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India: what is the weather and temperature at the North and South Goa in late March?

pogoda na Goa v marte

Someone on vacation like to conquer the peaks of snowy mountains, others to travel around the sights of Europe, but most people are tired of stress and routine, choose warm countries, where they will be surrounded by warm sea, sun and peace. In one of these places include India, weather in Goa in March will appreciate the warmth.

What is the weather like in March in Goa?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale vesny

In Goa is dominated by a subtropical climate, so even in March, which still applies for the weather by the end of the winter season, people bathe in the sun and warm water and prepare for more high temperatures.

Goa is divided into two areas, North and South, although the weather conditions they are not so different.

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The average temperature of air and water

This month is the beginning of a hot summer season, the temperature at the beginning will be quite high. The temperature of the air and water in the Northern and southern parts are not going to be completely different. A couple of degrees does not diminish the General idea of spring warmth.

So, in early March at North Goa average air temperature is +28,9 ºC. In the South the same - +29,7 ºC. The water temperature at the beginning and the end of March the same: +27 º C and 29 º C, respectively. Closer to the onset of April , the thermometer will grow and grow. North Goa value will be +30,2 ºC, in the South +31,4 ºC.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti temperaturnogo rezhima

The humidity of the air is 71%, so many will be hard to endure this kind of weather after our winter. The chance of rain is minimal, the South wind - 3-5 m/s. the Clouds are quite low, and the length of daylight hours is 9-10 hours. The evening temperature drops to +24ºC.

On the coast of the sea wind will relieve tourists from the heat, so the water will seem that the temperature had dropped.

Weather conditions on the North and South Goa are ideal for relaxation from stress and worries.

March holidays

March in Goa is quite a warm month, so it is important to know some conditions that will not only help You relax, but also to get the maximum enjoyment from the trip.

Useful tips

When booking the hotel don't forget to confirm whether the room air. The night temperature remains high, so with it, You will ensure yourself a strong and sweet sleep.

After our cold and harsh winters vacation in Goa will seem like a real steam room. In order for the body to successfully cope with such a change in the weather, should be provided with sufficient amount of vitamins. With this You will be able to help the markets selling delicious fruits and berries. The prices are quite low.

Mango is the national fruit, the season which comes at the end of March, why not take advantage of this luck would be a huge loss for the tourists.

poleznye sovety

In India a large number of insects, whose bites can cause itchiness or even disease. Before the trip to make necessary doctors ' prescriptions, and in the suitcase put proven tools from irritation of the skin.

How to dress?

In India it is not customary to wear short things that bare some parts of the body. So as not to be uncomfortable and not to attract the attention of local residents, male sex wear a skirt to the floor, Mike on top and light summer scarf that will cover your shoulders, or a jacket with long sleeves. Also the girls should not walk the streets in a swimsuit, as this can not only lead to judgmental attitudes, but also to advances. Be careful!

Choose light, flying materials which will not hamper Your movement and will not keep You coveredthen.

For men all the more easier: wear the usual trousers of a light fabric or breeches and a shirt. It is not necessary to expose the top when You walk on the streets because it might be perceived by locals as being rude.

As the clouds low, the sun rays will not only warm the campers, but also to bake, so be sure to take with itself means from the sun and hats. They are most useful to You in Your journey.

What to do this month?

Weather conditions in March are similar to the weather in summer in many other countries, so tourists will be opened in a variety of ways.

Beach vacation

In Goa there are about 40 beaches, this holiday is very popular. Sunbathing and access to the warm water attracts absolutely everyone. But the difference here areas big:

  • In South Goa, the sand brightand the water is very clean;
  • In the North muddy water and dark sand of volcanic origin.

You can try Aqua-fun, for example:

  1. Water skiing;
  2. Motor boats;
  3. Banana boating;
  4. Parasailing , etc.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnye programmy

The tour program is divided into 4 areas, among which everyone can find something of their own. Release:

  • Architectural-historical (ancient structures and other buildings);
  • Environmental (fascinating nature and its manifestations);
  • Meditative;
  • Club.

It should be noted that the North Goa party scene, which does not require any special expense.

South Goa is different secular mood, similar to Europe, and therefore the prices are higher. The area selection depends on Your preferences.

Holidays and festivals

India – vibrant and colorful country. Festivals in March, which is celebrated in Goa are associated with the onset of spring and end of winter. One of these holidays, which is known in our country, is Holi. It is held on the day of the vernal equinox. The locals pour each other with water, and then sprinkled with powder of different colors.

Basant Panchami – the festival, which is also noted by residents in honor of the arrival of spring and the three goddesses, to help in education, acting and weaving business.

During the celebration, people attach great importance to the yellow color - they wear clothes of the colour, eating yellow sweets.

Holiday in Goa will give You not only pleasant experience, but also extensive knowledge that will expand Your horizons.

See in this video, what is the weather in Goa in March: