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Weather in Crimea in March: leisure, the water temperature from the beginning to the end of the month

pogoda v Krymu v marte

Rest in Crimea one of the most inexpensive and popular resorts. Feodosia, Yalta, Alushta – all of these town attracts for its beaches, excursions and entertainment.

On the Crimean coast usually there are three main areas of leisure: southern coast of Crimea, Eastern and Western Crimea. Regardless of the recreation area you will find ecologically clean beaches, health resorts, numerous attractions: Dolphinarium, water parks, cozy embankments.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning to the end of the month

If to speak about average air temperature in the Crimea during the last twenty years, we can say that it is equal to +6 to +8 degrees. Only in the Peninsula Kerch other a little colder (temperature around 6 degrees, at night-1). In other cities, such as Alupka, Yalta, Alushta average night temperature is +3 degrees.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Krymu v marte

Water temperatures also vary from city to city, for example, in Kerch +3, and in other Feodosia, Alushta +8. If we consider the whole month of March, in the beginning of the month and in the middle of the air in the middle warms up to +8 degrees, at the end of March temperature in the Crimea is already quite spring to +13 degrees.

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Features guests at this time

Features leisure of this period are dictated by the weather and are directly dependent on it. For example, to swim and sunbathe still cold, and many cultural and entertainment centers are still closed. But rental housing is cheap and if to dress warmly, you can walk along sandy beaches and cities. And tourists not at all almost. March time for a little Hiking. Hiking will make you and healthier.

Since March is only beginning to delight tourists first rays of the sun, be sure to bring a couple of warm clothes. The evening is quite cool, so a light windbreaker will not interfere.

In March you can relax in Yalta. You can visit the Nikitinskiy Botanical garden. The garden is unique in that there are more than 1,000 different species of plants brought from New Zealand, North America. Nikitinsky garden is also unique for its festivals: the Tulip festival, "parade of chrysanthemums" and others.

What weather "painting" in the popular resorts?

In March in Yalta, dry and windy. The sea is still very cold to swim in about 8 degrees above zero. Day 11-15 degrees Celsius. At about +3(at the beginning of the month) and +8 in the end of the month. The absolute maximum temperature for the region +29 ° C, low -11 degrees below zero.

Weather in Yevpatoria creates the sea and the mountains. In March here the weather is unpredictable.

kakaya pogoda na populyarnyh kurortah Kryma v eto vremya?

Usually in Yalta until the end of March even the cold winter weather. However, there were times in the beginning of the month was a bright sun and people basking under its rays.

The temperature on average is kept about 8-9 degrees above zero. The nights are cold (temperature near 0). The sea is cold for swimming (less than 5 degrees).

From November to may in Feodosiya tourist downturn. March got cold. Common fogs, winds, rains and dust storms. The average daytime temperature +5-7 degrees above zero. Night around 2 degrees Celsius. Water temperature approximately +7 degrees.

Weather in Alushta spring just a fairy tale. Every day, more sun-filled. Average temperatures are 7-10 degrees above zero. Night -1 degree. The water is about 7-8 degrees.

What to do in vacation - tour program

Vacation in March in the Crimea will appeal to those touristswho like an active lifestyle. It is primarily walking in cities, visiting Botanical gardens and parks.

ekskursionnaya programma v marte v Krymu

March on the ay-Petri plateau above Alupka and Yalta is still considered winter sports. At your disposal are skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles, sleds.

If a little snow, then come to the aid of ATVs and horses and your holiday will once again become active. March is a month of Hiking, mountain bikes and jeeps. March 18 – day of independence of the Crimea. In this day of mass celebrations and concerts. The most colorful concerts in Yalta href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/rossiya/skolko-letet-do-simferopolya/">Sevastopol.

In March, takes place the festival "Parade of tulips" in the Nikitsky Botanical garden (Yalta). The collection includes over 200 varieties from around the world.Go on vacation in the Crimea, and you will arrive with a lot of new experiences and want to go there again and again.

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