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Stay in Tunisia: what is the weather and temperature of air and water at the end of March?

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Tunisia is a country that attracts tourists the unusual culture, a broad selection of places to discover, clean beaches and variety of entertainment.

Located on the African continent, the resort has year-round warm climate, so the rest of his spaces is possible at any time. Weather in Tunisia in March, will also meet vacationers pleasant warmth.

What is the weather in March in Tunis?

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Spring weather in Tunisia offer a pleasant long-awaited warm daysand calm seas and a great opportunity to spend more time in the fresh air, getting acquainted with the country.

The temperature of the air and water

In March in Tunisia starts this spring, which accompanies a Sunny sky without a single hint of a cloud, a sea without tides and low probability of rain. Until the summer before, but the air in the afternoon warms up to a pleasant performance.

The average temperature in the beginning of the month rises to +17-19 degrees, and in the end to +25°C.

The air across the country is warming up unevenly. On the Northern resorts of day temperature does not exceed 17 degrees, and on the South by 3-4 degrees warmer.

Such weather conditions are not suitable for beach season, but during this period a pleasant stroll along the coast or explore the most interesting routes for excursions to different cities.

The temperature at the various resorts of the country in March:

  • Djerba – day +19°C, night 15°C;
  • Mahdia – day +18°C, at night +13°C;
  • Monastir – day +18°C, at night +13°C;
  • Suss – day +18°C, at night +13°C;
  • Tabarka – day +16°C, at +10°C;
  • Hammamet – day +17°C, night 12°C.

temperaturnye pokazateli

The Mediterranean sea warms up to a maximum level of+15 degrees, so bathing may not be considered.

At night in all regions of the country are still quite cool, so not much has for evening and night walks.

Towards the end of March in the dark is already becoming 4-5 degrees warmer.

Other weather conditions

In March, on the coast of Tunisia significantly reduced the number of overcast days (about 6-8), and rains are not worried about tourists. If the showers happen, they come from the sea along with strong gusty winds. The greatest amount of rainfall happens in the North, while in Sousse and Hammamet, the humidity is much less.

The Mediterranean sea in March calm, and the waves are a rarity. Before beach season in Tunisia is not less than one month. But even if the temperature of the air in March will be high, a cool breeze from the sea will cause discomfort.

Features the March holidays

preimushestva martovskogo otpuska

Despite the fact that before the holiday season is still a month, tourists in a hurry on the coast of Tunisia, as weather conditions allow the rich to spend their vacation.

Where better to relax and whether or not to go?

The most popular places for vacation in March – the island of Djerba, Sousse, Hammamet. In these regions, the highest daytime temperatures, less rainy days and with a range of exciting entertainment.

If holidays fall on March, the rest is better to arrive in the second half of the month, because in this period the air is heated to high marks. Because of this, you can not only enjoy the hot spring sun, but also to obtain excellent tan.

How to dress?

Day and night temperatureMarch is markedly different, so the rest will have to take a lot of things. To feel comfortable during walks and excursions, should you pack in suitcase light clothing made of natural fabrics light shades.

But strong wind is no exception, so do not be amiss sweater or windbreaker.

Many hotels offer an excellent alternative to beach swimming poolsand legendary service called thalassotherapy. For this event would be appropriate, such things as swimsuits and swimwear.

What to do this month?

Spring Tunisia is full of events, so every tourist will find something to their liking. Someone will like walking on attractions, and someone enjoying the warm days and the treatment program.

Beach vacation

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While the beach season has not come, tourists out to the coast to sunbathe or to wet your feet in the water. Even in a Sunny region on the island of Djerba, the sea is still cold, and even on a clear day warms up not more than 16 degrees.

But in March, due to strong winds available in various nautical activities, so in Tunisia attracts the fans of surfing, kitesurfing and sailing.

What to see?

Since March is ideal for excursions, in Tunisia, become available to different interesting places. The most popular objects become old streets and white houses of Sidi Bou said and ancient fortresses. Many of these valuable objects and is included in the UNESCO list.

The most striking places to visit:

  1. Medina in Tunis;
  2. the ruins of Carthage;
  3. desert Sahara;
  4. the legendary Colosseum;
  5. the mosque of Kairouan.

A lot of interesting places in Tunisia for children. In the country there are children's exhibitions, and also work for zoos with rare animals.

Particularly well in March with laser show "al Zahra" and the evening dancing fountains in Sousse.

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Holidays and festivals

In the first month of spring in Tunisia, carry out exhibition "Castles of the desert" with the works of artists from around the world. 20- Mar celebrate Independence Day and then youth Day.

In the following video you will hear some tips that you need to stay in Tunis: