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Rest in Sochi: what is the weather, temperature of air and water at the end of April?

pogoda v aprele v Sochi

Sochi – one of those tourist destinations, which is equally nice to be regardless of the time of year. In the spring and summer you can sunbathe, and the rest of the time enjoy Wellness or ski tourism.

What is the weather like in April in Sochi?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v seredine vesny?

Sochi has a humid subtropical climate with Sunny and very hot in summer, and warm but rainy winters.

April is considered a transitional period – to swim this month is unlikely, but the stay at this resort will bring a lot of fun.

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The temperature of the air and water

April in Sochi is not the most favorable month to travel, but in this region still there is a positive temperature – much higher than in the rest of Russia. In comparison with previous months to be at the resort much more pleasant because of less rain, a little greater number of clear days and lack of strong wind. Gusts are not as strong as in winter and early spring.

In the afternoon the air temperature in Sochi warms up to around +16 degrees, but the feelings may seem a bit warmer. Night noticeably colder – to +9 degrees. The water in the Black sea not suitable for bathing season opens in may, and while its temperature is only 11 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

In April, cold and wet weather retreats that especially becomes noticeable at the end of the month. If the first couple of weeks, the air warms up to around +12-15 degrees, in the last two weeks the temperature rises to 18 degrees, and sometimes up to 22 degrees. The water temperature in the sea also increases. By the end of April, she warms up to +14°C. But even these indicators do not provide the vacationers with an opportunity to open the beach season.

Heavy precipitation annoy vacationers are much less. The greatest number of rainy days in the first half of April. In especially humid days on the coast of Sochi, and in some areas, there is heavy fog.


aprel otdyh

Despite the fact that beach season is still a month, quite a few tourists choose to stay Sochi in April and it has several causes.

The pros and cons

While the weather in April is unsuitable for a beach holiday, vacationers go to Sochi to enjoy a ski vacation. More recently, the ski season ended in March, but due to the fact that in the famous resort of Rosa Khutor has the opportunity to ride the slopes with artificial snowmaking, this month there will be bored.

Many people choose Sochi in April to recuperate, returning to the boarding house for recreation.

The sea and the fresh mountain air and favorable nature and Spa treatments – all together promotes treatment of respiratory tract and nervous system.

The cost of recreation in this period are noticeably lowerthan in other months.

The main reason for which tourists choose Sochi for vacation in April – the peace and quietthat is peculiar to this resort. No flow of tourists, deserted beaches and the weather is suitable for walking, is ideal to relax and unwind.

The only negative rest in Sochi in April – the inability to somehow entertain yourself while staying at the resort. During this period, it is almost impossible to go on excursions and to participate in any event.

How to dress?

April is still cool at the resort's standards, so it is better to take a warm clothes. For this purpose, suitable warm sweater or windproof jacket, as well aswaterproof shoes and jeans. Such a closet will allow you to feel comfortable in the cold night. For day time wear any clothing with long sleeves, and at the end of April, we can restrict the t-shirt.

Things to do this month?

Sochi is one of the oldest resorts Russia, so there is a variety of entertainment, even in a quiet month like April.

Beach vacation

In the first half of the month those who wish to swim, choose hotels with indoor pools and hotels, which are ready to provide services of SPA-procedures. The coast of Sochi for a beach holiday becomes available in the second half of the month, but only for a little sunbathe. In particularly clear days, the sun warms the air enough to get sunburn.

Ski tourism

gornolyzhnye kurorty

It is no secret that Sochi has been actively developing ski tourism. Every year tourists have more opportunities and more places to ski down the slopes at this resort. You can go for such ski resorts as:

  • Rosa Khutor;
  • Gazprom;
  • Alpika SERVIS;
  • Gornaya Karusel.

If before the season ended by mid-April due to heavy snowmelt, but now the tourists have the opportunity to ride until the end of the month.

Though the air in the mountains warms up to +11°C, but the support of the pavement in good condition suitable for a little more to catch the ski season.

Excursions and entertainment

Fans of cognitive rest in the spring can entertain themselves fascinating journey through the numerous museums of Sochi. This city is especially popular with several exhibitions and galleries:

  1. House-Museum "Stalin's Dacha";
  2. Literary memorial Museum of N. Ostrovsky;
  3. Museum of the history of the city of Sochi;
  4. The Museum of sports glory of Sochi.

No less interesting exhibits and fascinating collections to be found in the neighbouring areas. Dagomys is a Museum of vintage cars with dozens of vintage cars totaling about $ 1 million.

Another popular attraction in Sochi – the legendary "arboretum"located in Khostinsky district. In April at this resort everything around you begins to blossom and to bloom, delighting vacationers of spring colors and quite dizzying aromas. For this reason, the Botanical garden will become one of the most popular places for excursions.

In Adler you can visit the famous Olympic Park, the Olympic heritage, the village where the athletes lived, and fabulous Sochi Park, where especially appeal to children. This month the price of the ticket to Sochi Park is much lower than in high season.

Holidays and festivals

April in Sochi is not rich in events, but in this period the resort you can catch a few jazz events, as well as the army song festival.

Planning a trip to Sochi, the knowledge of current weather data will allow a great time on one of the best resorts in Russia.

See in this videowhat the weather is in Sochi in April: