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What Sochi in March: weather, temperature of water and rest this month

v Sochi pogoda v marte

In Sochi at least once in life visited almost every Russian. However, to have a rest in Sochi in March, not everyone had a chance. It is clear why: the city wants to have it all – sun, sea, beach.

And where does all this spring? Alas, not in Sochi... nevertheless, today the resort town has learned good and their spring guests.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

March - he was in Sochi in March. The average daily temperature is 10.6 degrees, at night – about five. The sharp temperature spikes throughout the month of March almost does not happen, and only in the final of the first spring month , the thermometer stops at around 20 – 22 degrees.

The sea temperature is just 9.1 degrees. But Sunny days have 16, a daylength of 11 hours in the beginning of the month increases to 12.7 by the end of the month.

The warmest this time of year in the South, slightly cooler in the Loo, Dagomys and Lazorevskoe (they are located to the North of Sochi).

temperatura vozduha i vody v Sochi v marte

The climate of the resort town largely due to the presence of mountain ranges around it. It is a natural protection of the city from the cold North wind. The sea also contributes to the mitigation of climate but at the same time increases the humidity level in the atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the approaching summer even in March makes itself known, so it is hard to believe that the main territory of Russia is still shrouded in snow, and you in Sochi already romanit cheeks southern sun. By the way, the use of sunscreen, especially for people with sensitive skin, in March, becomes relevant.

Features guests at this time

To be in Sochi and not to swim – perhaps the main feature of rest in March. Not the season! But if you can not swim in the sea, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Walks the spring of Sochi – a great pleasure. You will not be disturbed rumbling discos, a Cup of coffee or ice cream do not have to stand in a long line, and beach photographers won't impose you their services every fifteen meters.

For those who are still not proper rest is water, there is a good option is to stay in a hotel that has an indoor pool or water Park.

And by the end of the month is usually an opportunity to take sun baths. So even after the March holiday you can return home refreshed and tanned.

In the early spring in Sochi come fans of mountain skiing. Here, in the district of Krasnaya Polyana, there is still the opportunity to engage in this sport – snow thickness is two meters. However, the first thaw is already being felt and can interfere with your plans.

Should I go?

Without hesitation stands in March to go to Sochi for thosewho have decided to strengthen your health. More than sixty resorts and about thirty guest houses are ready to help you with your chronic problems or to conduct the necessary preventive procedures.

Here long and successfully engaged in the mud here has healing drinking sources. For example, hydrogen sulfide Matsesta is known not only in Russia but also abroad. And there is still Plockie sources (the water is enriched with boron), and mineral source "Chvezhipse".

stoit li ehat v Sochi v eto vremya?

In summer, the full treatment is much more difficult to obtain – you'll just be torn between the beach and Matsesta. In March of this problems you will not.

In addition, you get an opportunity you should meet by Sochi, and this is sure to be pleasant, after all, Sochi is one of the most beautiful Spa towns in Europe, it is something to see. A sightseeing trip in March is more comfortable than hot summer.

And another reason to visit Sochi in March: this time of year the whole city is in bloom. Moreover, such beauty you will not see in other Russian cities. Simultaneously bloom of Mimosa and violet, Magnolia and Jasmine, Camellia and viburnum. Here you can enjoy the aroma of blossoming buds of quince, apricot, dogwood, barberry, plum and many other plants whose names you do not even know.

By the way, who visited Sochi in the early spring tourists say that amongst the rich greenery feel great birds, and you can even hear the Nightingale.


What to do in the vacation?

Perhaps it is more correct to phrase the question as: how to make time enough for all, because in March the resort city works hard to make guests feel comfortable.


One of the most interesting excursions in the "Olympic Park". You will be able to visit sports facilities, which were only seen on TV. This, for example, the palaces of the "iceberg" and "Bolshoy", "Fisht" Olympic stadium, built specially for the Olympic games. And there will also be acquainted with the route of the famous "Formula 1", a visit to the Home fans to unite sports fans from different countries.

ekskursii na otpuske v Sochi v marte

If you conquered a flourishing Sochi, continue with "Botanical" in the famous local arboretum. Here it's exotic – from all over the world: Japanese cherry, soap and candy trees, the cork oak. The Museum, which is called "friendship Tree", you demonstrate an amazing tree-garden, to which were vaccinated more than four dozen varieties of citrus plants.

Children can show the Park "Riviera", there are a lot of attractions is the Dolphin.

Holidays and festivals

Love sports – ggornoklimaticheskogo resort of Roza Khutor in March, traditionally competitions in various winter sports. They typically involve high-level athletes from Russia and other countries.

At the beginning of the month there is a music festival called "Etno-Sochi". It includes a costume parade and a fire show.

Do not forget to Sochi and about the traditional celebration of carnival: fairs and festivals collected in Krasnaya Polyana thousands of guests of the resort city.

Certainly rasprobuete Sochi the kitchen. In her sea of diversity and, of course, fresh seafood.

Spring Sochi gives its guests the opportunity not only interesting, eventful vacation, but also significantly save. Prices in hotels, restaurants and cafes, and sightseeing services – are lower than in the height of tourist season. This is especially important for those who rest a large family.

Weather in Sochi in early March 2016 in the following video: