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Israel in March: what is the weather and temperature on the Red and the Dead sea?

pogoda v marte v Izraile

Israel is good at any time of the year. There is always something to do and something to see. And spring are wonderful. The air is still not hot and very fresh. Go warm rains, due to which the greens clean and in a special green and emerald. Begins flowering on many shrubs and trees, filling the air with delicate aroma.

The main Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter, with the large influx of pilgrims and tourists is over, and the season of active beach holiday hasn't started yet. And you can walk the streets without fear to get lost in the crowd, and go in the almost empty Church. And the halls of museums at that time, some very resonant and serene.

In seaside resorts, too, still calm. But it is already possible to go in and frame the face mod warm, soft sunshine. And in some places you can already swim.

Of course, the weather in Israel, as befits spring, capricious and unpredictable. It can be wet and rainy in February, and can be warm and Sunny, quite the April. But in any case it's already March, spring in Israel.

The temperature of the air and water

In March to Israel comes already this spring. Although still often rains, and in most places still very wet, but spring is felt throughout. Especially in the constantly rising temperature of the air and water.

The average temperature at this time in Jerusalem 15, and the night is 8 degrees. In Haifa and tel Aviv +18 in daytime and at night drops to +13, and in Eilat, everything is already 26 degrees Celsius.

However, at night and in this area only 14 degrees. And that means that nights are chilly.

temperatura vozduha i vody v marte v Izraile

In Tiberias, 22 degrees Celsius, but at night it gets rather cold, to +10. But by the end of the month the temperature reaches 22 degrees, and in tel Aviv and other places.

The water in the sea begins to warm up. And if in Haifa it is quite cool, only +17 degrees, in Eilat, is already close to summer temperatures and reaches 22-24 degrees.

Especially comfortable at this time in the Dead sea. Here the air and water has already reached 25 degrees during the day. The night was getting cooler, but not much, and water does not have time to cool down.

Features guests at this time

March is the best month for sightseeing and pilgrimage. At this time, still not hot, but not cold. And the short rains prevent trips to museums and temples.

In the most visited citiessuch as Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the day temperature is not above 15 to 18 degrees, and at night is lowered to 8. During this period in Israel few tourists, so it is attractive to people who prefer a quiet relaxing stay.

At this time, travelers and bus tours. On the roads yet the dominance of tourists and motorists. And nature spring fresh and bright. So scenic views from the bus Windows will be constantly changing.

March comfortable for beach lovers and sea bathing. The water in the Dead sea and at a number of resorts of the red sea have warmed enough for swimming.

What clothes to bring?

In March, Israel often rains, for the most part short-lived. A lot of them especially in the North of Israel. And blow cool winds, usually from Sudan. Therefore, tourists should be sure to bring an umbrella and waterproof windbreaker with a hood. And Hiking excursions, you should use comfortable sneakers.

The evening still will not be superfluous sweater. In the center of the country will be useful and a light jacket. And even in the beach resorts of the red sea and Dead sea will need a swimsuit and a pareo, and cardigan with jeans and a jacket, a windbreaker for evening walks.

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj na otdyh v marte v Izraile?

Early spring in Israel, it is convenient to have clothes for all occasions: from light sundresses, shorts, shirts with short sleeves, to comfortable jeans, warm sweaters and pullovers. And jacket may be superfluous.

Going on the road, it is worth to remember about the fact that Israel – the birthplace of Christianity. There are a lot of temples, not only pilgrims, but tourists love them to visit, and it is better to have appropriate clothing: women skirts, men pants, way and light. To enter the temple in shorts or a sundress too open is not necessary, so as not to offend the feelings of believers.

Is it possible to swim?

In March, the lovers of swimming should go to the Dead sea. Here the water is warm enough, and at sea are notwill cause discomfort. In addition, even a simple walk along the seashore is very useful for health. The air here is saturated with oxygen, bromine and other useful components.

At a number of resorts in the red sea is quite possible to plunge into the sea water and even a little swim. But in Haifa, tel Aviv and many other places in the Mediterranean the water is still not warm. And the only thing to do is take your shoes off and have a little wander around the water's edge. Besides, at this time, the sea is often stormy, the wind.

Where better to relax - the weather conditions on the Red, Dead and Mediterranean sea

The most popular red sea resort – Eilat. There are a lot of Sunny days in any season. In March, the air warms up to 22 to 26 degrees and the water up to 20-24. And for tourists from the Nordic countries is at a comfortable temperature. They love to swim and sunbathe on the local beaches.

The warm weather in March in the Dead sea. Water and air is 25 degrees, and sometimes higher.

pogoda v marte na kurortah krasnogo i mertvogo morya v Izraile

In March, it increased ultraviolet radiation and increased evaporation of water. Because of this, the air is saturated with ions of oxygen and bromine. The air is already dry enough and so the rest here is useful for people with almost any disease.

On the Mediterranean coast is still cool. In the afternoon the air rarely warms up above 20, and the water temperature is only 14 degrees. To plunge into the sea here will dare not everyone.

In March, the air in lake Kinneret (sea of Galilee) warms up to 22-24 degrees, but the water is still quite cool – usually 18 degrees.

What to do in the vacation?

To do in Israel than there are in any time of the year. In March in the Red sea and the Eilat Gulf, where there are no strong waves, you can enjoy diving in wetsuits. Under water visibility here is quite good. Will be pleased with the weather and fans of snarling. At the Dead sea March — a season of sailing. There are famous sea regatta.

In Eilat in the beginning of March starts the holiday of Purim, during which can be fun. A weekend in Jerusalem is a festival of "Ohel". This days tasting wines from the kibbutzim, and the abundance of local cuisine in every restaurant and extensive entertainment program.

At the end of March in tel Aviv opens the festival folk-metal music. Here comes a lot of musicians from different countries.

chem zanyatsya v otpuske v Izraile v eto vremya?

And, of course, Israel is the country with attractions and religious shrines. In March the weather is especially comfortable for their inspection. Tourists are offered a diverse program:

  • visits to places associated with biblical history (Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jaffa, Jerusalem);
  • ride in the footsteps of mystics and Kabbalists mountains (Safed);
  • tour to explore local traditions (guided tours at the kibbutz, in the desert settlements of Bedouin);
  • excursions in picturesque places of the country (national parks of Ein Gedi, Qumran, Avdat, reserves the Agamon ahula tel Dan, the stalactites cave of Sorek).

On mount Hermon until April there is snow and operating lifts on the slopes. In March here is a great snow and skiing is in full swing.

Israel is always waiting for guests and is able to accept them.

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