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Holiday in Thailand in March: weather in Pattaya, Phuket, where better to relax?

pogoda v marte v Tajlande

In those days when in Russia only on the calendar come spring time of the year in Thailand, it is possible to fully enjoy a hot March. And so like the Russians, after a long frosty months, when the weather gets warmer only in mid-spring. The inhabitants of the Kingdom of Thailand proud of the climate of their homeland.

The temperature of the air and water at this time

Overall in March in Thailand starts to warm up, if to tell more precisely, by the end of March becomes hot and dry, although not everywhere. You need to consider the weather in each part of the country.

In the North (in the vicinity of the cities of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai) daytime temperatures can warm above thirty degrees. The average temperature is about 29-30 degrees. While practically no rain, and at night the temperature can fall to 20 degrees.

In March in big cities is very hot and if you choose this hotel, you should attend to the availability of air conditioning.

In the Ayutthaya and Bangkok in the afternoon the temperature can reach 36 degrees, and at night about 25 degrees. Advisable in March to go towards the resorts, where the heat is not felt, for example, in Pattaya, water and air around 30 degrees but the sea breeze softens the heat perfectly.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Tajlande v marte

Great beach the weather is in Koh Samui. The lack of rain and the temperatures of water and air about 30 degrees.

While in Phuket the rains (about every third day there is rain) which cause high humidity, as the temperature is over thirty degrees.

That is why to relax there in March should be only the people with good health for the rest moist heat is not comfortable. Water temperature 1-2 degrees less.

If we are talking about average temperatures in March in Thailand, the temperature is about 30 degrees out, and by the evening it decreases to 20-25 degrees. The water warms up to at least 28 degrees.

The weather on the island Phuket in March - in this video:

Features leisure

In March there is a gradual decrease in the number of tourists and this fact causes a certain decrease in the cost of hotels. This opportunity is quite important to use. You can stay in an expensive hotel for a small cost and great to relax on the beaches of Thailand.

Clothes should not be take something warm. In fact, the set of light sneakers, t-shirts and shorts is the best option. Of course, in addition to useful bathing suit and if you eat there where begins the rainy season (e.g. Phuket), something waterproof.

How to actively spend your vacation in Thailand in the early spring? For this, many tours offer leisure on the beach - not only to take a tan on the sun loungers, but many of activities.

For tourists of the older generation and those who like to dive with the equipment, offer to get acquainted with a rich world of flora and fauna in the sea. For this they are sent to the island, where not only have the opportunity to go diving, but also get acquainted with surfing.

osobennosti otdyha v Tailande v etom mesyace

And the younger generationmostly prefer to relax on Pattaya and Patong, as it has all that they wish - and passive recreation on the beach, surfing, diving, and noisy discos. And all this can be done during the day.

In March, usually, the price of the tickets to many cultural events (for both adults and for children), a variety of trips, lower than in other seasons. Therefore, you should take this opportunity and explore the cultural and historical attractions of the Kingdom of Thailand.

In addition to enjoy the exotic cuisine, even in very hot temperatures, it would be an unforgivable mistake.

In addition, in March in Thailand and offer a variety of themed recreation, for example, in the Spa centers provide therapeutic programs, and directly in the open air - an eco-holiday on the exotic nature. In short, here everyone will find leisure for everyone.


Where better to holiday in Thailand this month?

The choice depends on your preference, but should be wary to refer to the regions in which begins the season of rains, and cities.

In the major cities of the day is always hot, and the evening becomes a bit stuffy. The best option in such conditions is the hotels and an entertainment facility with air conditioning and a beach holiday.

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