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Holidays in the UAE: weather and the water temperature in the United Arab Emirates in late March

pogoda v marte v OAE

This state attracts tourists from all over the world. However, the climate of the country has some peculiarities. If the trip is planned for March, the weather in UAE can be changeable throughout the month, so it's worth a closer look at the forecast.

What is the weather like in March in the UAE?

kakie temperaturnye usloviya v nachale vesny?

The country is located in a special climate zone, where summers are very hot and winters are warm. Early spring can surprise tourists with its features and weather phenomena.

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The average temperature of air and water

Speaking generally about the temperature of the air and water in the country, that averages are the following: the air warms up to 28 degrees during the day and at night drops to +18°C. the Average water temperature is +23 degrees.

The beginning of the month is characterized by cold when air is warmed only to +20 degrees, but in the middle of the month is rapidly warms: up to 26 degrees. The end of the month even warmer: +28-30°C.

At the end of the month, the country becomes very hot, you should care about sun protection.

srednie temperaturnye pokazateli

Is to study weather conditions the most popular resorts among tourists read more:

  • Sharjah. Is one of the warmer resorts. In early March, the air warms up to +23 degrees, in the middle of the month reaches +26°C, and at the end of March +28. The night air was getting cooler, but not much: +22°C. temperature of the sea whole month kept at around 21 degrees;
  • Fujairah. Weather more sun, the beginning of March boasts a temperature of +24 degrees, in the middle of the month is getting warmer by one degree: 25°C. At the end of the month warms up to +27. The night gets pretty cool: 20 degrees. The water temperature in the sea does not rise above 23 degrees;
  • RAS al-Khaimah. In the beginning of the month mark the thermometer reaches +22 degrees, in mid-March +25°C, and at the end of the month +28. With nightfall, the air becomes cool: +21 degrees. The sea water is not too warm, not dare to swim all the tourists. Its temperature: 22 degrees;
  • Dubai. The beginning of March warm, mark the thermometer reaches 23 degrees in the middle of the month an increase of two degrees, and at the end of the month another three degrees: up to +28°C. Overnight in Dubai is quite warm: +23 degrees. Water temperature in the sea is +23 degrees;
  • Ajman. The resort is renowned for warm and Sunny weather. In early spring the air warms up to 22 degrees, in mid-March to +25, and at the end of the first spring month to 27°C. after nightfall, the resort and its surroundings becomes cooler: 21 degrees. The water temperature does not fall below a mark of +22°C.

The particular weather conditions

specifika pogodnogo rezhima

This is a pretty hot month. Rains practically does not happen. The average rainfall is 7 mm. Humidity is 50%. Tourists need to know that in March the wind is strong, there are sandstorms. The night wind turns cold, so evening walks are forced to dress warmly.

March vacation in the Emirates

A visit to this country in March has some advantages and disadvantages. Should be familiar with them.

The pros and cons

If we talk about the benefits of vacation in March in the UAE, it is necessary to allocate:

  1. The lack of stuffiness;
  2. Not observed crowds of tourists when visiting the attractions
  3. The cost of the hotel rooms is reduced;
  4. The beaches are almost deserted.

Sandstorms happen unexpectedly, which can serve as a significant disadvantage.

The air is very dry in March due to lack of rain. This can have a detrimental effect on healthperson.

Much better to go with the kids?

The temperature is almost the same at all resorts in the country. But there is in this state, the resorts are ideal for families with children:

  • Dubai not only offers a high quality service, but also a lot of fun for kids of all ages;
  • RAS al-Khaimah - a well-known resort providing services of family friendly;
  • Sharjah. On the territory of this resort abundant activities for children. The safety of this city at the highest level.

How to dress and what to bring?

chto iz veshej brat s soboj?

In March, the weather is changeable, there are sandstorms, wind quite cool. To bring clothes tourists should:

  1. A warm jacket;
  2. Jeans, trousers;
  3. Dresses and skirts. They should be long;
  4. Hoodies, t-shirts (should be possible to close the arms and especially the shoulders);
  5. Sneakers, ballet shoes;
  6. Hats, caps for sun protection.

In March to take an umbrella makes no sense, doesn't rain. Despite the warm weather, wear tank tops, short skirts and shorts are not worth it, it is not accepted in the UAE, there are penalties.

It is recommended to bring the cream to protect from the sun, even in March it can Shine mercilessly, but Russian tourists may not be prepared for increased levels of ultraviolet radiation.

What to do this month?

No need to think that in the early spring in this country have nothing to do. Entertainment are a large number.

Beach vacation

In March, tourists can relax on the beaches of the UAE, the weather this has. Tourists are unlikely to get sunstroke and burns, but a nice tan it is possible to get. The water is not too warm, so will be able to swim all.

In early spring, on the beaches there is no large number of people, so quiet, peaceful rest to the tourists is provided.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursiya v park Ferrari

Tourists are advised to visit the following attractions and excursions:

  • Should go to the Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi;
  • To visit the whole family need an amusement Park Hili Fun City (Abu Dhabi);
  • Go to the zoo Al Ain Zoo in the same city;
  • You can not miss the Park of colors Al Ain Paradise (al ain);
  • Be sure to look at the highest tower in the world Burj Khalifa, in Dubai.

It is recommended that tourists also take a sightseeing tour of the largest cities of the country. They are filled with cultural and historical sights, museums, exhibitions.

Holidays and festivals

In March in the UAE are the following festivals and holidays:

  1. Held World Cup races;
  2. The annual tennis tournament;
  3. Held rally "Desert Challenge";
  4. Nowruz , Muslim spring festival, held on 20-21 March;
  5. At the end of March is the Festival of Culture and Art.

Arab Emirates in March have incredibly warm weather. In early spring, tourists will not be bored, they will leave in this country is very funand will visit many sites, study the culture of this state.

We recommend you to watch a video about the weather in March in Dubai: