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Canary Islands: weather and the water temperature in Tenerife in late March

pogoda na Tenerife v marte

Tenerife (Spain) – unique Spanish resort with special climate. Tourists love the island because its coast is always warm and Sunny. Such advantages attracted even in the period when in other parts of the country cloudy and cool. Weather in Tenerife in March is ideal for visiting the resort.

What is the weather like in March in Tenerife?

kakie temperaturnye usloviya v nachale vesny?

Due to its location, Tenerife has a hot climateand any time of year on the island the temperature remains positive, reaching a sufficiently high level by the standards of Spain.

The temperature of the air and water

Tenerife has a relatively small area, but climatic conditions in the South and the North of the island differ markedly.

On the southern coast of the island the air is noticeably drier, and Sunny and windless days and the region much more.

In March, in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +22°C, which allows tourists to enjoy walks along the coast, because in this part are the famous resorts with the best beaches:

  • Las Americas;
  • Costa Adeje;
  • Los Cristianos.

At night in the South, yet sufficiently cool – the thermometer column falls to the level of +16 degrees, but at the end of March indicators night temperature will exceed 19 degrees, which is very comfortable to stay.

temperatura v Las Amerikas

The water temperature in the ocean is not yet suitable for water treatment – it warms up to an average of 19°C. despite this, some tourists open the swimming season by the end of March.

In the second half of the month the temperature and the water is a few degrees higher and a strong wind leaves the coast of the island.

In the North of Tenerife a little cooler, but in this region are the main attractions of the island, so you can bring warm clothes to stay comfortable and pleasant. In this region, the day temperature warms up to +18 degrees, and at night cools down to 14 degrees. The ocean in this part of Tenerife is often raging, and the water temperature is 16 degrees. Strong wind prevents normal and long to rest on the coast.

The particular weather conditions

Overall, the weather in March in Tenerife can be described as pleasant for beach and excursion tourism, especially if this trip is planned for the South coast resorts. With the onset of March vacationers pleased with beautiful Sunny weather and almost no rain. On the South of the island there is 3 of a cloudy day, and on the North 6-8 days.

Cloudy days in Tenerife alternated with Sunny, so tourists will not have problems with moving around the island. According to the reviews, the proximity to the equator and hot climate, allow for the possibility of burn in those moments when the overcast sky. The rainy season begins suddenly and also ends suddenly, but after half an hour of them not a trace remains.

March holidays

vesennij otdyh

Everyone who wants to go to Tenerife in March, you will not regret about this trip. Vacation on the island in the first month of spring brings a solid advantage.

The pros and cons

March in Tenerife are referred to low season, but despite these features, here in this period there is always something to do. Many tourists heading South of the country to during the holidays to enjoy clear and Sunny days, sunbathing on the beaches.

In March the island is easy to find and book the hotel at an attractive price, this number will be answeredthe different requests. In the following months on the island kicks off beach season, so to get to the local resorts will be much harder. Also quite cheap tickets to the island, entertainment and excursions.

Even the difference in temperature has a positive impact on vacation in Tenerife in March. During this period, couple families with children are choosing to stay South coast, and those who can not tolerate heat, but wants to spend your vacation on the coast – heading North.

A bit cool climatic conditions are ideal for those who have health problems.

Of the downsides of the holidays in March, it is worth noting that the island is likely to be a sandstorm coming from the Sahara. This unusual natural phenomenon called Kalima brings the sand with it, forming in the air, a nasty haze. This "storm" lasts about 1-2 days, and then all returned to their seats.

How to dress and what to bring?

If the trip is planned in early March, you should pack in the suitcase not only lightweight items such as t-shirt, dress or shorts, but also warm clothes. It should be remembered that in the evening, yet cool enough and warm sweater, jacket or warm shoes make you feel comfortable. Don't forget about swimsuits – local hotels for guests allocate pools with sea water, where you can spend the holiday.

If travelling to Tenerife is planned for the second half of March, then you can immediately just a small selection of basic clothes, such as swimwear, sunglasses and a hat and lightweight summer clothing and the same footwear. To not burn in the sun, take along sunscreen.

What to do on the island this month?

chem zanyatsya na ostrove?

Tourists under the impression from Tenerife, thanks to a large selection of possibilities that appear here even in the "off season". The island is full of places for adventurous leisure activities, from visits to national parks and attractions, ending with trips to the other Islands.

Beach vacation

Nice Sunny days have a memorable stay on the South coast, where the best resorts of Tenerife. In addition to familiar to many of Las Americas, Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos, tourists prefer El Medano. These beach resorts are safely sheltered from strong winds, and in addition to relaxing on the coast, there are quite a lot of fun:

  1. Surfing;
  2. The observation of dolphins and whales;
  3. Diving.

Quite a popular boat trips to the island of El Hierro, where you can also relax on the beach in the cozy bays or diving.

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Excursions and entertainment

ekskursii v ushele Maska

Cognitive leisure in March in Tenerife is very diverse – on the island there really is something to see. The most popular attraction is the Teide volcano – the highest point of the island, but throughout Spain. To the top you can climb on foot or by cable car and, if you're lucky with the weather, you can see other Islands, included in the Canary archipelago.

Other popular programmes on Tenerife:

  • The Masca gorge is a tourist object, shaped by flowing lava;
  • Siam Park is a popular Park that causes delight not only children but also adults;
  • Loro Park – the most interesting zoo in the Botanical garden, including a cave with bats, Dolphin and pingvinebi.

In addition, Tenerife in March, popular shopping, especially in shopping centers of Las Americas. In shops you can buy branded items with tremendous discounts and products made by local craftsmen – the local alcohol, spicy sauces, Canary cigarette, olivine, ceramics and embroidery.

Holidays and festivals

The most interesting events in March, held in the city of Santa Cruz. This place is a carnival dedicated to the celebration of Easter. During this event, the city hosts a colourful procession and held a show-program.

Planning a vacation in Tenerife in March, don't worry about the weather. The climate of this island will allow you to enjoy your holiday.

See in this videowhat the weather is on the coast of Tenerife: