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Vietnam in March: weather in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, fruits, where better to relax?

pogoda v Vetname v marte

Vietnam is a long, clean white beaches and the warm gentle sea. Beautiful bays and Islands. Rice fields and coconut trees. Blue mountain peaks. The mysterious jungles and ancient temples. The tombs of numerous emperors of the Nguyen dynasty.

Vietnam is friendly people. Polite staff in hotels. Comfort hotels, good food, huge number of exotic fruits. Specific, noisy Oriental bazaars with lots of seafood.

The temperature of the air and water in Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and other popular resorts

March is here, hot and Sunny in the South and cool and comfortable in the North. It is interesting that the night temperature across the country is almost the same — about 18-22 degrees Celsius.

In the North, for example, in Hanoi, the temperature only 18-23 degrees. In Halong Bay water temperature 22 degrees Celsius, air 22 to 26. In North Vietnam in March, with frequent fog and mist.

On average, Viet Nam is now hot enough. So, in the resorts around da Nang , the air warms up 23-28 degrees. Slightly cooler in mountain areas. The sea here is warm, 24-25 degrees.

temperatura vozduha i vody v Vetname v marte

In the South is hot and very dry. The resort MUI ne , the thermometer rises to 27-30, and the water warms up to 26 degrees.

In such southern cities as da Nang and Nha Trang, the beach season is in full swing. Dry and very warm day, the thermometer shows 27 degrees to 30 degrees. Water temperature 24 degrees.

Precipitation at this time is very small everywhere. The rains are rare and quickly over.

In Ho Chi Minh city in March, often the thermometer creeps and the mark of 32 degrees.

On Phu Quoc island, the water is 28-29 degrees. On the island of con Dao sea a little cooler 25-27, the air is below 30 degrees.

In the afternoon in Phan Thiet usually reaches 30 degrees and very dry. Water is also very warm—23-25 degrees.

Weather in Nha Trang in early March - in the following video:

Features guests at this time

Where better to relax?

A good rest can be in any area of Vietnam. The main thing here is to decide, which is better — sea bathing, sport, adventure tourism or cultural excursions.

South Vietnam is not very interesting for tourists. Here stretch endless rice fields and gardens. The average Vietnam is ideal for a beach holiday.

gde luchshe otdyhat vo Vetname v marte?

In da Nang at this time, the Paradise for divers. In the ne fans are going to conquer the waves of the sea.

In Phan Thiet are always happy to welcome fans of Golf. Offers several fields for this game and the prestigious Golf club "Ocean dunes".

In every Vietnamese city for shopping. Here are many stores and flea markets. Almost all hotels have inexpensive Spa programs.

Seasonal fruit

Vietnam amazing abundance of fruits, which here grow almost all year round. In March starts the season of mangoes, which lasts until June. Them here a large number of varieties. Especially popular among tourists for its mangoes, pitted.

Papaya is a favourite fruit of Vietnamese. In March, his season has just begun, too.

Here is grown a variety of citrus fruits, which ripen all year round. Year-round fruits and guava.

What clothes to bring?

Shorts, t-shirts, shirts and skirts form the basis of a wardrobe for a trip to Vietnam at this time. But all the same not superfluous it may be, especially in the North, a light sweater or jacket in combination with jeans. They can be useful for evening walks.

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj v otpusk vo Vetnam?

Don't forget about the hot sun, so we need to think about how to protect from burns the shoulders and arms.

To do this, it is possible to prepare thin blouses, shirts with sleeves to the elbow or three quarters and all sorts of scarf, shawls,capes. Not do without hats. Better if they are with a wide brim to protect face from the sun.

What to do in the vacation?

For lovers of extreme tourism perfect tour of guerrilla trails and hidden passages and hideouts of the Vietnamese soldiers, built in the jungle during the war. Will be interesting and varied excursions.

There are a lot of attractionsrelated to history and many myths and created by nature. Worth a visit are the following:

  • drive through the scenic Mekong Delta;
  • a tour of the valley in Vinh Tien, where there are hot mineral springs;
  • a boat excursion to the Islands of Halong Bay;
  • trekking in Sappa;
  • the climb to Fansipan mountain;
  • a tour of the cave Sean Dong;
  • the journey to Marble mountain and the famous Buddhist caves.

chem zanyatsya na otdyhe v marte?

As in Vietnam a lot of holidays. Most of them have deep roots.

In March you see the following:

  • in the province of Quang Nam held a celebration of the whale;
  • in the North theatre festival Gong, where of particular interest is the performance of Tuong theatre, with its original music, unusual costumes and interesting facial expressions of the actors;
  • in da Nang city, the national music festival of Kwan;
  • in Hanoi the festival, dedicated to the ruler of Chu Dong Tu, who is considered a Saint.

Holidays in Vietnam is diverse and special exotic flavor.