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What is the weather and temperature in Abkhazia in March - photo

pogoda v marte v Abhazii

The calendar is emblazoned in full the first month of spring, and many regions of our vast country still are at the mercy of the cold and snowy winter. A at this time going to the resorts.

What if you go to sea three months earlier and see Abkhazia as what you'll never see her in the holiday season? What is the weather like in March in Abkhazia, and whether or not to go on vacation this month?

What is the weather like in March in Abkhazia?

pogodnye usloviya v nachale vesny

Geographical location and landscape diversity did Abkhazia is quite a controversial country , in terms of weather in the spring.

For example, in coastal areas the spring fast enough "is their possession" in March, but in mountainous areas such a quick surrender from the winter will not wait.

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The temperature of the air and water

If you are planning your vacation in the coastal regions, then be prepared for the fact that here in early March, the thermometer in the afternoon rising to a maximum of +14°C, and at night drops to +6-7°C. Night frosts are a huge rarity, so be afraid of them just not worth it. Water temperature in the Black sea reaches only 10 degrees.

The farther in the direction of Sukhumi you will move, the big difference in temperatures will be observed (on average 5-6 degrees more).

temperaturnye pokazateli vozduha i vody

Mid March to delight all tourists have consistently warm weather: 15-16 March until the end of the month the heat will rise, and by the end of the month, the thermometer will show a constant +20-22°C. So you can safely wear light clothes and to take long walks in the fresh air. Plus, in Abkhazia in the spring begins to bloom all vegetation, so the aroma in the air will hover stunning.

The particular weather conditions

If February in Abkhazia blows all residents and guests of the country cold winds of March have gradually calms the raging vortex.

By mid-month, the winds stopped completely, giving way to warm breezes and light of this spring.

But from the point of view of precipitation of March in Abkhazia is unpredictable. For the first month of spring falls on an average of 130-140 mm of rain (coastal resorts). When the rains occur unexpectedly and also suddenly end, and then looked out the warm sun and the temperature levels out again to 20°C.

Abkhazian holiday in early spring - photo

vesennij otdyh s foto

March is considered to be an unpopular month for rest on resorts of Abkhazia. Winter was just beginning to recede, the weather is capricious and entertainment is scarce, in contrast to the summer. Whether to go to Abkhazia in the spring, and what it can do at this romantic time of year?

The pros and cons

The advantages of a March holiday in the Republic:

  • One of the most important pluses of staying in Abkhazia in March, is the small number of tourists. Until the seasonal peak is still very far away, and few sought to Abkhazia not for a beach holiday. So to all those seeking peace and quiet will be comfortable at this time;
  • Prices for accommodation in hotels and hotels is much lower than in the holiday season. So you can grab a nice hotel room for a very reasonable price;
  • Relish the opportunity to swim in thermal springs. The summer heat hardly has to, to swim in thermal springs, so the March moderately cool temperature (and a small amount oftourists) will allow you to fully enjoy this miracle of nature and recharge your health;
  • Blooming nature. Spring in Abkhazia in the book is correct: all of nature wakes up from hibernation, all the trees and flowers begin to bloom, the air is filled with the smell of herbs and floral aromas.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to see in March with my own eyes all the beauty of Abkhazian nature.

Of the minuses is possible to allocate the following:

  1. The changeable weather. In March, the weather in Abkhazia allows himself to capricious: the rain suddenly goes, then look out the hot sun. The weather forecast is rarely accurate because of the geographical position and landscape of Abkhazia involves weather surprises;
  2. A small number of entertainment/dining/restaurants. Abkhazia has always been a country resort in our understanding of, respectively, all recreational activities, many tours, cafes, restaurants and so on. actively working in the holiday rush.

    In the spring, few people dare to open his establishment for such a small number of tourists, some coming in March. And excursions in the mountains is prohibited due to weather conditions;

  3. preimushestva i nedostatki

  4. The cold sea. Yes, all beach lovers are forced to disappoint: to swim in the sea in March. The water is quite cold: only 10-11 degrees, so if you are not fond of winter swimming, it is not necessary to experiment;
  5. Impassable roads. It's hard to call a big minus for the Russian tourists, because dirt and blur on the roads we used.
  6. If you go on holiday on your own transport, keep in mind that most of the tracks will be impassable.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

As has been said, to swim in the sea in March, you are unlikely to succeed. The water is very cold, and the temperature is not too conducive to sunbathing. But you can peacefully sit on the beach and contemplate a calm and smooth sea, because in March, the storms rarely happen.

How to dress?

As the weather in Abkhazia in the spring - changeable friend, is a lot of things on different occasions. Take winter jackets, covered with waterproof shoes. It is advisable to take things that will protect you from the wind or sudden rain. Easy things too you can grab, especially if you are going in the middle or the end of the month: t-shirt and light jeans is fine.

Also, if you are going to live in a private hotel or someone at home, remember that in Abkhazia there is no Central heating, so choose a place of residence provided personal heating.

What to do at this time?

Many tourist routes are not working in Abkhazia in March. But this does not mean that you will not find entertainment for themselves.

Tours and attractions

ekskursii po interesnym mestam

Unfortunately, many attractions closed in the "off-season". So before you go on vacation is to make your in-flight entertainment of their own, based on your personal preferences.

Of the most common excursions we advise you to choose a trip to the Botanical gardens, because in March throughout Abkhazia will begin to flower all the plants and trees.

Also, many in their spring vacation in Abkhazia to attend one of the dachas of Stalin, under the Gagra. It is called "Cold river". The mountain offers a magnificent view of the sea and the pine forest surrounding the cottage, fills the air a wonderful aroma.

Can also visit the caves of New Athos, which definitely will make a lasting impression on you (won't describe what awaits you there, so as not to spoil the first emotions). For those seeking spiritual peace and detachment, it is advised to visit the new Athos monastery.

Nobody prevents you to choose from a rich list of museums in the resort towns of Abkhazia.

If you go to Abkhazia for their own transport, please note that go high into the mountains this month is prohibitedas weather conditions make the mountain road is unsafe at this time, so don't take chances.

In General, many tourists visited Abkhazia in March, suggest a walk, to explore the architecture, breathe the air, look at nature waking up.

Holidays and festivals

In March, the most notable event is the celebration of 8 March. Among the bright verdure, and beautiful flowers blossoming all over the country, men can congratulate your beloved with this wonderful spring holiday.

To see the state of nature and weather conditions in Abkhazia in March you can in this video: