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Italy: what's the weather the temperature in Rome at the end of March, holidays, leisure

pogoda v Italii v marte

Italy and its wonderful climate is perfect for a busy and versatile holiday. In the summer, it has a beach and tourism in the rest of the time for ski holidays, gastronomic tours and shopping, the weather in Italy in March will allow you to enjoy it to the full.

What is the weather in March in Italy?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v nachale vesny?

March in Italy is considered the offseason for this month are characterized by unstable weather with the most unexpected surprises.

The clarity of the sky can come clouds and rains, and then again to turn into a pleasant resort weather.

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Forecast air temperature and water

It is worth noting that the unpredictability is common throughout Italy but in the South at the beginning of the month starts to manifest itself warm spring weather, while the North is still quite cool and overcast.

If we consider each region of Italy alone, it is worth noting that in the southern part of the country the air warms up to +17 degrees, and at night cooled to +11°C. This figure is considered the most high temperature index for the month of March, and there it is at resorts such as Sicily and Sardinia. By the end of the month, the air warms up a few degrees (3-4), and the number of Sunny and dry days will be significantly longer.

temperaturnye pokazateli po prognozu

Pleasant weather conditions can be observed in the following cities:

  • Naples – in the afternoon +16°C, at +10°C;
  • Florence – day +16°C, tonight +11°C;
  • Rome – day +15°C, at +10°C;
  • Pisa – day +15°C, at +9°C.

The water temperature in the southern region of Italy warms up to +14 degrees, which is absolutely not suitable for swimming.

In the center of the country, in popular regions like Umbria and Tuscany, a little cooler – up to 15 degrees. Weather conditions a little more unstable than in the South.

Cloudy weather can still stop to rest and cool nights (9°C) – to exploring the city.

The coolest spot in Verona, Milan and Venice, this region of Italy in the first half of the month is constantly rainy and cloudy and cool. Because of the proximity to the water temperature seems much lower, although it is around 11-12°C.

At the ski resorts still low temperature. Day in Bormio, Cervinia and Val Gardena from -1 to +3°C, and at night -1-3°C.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti rezhima

In most regions of March in Italy is characterized by humidity and overcast skies, and chilly and cold wind. But there are days when the bad weather recedes, and the country begins this spring.

In early March there is a coolness, but by the end of the month the temperature readings significantly increasethat great effect on the stay in the country.

The March trip

Despite the changeable weather, Italy will always be the resortwhere stays warm. It is sufficient to choose a place and prepare well for the journey.

How to dress?

Since the weather is still not suitable for a holiday home, should take warm clothes.

From the strong and cold wind protects windbreaker and a warm sweater for Hiking comfortable fit warm shoes. From frequent rains handy umbrella or a raincoat.

In dry and clear days, which occur more often in the South, suitable for t-shirts and sunglasses, or any light things. If the sunspeaking at the sky, you can safely go for a walk, not worrying about the fact that the weather turned bad and cold. If you have a child, it is also necessary to dress according to the recommendations.

Many hotels in Italy offer a wonderful alternative to beach days, outdoor pools with sea or running water. If you to book a room in this place, you will need a swimsuit.

Where better to go?

In the offseason, the best choice would be the island resorts of Italy – Sardinia and Sicily. These Islands have everything for a fabulous holiday, including beautiful coast, where you can walk during clear and warm weather, and a selection of the most interesting attractions. All of them are close, so get to them quickly and easily.

If you want to relax on the mainland, it is better to stop the choice on Florence and Rome. In these resort towns is the nice weather and abundance of sights and a special aura that is peculiar to this region, will not get bored even for a minute.

That blooms at this time?

kakie rasteniya cvetut v etot period?

In some regions of Italy in March begin to bloom citrus, after which the population organizes fun fairs and tournaments, for example, the IVR having a battle of the oranges.

In the same month, across the country there is a real floral explosion. Everywhere you can see, blooming of different flowers, but especially among them the beautiful Dutch tulips and irises.

In the garden Park sigurtà , you can see the bright flowerbeds with millions of tulips, a rose alley and a variety of water plants.

At Villa della Pergola in lush garden that occupies a large territory, blossom rare exotic plants, and in the middle of the month – Wisteria.

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What to do?

In March, Italy an ideal base for exploring the sights of the country, walks in the parks and the coast, as well as visits to exhibitions, fairs and various celebrations.

Beach vacation

plyazhnyj otpusk

If you want to relax by the sea and the resorts of Sicily are perfect for this occasion – on the coast in clear weather are ideal conditions for a relaxing stroll. The sea water is cool, so swimming in it is not worth it. She will warm up to Spa temperature only at the end of may.

Excursions and entertainment

Much of the cultural values of Italy is concentrated in the Central part of the country. In these places comfortable travel in any weather, even in chilly March. Everywhere you can find countless museums, monuments, elegant churches and other interesting sights.

To stay was most interesting, is to visit Florence and its colourful place with a rich history, to go to Pisa, where there are legendary monuments of history, and it can be done if you rent a car. Moving behind the wheel, you can easily reach any city, and the gloomy weather doesn't ruin your travel plans.

Holidays and festivals

The most important events in Italy in March will surely appeal to children. In addition to the battle of oranges in this country, arrange a chocolate festival, where all comers are allowed to taste different varieties of this sweet.

See in this video, what kind of weather awaits you in Italy in March: