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Holiday in Mexico: weather and temperature in March

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Mexico is a tourist country, inspiring tourists a long history, ancient culture and unique tradition. Weather in Mexico in March contributes to a great pastime and activity of different types of tourism.

What is the weather like in March in Mexico?

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Due to the fact that Mexico has a large territory, in different parts of the country the weather can vary.

While on the plains and the coast dry and hot in the highlands is pleasant and refreshing climate.

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The average temperature of air and water

In March in Mexico comes for real spring weather. If in the beginning the warming is not very noticeable, by the end of the month, tourists on the coast meet hot weather conditions and high humidity. The most popular seaside resorts in the country, the day temperature rises to +27-31 degrees. At night in the hottest regions of the country becomes quite fresh up to 21 degrees.

The most pleasant and the hot weather is on the following resorts:

  • Acapulco;
  • Merida;
  • Puerto ESCONDIDO.

Water temperature at coast of Mexico also pleases the tourists, allowing the spring to enjoy swimming and excellent beach holiday. In the Pacific the water is heated consistently to a comfortable 28 degrees, in the Caribbean sea is 25 degrees.

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A bit cooler in March on the West coast of Mexico in this region, the average day temperature is +25 degrees, at night +20°C. Sea water at resorts such as Matalan does not exceed the figure of +21 degrees, which is absolutely not suitable for swimming.

The coolest temperature observed in the North of Mexico. In this part of the country is dominated by mountainous terrain, so the thermometer does not rise above +17 degrees during the day and 15 at night.

But this weather is perfect for exploring the sights of the country, which in this region quite a lot.

The particular weather conditions

Mart in Mexico is one of the most stable months of the transition from winter season to summer will not be noticeable. This happens due to the fact that the temperature readings across the country will rise only 3-4 degrees. The only difference from the previous month – the lack of showers and sudden intermittent rains that are typical for February. In March, precipitation is almost absent, and they have been replaced by the abundance of warm and clear days.

High humidity is observed only on the coast, but it's not that noticeable. A pleasant breeze and soothing breezes resorts, the Pacific ocean offers comfortable feel in such conditions. The onset of the warm season is most felt in Acapulco and Cancun.

March holidays

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Mexico in March is quite popular among tourists, since the resorts in this country that can give vacationers a solid advantage, and perfect weather will be a great addition.

The pros and cons

Weather in Mexico in March is ideal for a holiday in this country. If in February in the resorts was rainy and cool, and in April will already be pretty hot in March, the weather is perfect for a beach and cultural holiday. Because of this, tourists have the opportunity to diversify their journey, visiting beautiful beaches, or going on excursions to museums and attractions.

The only drawback may be that such favourable conditions for a holiday are considered high season in Mexico so that its cost can be high – prices href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/amerika/meksika/skolko-letet-2/">flights, booking rooms in hotels and entertainment much higher than in other months.

How to dress?

For a memorable and rewarding stay in Mexico will need a minimal set of clothes. To travel around the country as comfortable as possible, enough to take along on beach resorts light summer clothes made of natural fabrics and don't forget the swimwear.

This will allow travelers to stay under the hot rays of the sun, but to keep normal body temperature.

If you are planning a excursion, you should bring comfortable shoesbecause this country is incredibly a lot of interesting places and attractions. To explore only a small part of them, will have to spend almost the entire holiday. In addition, some are located in mountain regions where a relatively cool and damp, so you might need a windbreaker and an umbrella.

What to do this month?

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Mexico in March will be an excellent direction for those who want a trip to get pleasure from entertainment, including first-class beaches and the sea coast, shopping and city tours.

Beach vacation

In March in Mexico are open for tourists all the best beaches of the country. Guests have excellent opportunity to relax on the Pacific coast, where a large selection of entertainment, but the fun does not abate even at night.

You can also visit the luxurious beaches of the Caribbean sea in a popular location designed for fans of diving.

The most popular resorts in March:

  1. Acapulco;
  2. Cancun;
  3. Tulum;
  4. Playa del Carmen;
  5. Playa Norte;
  6. AKUMAL;
  7. Passion Island.

The advantage of these beach resorts is that they are all perfectly suited for a relaxing holiday with children and for a noisy night parties, which are famous in this country.

On the beaches of each of these directions has all facilities, including sun beds, umbrellas. Near the resorts are some of the most famous attractions of the country.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursii po Mednomu kanonu

Familiarity with the culture and history of Mexico are fascinating. Many people are aware of the most popular attractions of the country even before the time was able to visit on its open spaces.

First and foremost, this is the legendary ancient complexes that belonged to the indigenous people – the Maya and the Aztecs.

Very popular visiting natural attractions such as underground river SAC-Aktun, Popocatepetl volcano, the island Yucatan and Copper canyon. The nature of this Mexico is so fascinating and impressive that, being in this country should not spend most of time on beach vacation – better to go on the tour, able to deliver a lot of fun.

Holidays and festivals

In Mexico the festive atmosphere regardless of the time of year. Every month in this country held colorful festivals, processions, and performances by groups in colorful national or carnival costumes.

Often this month is Easter, and 20 days (the vernal equinox) tourists go to the pyramid of Kukulkan, to see the unusual spectacle only happens once a year. At noon on top of fall the sun's rays, creating an interesting effect.

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