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Holidays and weather in Sri Lanka in March, where better to relax and where to go?

pogoda v marte v SHri-Lanke

Weather in March in Sri Lanka contributes to call this month one of the most favorable for the rest of the island. The rainy season receded, and the temperature of air and water allows tourists to enjoy vacation to the fullest.

The tourists will enjoy beach holidays, sightseeing and the main pride of the island – incredibly beautiful and unusual landscapes.

What is the weather like in March in Sri Lanka?

kakoj pogodnyj rezhim v nachale vesny?

For the island of Sri Lanka has a typical tropical climate and contrasting weather conditions. From may to November there are heavy rains and monsoons and December to April blazing hot sun.

The temperature of the air and water

March is a very comfortable month for vacation. He is full of moderately hot days with cool refreshing wind.

The average temperature of the whole year varies slightly in March, she is about +30-+32 at night dropping to 23 degrees.

The exception is the highlands: it's rarely above 10 degrees. In the first month of spring on the island are set to the same serene weather, and the water temperature warms up to 29 degrees.

Other weather conditions

Rainfall on the island during the year moved from East to West, and March is the only month in the year when they stop in the entire country. Average March rainfall is 115 mm.

High level of humidity (50-60% of the day, 90-95% at night) makes the air stuffy and heavy. Sometimes in March the home of elephants, happen weather anomalies in the form of evening heavy rains. Light rain that lasts no longer than an hour, help to better tolerate the March heat.

inye klimaticheskie usloviya

Unpleasant heat easier to move to the coast. Coastal breezes will refresh and give a welcome cool. The monsoon winds in March stopped, the intensity of the air movement is moderate.

On the coast of the Indian ocean, unlike the sea coast, every one and a half to two minutes occur quite high waves. In early spring the South-Western beaches, taking a large influx of surfers.

To avoid health problems, better to rest on the Eastern beaches, where high waves will only come at the end of may.

March vacation

Warm air, comfortable hotels and a leisurely pace of life attracts large number of tourists throughout the year, the best month to travel is March.

Where to relax and where to go?

gde luchshe ostanovitsya?

Sri Lanka is known for its beaches where you can enjoy warm, clear waters and get a nice tan in the shade of coconut palms. The most popular beach resorts of the island are:

  • Negombo;
  • Mount Lavinia;
  • Unawatuna;
  • Tangalle;
  • Bentota.

Near Unawatuna, on the East side of the island, lies the resort of Hikkaduwa is a tourist Paradise for surfers. Another popular destination is Arugam Bay, a small village, fully oriented to fans of extreme sports.

The rich underwater world of Sri Lanka is attracting more lovers of scuba diving. The beauty of the flora and fauna of the ocean can be seen by visiting Beruwela resorts, Bentota and Trincomalee. If you are lucky, you can see the frigates of the 18th century and the local whales.

How to dress?

For a comfortable stay on the island pack in the suitcase:

  1. t-shirt made of cotton or flax;
  2. dresses and pants made from natural materials, they make it easier to transfer the hot weather, womendresses long sleeve for excursions;
  3. comfortable shoes low-heeled;
  4. swimsuit or swimming trunks for a beach holiday;
  5. for excursions in the mountains – warm sweater.

In public areas it is best to dress modestly and not to go outside in a bathing suit. Here is a very affordable clothing market, so you can take the minimum of things, all necessary for acquiring the place.

What to do this month?

chto posetit?

In the midst of the holiday season in Sri Lanka is sure to find entertainment to taste.

Beach vacation

For a family holiday perfect southern resort of Unawatuna. Dual band coral reef protects the beach from strong waves. A very popular holiday in Tangalle.

Tangalle is a huge coastline with variety of beaches: from the rich to the noisy party to quiet places where you can be alone.

Beaches within the capital Colombosuch as mount Lavinia, close to amenities, but are located within dense buildings. Fans of comfort will have to make room.

The South-Western resort of Bentota and the Eastern resort of Negombo belong to the category "Suite". These beaches are distinguished by a high level of service and maintenance.

What to see?

One of the most exciting places on the island – a steep cliff at the Horton plains, called "the end of the world". Rugged streams the foot of the plateau gradually turns into a dense forest. The cliff – slope of a sharply descending at 300, and then another fifteen hundred meters.

Another attraction is the cave of Dambulla, where the water flowing on the walls from the bottom up.

The most popular among tourists is the mountain of Sigiriya in the heart of the island, which is crowned by the fortress of king Kasap. With a height of 370 meters offers spectacular views of the tropical forest of the island.

Holidays and festivals

At the beginning of March in Sri Lanka is celebrated one of the brightest holidays – the"Night of Shiva" or "the festival of mahashivarathri". On this day in temples, religious rites, festivals and folk processions full of symbolism and religious depth.

Also in March, takes place Medin Singing – Buddhist religious holiday. He is very loved by the locals and dedicated to the departure from this land of the Buddha to his father for education.

In this video you can see what the weather in Sri Lanka in March: