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Weather in Cyprus in March: leisure and the water temperature in the sea till the end of the month

pogoda v Kipre v marte

Cyprus in March, pleased with the sweet scent of Jasmine, orange trees add to the smell the subtle aroma of citrus. Begin to blossom and almond trees, covered with a cloud of colors.

Outside the city the fields are already green. Beds in rural houses bask in the sun anemones and cyclamen. On the hills are blooming wild orchids.

Sometimes it rains, and after them greens is juicy and shimmering in the sun. This is the perfect time for walks and excursions around the island.

The temperature of the air and water into the sea in the beginning and at the end of the month

In early March, the island is still quite cool and unstable weather.

In the beginning of the month almost throughout the island, the thermometer by day does not rise above 15-16 degrees, and at night drops to 8-10. Water temperatures below 2-3 degrees daytime temperatures.

By mid-month the air begins to warm up, and the temperature is close to 17-18 degrees. It is almost the same everywhere on the island. So, in Nicosia and Polis +17 in Limassol +18, in the Larnaca +19. The water on the coast warmed to 17 degrees.

temperatura vozduha i vody na Kipre v techenii mesyaca

By the end of the month, the beginning of the tourist season, the air begins to warm, and the thermometer may have showing 25 degrees. After the air, albeit slower warming, and water. And gradually up to 20-22 degrees. The rains have ceased almost completely. Cyprus is waiting for tourists.

Features guests at this time

For a beach holiday on the island not yet. But when the sun appears on the horizon, you can walk along the beach, bask in its rays.

This time of year is preferable to choose a hotel with an indoor pool and Spa facilities. Swimming in the sea only the extreme and in the middle of the month. And most of the tourists prefer to relax in the pool.

March for tourists is trips and excursions, visits to various events and holidays.

What to do in the vacation?

Very popular ski resort in the Troodos. Mount Olympus , whose height of 951 meters in March, still covered with snow. This is the last month of the season skating with mountains in Cyprus.

chem zanyatsya v otpuske na Kipre v marte?

Discover here a great variety. Cyprus is an island whose origins are in Antiquity. Its traces are everywhere:

  • Paphos – a city-Museum with the ruins and ancient buildings;
  • Nicosia – unique ramparts;
  • Kolossi castle 13th century near Limassol ;
  • Buy ruins of the ancient citywhere you can get acquainted with the everyday life of citizens in ancient times;
  • The Archbishop's Palace in Nicosia is the most beautiful building in Cyprus.

It's hard to imagine Cyprus without holidays and festivals. In March they drop large amounts.

  • National day of Greece 25 March, is a festive procession, a merry dance, the festival dedicated to the uprising against the Turks in 1821;
  • before palm Sunday Cyprus is celebrated the Saturday of Lazarus, Saint Lazarus is the patron Saint of the city Larnach;
  • in Paphos at the beginning of March is a marathon and half marathon, they originate from the mountains of Aphrodite;
  • in the beginning of the month , the rally for historic carsthat runs almost across the island;
  • Nicosia is fashion week;
  • in Limassol – the marathon.

razvlecheniya v otpuske na Kipre

What weather "painting" in the popular resorts of the island?

The weather in major Cyprus resorts is the same as everywhere on the island:

  • Ayia NAPA: the air an average of 19 degrees, water 17;
  • Limassol: air-17, water same;
  • Larnaca: air and water 17 degrees;
  • Paphos: air 19 water 17.

To come to Cyprus and see his nature in all its glory only in March. It will take a little time, and all this will be literally destroyed by heat: the greens will pougnet, paint fade, the flavors will change.

Spring in Cyprus - in the following video: