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Spain: the weather and the temperature in Barcelona at the beginning and the end of March

pogoda v Barselone v marte

Beautiful Spain attracts many not only a marvelous Sunny climate, but also rich history and rich culture. There you can not only lie on the beach, there are plenty of places to watch.

And one of the most visited cities is Barcelona. In this Catalan city can be interesting and exciting to spend time not only in summer. In particular, the weather in Barcelona in March has its advantages.

What is the weather in March in Barcelona?

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In early March in Barcelona is still not particularly hot. Winter is over but spring had not yet come into its own in full force.

The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and the end of the month

The temperature on average is about 15-16°C, but the closer to April, so getting warmer and in the last days is already very hot is +18-19°C, and sometimes the air is heated to 21°C.

In our area the weather often is in the summer, and in Barcelona this is only the first breath of spring.

In the evening, as a rule, becomes cooler, +10-15°C, and due to the proximity of the sea can be felt chill.

The temperature of the sea water is not very suitable for bathing - +14°C. still cold, and even the most hardened will not comfortable to take water treatments. Especially in March, the Mediterranean sea is often stormy.

Other weather conditions

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Rains in this month are not uncommon and can be quite abundant or, on the contrary, tedious drizzle. The average number of rainy days per month - 7. Also, the first month of spring is characterized by the abundance of fog.

March holidays

Why choose March for a trip to Barcelona? High season in Spain begins in mid-June and ends in late September.

Most choose to travel the high period, but the low season has its attractive benefits.

The pros and cons

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The advantages of a March holiday:

  • the cost of tickets is about 1.5 times lower;
  • rates at hotels are significantly lower and many have discounts;
  • you can see the sights without the queues.

In addition, in March the weather is quite comfortable for those who do not like extreme heat and stuffiness and interested in culture and architecture of the Catalan capital. This is the perfect time for trips to interesting places and attending cultural events.

To cons Mar in Barcelona is the fact that the water in the sea is still too cold and not suitable for swimming. Laze on the beach, of course, possible, but the fun is questionable.

How to dress?

The March in Barcelona is much warmer than in Moscow, so there is no need to take down and others are so warm clothes. It will be enough winter jackets, a pair of woolen clothes and waterproof shoes. It is worth putting in a suitcase an umbrella or a raincoat.

What to do this month?

As in any old European city, Barcelona has something to do and something to see in March.

Beach vacation

For those who want a beach holiday, March is a bad month to visit Barcelona, you need to go closer to the summer. But you can replace swimming in the sea for a dip in the pool. In many hotels you can access it virtuallyround-the-clock.

otdyh na poberezhe

In addition, the coast is beautiful in itself. Wonderful scenery, fresh salt air, Hiking – all this is very useful and ozdoravlivayuschim effect on a person, living in the city.

On the beach you can, if desired, work out different types of physical activity – yoga, volleyball, etc.

What to see?

The architecture in Barcelona is marked by the genius Antonio Gaudi. In addition to the Sagrada Familia on the streets there and other buildings. Besides the Gaudi buildings in the city, you can find architectural monuments of different centuries and styles.

There are many beautiful parks, like the famous Parc Ciutadella, where there is a zoo with dolphins. A large pedestrian street La Rambla is perfectly located for walks in the morning to see it all, and in the evening to comfortably sit in restaurant. The gifts of the Mediterranean sea is something that should definitely be enjoyed in the restaurants or cafes in Barcelona.

Holidays and festivals

  1. Festival in March is the Barcelona Craft Beer Festivalwhere you can taste beer from the best Breweries in not only Spain, but also in other countries.
  2. On March 3 you can get on a colorful parade in honor of the Catholic Saint Medir, it is arranged in the area called Gracia. Crowns the festival a Grand fireworks display.
  3. Also, Barcelona is the stage of the international marathon "Zurich-Barcelona".
  4. Sports fans can enjoy football matches, in March the Spanish championship is in full swing.

In addition to all the above, we recommend you to watch video on March in Barcelona: