even on such a small and little-known resorts in Ajman, it is difficult to be in silence and solitude.

The popularity of the UAE in those days, provoke outrageous demand and rising prices for tours and independent travelers. That is guaranteed to get to the resorts of the country, it is better to pre-book the hotel and tickets. The cost will be much higher than in previous and subsequent months.

How to dress?

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The advantage of a stay in April is that you will not have to take a lot of clothes. Enough to pack in suitcase light clothing with long sleeves, shoes that will be comfortable to move around the city or along the coast, swimsuit, hat and sunglasses.

Do not forget about the sunscreen, because the scorching rays of the sun can cause a burn in half an hour of sun exposure.

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What does the fruit ripen this month?

In April in the United Arab Emirates, you can try mango is juicy, soft and sweet fruit, which taste is much superior to the European equivalent. In the markets you can find exotic fruit "Chico".

Form Chico resembles the potato, and rich taste of mango, though in richness it is far from it.

In April matured durian, but before purchasing it is important to remember that it is not allowed in any hotel or other public place. Pungent smell can be very long on the hands and in the room.

Where better to relax?

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Any resort UAE will be beautiful this month, what hinted numerous crowds of tourists occupying all of the local hotels and the coast. Fans of scuba diving and snorkeling are sent to the coast of the Gulf of Oman.

The water in the Gulf of Oman is noticeably more transparent and the underwater world is richer and more varied.

But it should be noted that the water temperature is slightly lower, which is not always suitable for children, so if you are planning a family vacation with a child, it is best to choose the West coast. At resorts such as Sharjah, Dubai, RAS al Khaimah is always pleasant weather, and the water off the coast warms up to a comfortable temperature. In addition, in this part of the UAE quite a lot of activities and excursions that are sure to appeal to children.

When sunrise and sunset?

For travelers it is important how much it darkens at a particular resort, to properly prepare the program for the day.

In the United Arab Emirates the sunrise is around 06:00 and sunset happens at 18:40. The duration of daylight is 12 hours and 40 minutes.

What to do in the United Arab Emirates in this period?

Since April, throughout the country, great weather, tourists have a wonderful opportunity as richer to spend your vacation, swimming, having fun and getting acquainted with new sights of the country.

Beach vacation

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Coast in UAE is quite extensive, so tourists have wonderful opportunity to choose any resort or hire a car, cruising between them.

All beaches in the country are sandy and well maintained, and their peculiarity is the fact that in each state the color of the sand varies from white to red.

Best coast during this period:

  1. Fujairah – shore this resort is ideal for fans of active leisure;
  2. Abu Dhabi – the beaches are divided into free and paid, but all of them are equipped.

A popular beach vacation in parks, such as Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Beach Park.

Excursions and entertainment

In UAE quite a lot of interesting places and entertainment. First and foremost, it is worth noting the water parks and zoos, viewing platforms, amusement parks, museums with unique collections of modern and historical exhibits, high-tech architecture of Dubai and the picturesque mosque of Abu Dhabi.

Among the interesting sights of Sharjah is worth noting:

  • Mosque king Faisal;
  • Quarter Of Meridia;
  • Channel Al Qasba.

If weather permits, you can spend time in theme parks, visiting the famous Ferrari World.


Hiking in the many markets and shopping centers in UAE is one of the main attractions in the country. Forsuch purposes were opened multi-storey mallsthat sell everything from trinkets to very expensive jewels of gold.

The most popular places for shopping:

  1. The gold Souk in Dubai;
  2. Blue Souk Sharjah;
  3. Ibn Battuta Mall;
  4. Mall Of The Emirates;
  5. The spice market in Dubai.

In April, many stores of the country have significant discounts, so shopping during this period will bring tremendous pleasure.

Holidays and festivals

In April, the UAE is not so many events, the most prominent of these are held in shopping centers and markets. In the venues of Sharjah, tourists can see the features of floriculture in the country and the art of photography also, the city hosts the heritage days.

Dubai is home to an exhibition of Arabian horses "Dubai International Horse Fair". And al-Garbia according to tradition, a Festival of water sports.

See in this video, what is the weather in the UAE in April: