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Holiday in Thailand in April what is the weather in Pattaya, Phuket and where?

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Being one of the most popular resorts, Thailand attracts millions of tourists in their spaces. Round the year this country is visited by those who enjoy favorable conditions for rest, the exotic and sultry climate and the gentle waves of the sea, the weather in Thailand in April - is no exception.

What is the weather like in April in Thailand?

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Trip in April to the resorts of Thailand will definitely appeal to tourists who prefer the scorching heat and truly summer weather.

The temperature of the air and water

According to the temperature indicators, April in Thailand is one of the hottest months of the hot season and at the beginning and at the end. Throughout the country, even in the North, the temperature in the early morning warms up to +30-33 degrees and in the daytime in some areas, forecasters recorded to +40°C.

In whatever part of the Kingdom did not pass the long-awaited vacation, everywhere will chase the heat and the grueling weather conditions.

If we look at each resort in Thailand separately, the temperature of the most popular ones are the following:

  • Bangkok – day – +35°C at night +22°C, water – +30°C;
  • Krabi – day – +34°C, +21°C, water – +30°C;
  • Phuket – day +33°C, +20°C, water – +30°C;
  • Phi Phi island – day +33°C, +20°C, water – +30°C;
  • Koh Samet – day +33°C, +20°C, water – +30°C;
  • Hua hin – at – 34°C at night +20°C, water – +30°C;
  • Chiang Mai – day – +37°C, at night +24°C, water – +30°C;
  • Samui – day +34°C, +21°C, water – +30°C;
  • Pattaya – at – 34°C at night and +21°C, water – +30°C.

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The hottest temperature observed in April in Bangkok. The air temperature in those areas up to elevation +38°C and above. Given high humidity, and smog and inability to escape from the scorching rays of the sun, mainland Thailand is not the best choice for travelers.

On many of your favorite tourist resorts on the North of Thailand, the situation is no better. This month the thermometer rises to +36°C day. This heat could be saved only by the conditioning and pools with cool water, so about the excursion programs could not be considered.

The most pleasant temperature readings are observed on the Eastern coast of the country on Samui, Tao and Phangan. In this region the air warms up to 32 degrees, but sea breezes refresh, greatly improving the degree of comfort.

In addition, there is almost complete absence of heavy rains, typical of the rest of the country, which reduce humidity.

The particular weather conditions

Despite the fact that this month in Thailand observed an extremely high temperature of air and water on the coast, tourists continue to flock here on vacation.

In different provinces of the country quite noisy and fun, except for the island of Krabi and the resorts of the Andaman sea. In this region clear, Sunny weather can drastically change on rainfall, which can last up to 2-3 hours, creating even more stifling weather conditions.

At other resorts it rains much less – basically, the sky rarely overcast. In Bangkok, unlike the rest of Thailand, the rains – a rarity.

April vacation

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Although April is not the most favorable month to travel in Thailand, yet even in this period, you can find several benefits from the rest of the country. Among the range of resorts you'll definitely find one where you can spend your holiday in good conditions.

How to dress?

Since April in Thailand is high temperature andhigh humidity and almost complete lack of rain, for a pleasant stay useful lightweight summer clothing made from natural fabrics.

It is desirable that such things were long sleeve scorching rays of the sun can cause burns.

Also included in the suitcase is to pack a hat, sunglasses, swimsuit and sunscreen. These attributes will definitely come in handy for a beach holiday and for relaxation near the pool.

What does the fruit ripen this month?

Only fresh ripe fruit is what you can go to Thailand in April. Throughout the month, tourists are pleased with the abundant harvest of fresh are many and varied fruits. First and foremost, across the country Matures juicy and sweet mango, which can be enjoyed only within it.

In April, the peak season of durian is the popular fruit in Thailand, and also in this month, the markets appear jackfruit, lychee, pineapple and strawberries. On the shelves you can find mangosteen is a fruit that is only sold in the countries of South-East Asia in addition to vacationers are available in a large number of coconut, papaya, rambutan and longan.

Where to relax and where to go?

April is not the best month for a holiday stay with a child in Thailand, even in the second half. High temperature can affect the baby's health. The water on the coast is unlikely to cool off in this scorching heat. Its temperature rising to +30°C, more like a warm bath.

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If you want to relax in this exotic country, you should choose the resorts of Pattaya – Thailand falls the least rain and temperatures several degrees lower than the rest of the territory. Here you can entertain yourself with tours, lots of new impressions and rest from everyday Affairs.

To enjoy a beach holiday in April in the vastness of Thailand, it is sufficient to choose a resort Samui , with its legendary coastline. On site it is easier to transfer heat, for this reason, tourists do not have to suffer from the weather surprises, strong heat and high humidity.

What to do in this period?

The main reason why tourists come to Thailand – great beaches and an extensive selection of tour programs. In addition, this month you can witness the most colourful traditional festivals.

Beach vacation

In Thailand is incredibly a lot of a variety of beaches, ranging from the incredibly noisy and popular, where the beach life does not stop even at night, and ending with the secluded and peaceful, where you can find rare tourists.

In April relevant are the beaches of Koh Samui, located on the East coast of Thailand.

The best of the beaches:

  1. Chaweng – a picturesque Bay with a coastline covered with sand and crystal clear water;
  2. Lamai is rocky coast with deep sea, attracting fans of surfing;
  3. Bophut beach located in a cosy small Bay;
  4. Mae Nam beach – seaside with a large choice of different hotels.

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The only caveat relax on the beaches of Koh Samui is the peculiarity that each of them sun beds and umbrellas are paid for those who are not a hotel guest.

In Phuket, you can also discover some wonderful beaches. Among them, first and foremost, it is worth noting Karon is the most attractive and incredibly well maintained beach and Kata beach, Kamala, Patong, freedom and Nai Yang. Many of them are wild and little known, but others such as Patong, always crowded and have an impressive infrastructure.

Excursions and entertainment

Thailand is one of the rare countries in which the most developed absolutely all areas for tourism. If you stay enough time, you can spend it not only on the beach, but also to go on excursions. In this country the tourists are the natural, religious and historical sites, so everyone will discover something interesting:

  • The temple of the emerald Buddha;
  • The Museum Of Jim Thompson;
  • Garden tropics "Nong Nooch";
  • Temple complex "Chitarra" and many others.

Among the facilities include diving, surfing, and Thai massage, as well as boat trips to nearby Islands, waterfalls and rivers. At night an active life in Thailand does not abate after sunset, tourists are available a kind show, discos and clubs.

Holidays and festivals

The tourists decided to go on vacation in April, you are very lucky with holidays. This month the residentsthe country will host the main holiday – New year. He is in the middle of the month – from 13 to 15 April. During this period, all the streets taken to spray each other with water and smeared with clay.

If it is not accepted to resent such liberties, but rather to enjoy these features.

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