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Holidays in India: what is the weather like in North and South Goa in early may?

pogoda na Goa v mae

It is believed that the weather in Goa in may will not enjoy all the pleasures of a holiday in this part of India. Here ends the dry season and the rainy season begins, but rain not so much, and the heat is exhausting.

What is the weather like in may in Goa?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

Tourists from many countries come to Goa to enter in the wonderful area generous southern nature. This state of India is smallestbut there was a place for the beautiful palm groves, mysterious mangroves, lakes and waterfalls.

The Arabian sea washes the shores of the Indian state, one of the warmest on the globe.

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The temperature of the air and water

May in Goa - the hottest of the year in a month. The record figure recorded by local weather stations, was +42 degrees. But even the "average" temperature, which is kept in the range 32-34 degrees, not so easy to perceive, especially northerners: ultraviolet light chills literally to the bones.

The state is divided in Goa South and North. There is also a Central part, but it usually is not the purpose of leisure tourism.

The climate in the North and the South are practically the same – has a semiarid, cold periods during the year, except in the mountains the air temperature may be lower than in the plains part of the state.

temperaturnye pokazateli

In may – just hotter. In the beginning of the month the daytime temperature of the air is +32-34 degrees, at night – from +25 to +27 degrees. It is kept at the same level and in the last days of may, but daytime temperatures by the end of the month becomes a little softer, from +31 to +33 degrees.

The water temperature off the coast in early may is an average of +30.5 mm, and in the end – +30.3 degrees, that is, sudden jumps in the readings of the thermometers are almost there. Recorded may high of +30.9 degrees, minimum +of 27.6.

About this water usually say "fresh milk", and in this case, no exaggeration, of course not.

When planning the time of the trip, tourists need to keep in mind that the may heat is a real challenge for people living in other climatic zones. Therefore it is necessary not only to be ready for it physically, but to carefully select the hotel where the rest will be comfortable. For example, without air-conditioning normal sleep in this heat is just impossible. Make sure the place of your future residence provided with everything necessary.

The particular weather conditions

May have an average of 23 Sunny day. Precipitation for the month falls 112,7 mm (that's ten times more than in April and 8-9 times less than in June). The onset of the rainy season begins to be felt toward the end of may, rare downpours happen 3-5 times a month and bring travelers a welcome, but short-lived freshness. Humidity is approximately 75 percent.

osobennosti klimata

Winds, compared with the April increase: their average speed is 4.1 m/sec. If the wind gusts strengthened and they can carry dust. The sea off the coast of Goa in may often stormy.

The may holiday

Going to relax in Goa, the tourists usually begin to figure out where to spend your time in the South or the North. Climate and weather almost no differences, therefore, should focus on the quality of the beaches, the infrastructure, the entertainment industry.

Where better to relax?

If a traveller in the first place, a beach vacation, it is better to focus on South Goa, where the sand is almost perfect. Towards the North the sandy structure violates admixture of volcanic ash and clay.

As for the modern tourism industry, it is better developed in the North, and the opportunities are much greater. The South is well suited for a family, relaxing holiday.

Whatthe fruit ripen?

Goa has always attracted tourists for its culinary diversity, there are only dishes from the freshest seafood. Fruit is also, of course, all year round.

It may opens in Goa fruit season, and then on the table of tourists there are the fruits, which in winter was not available.

Tourists should definitely try:

  • mango;
  • jackpoty;
  • pineapples;
  • bananas;
  • papaya;
  • passion fruit;
  • melon.

kakie vidy fruktov rastut?

If you like grapes, keep in mind that the "season" ends by the end of March, and in may it sold. But cheaper cashews - real, shelled.

How to dress?

What exactly don't need to take, so it's warm clothes – jackets, sweaters, pants. The rest of the clothes I would like to take the minimumin order not to overload the suitcase, however, one must keep in mind that in Goa, the air is quite humid in may, things dry out, so swimwear (bottoms and men) need to take at least two, Yes, and other things (t-shirts, shirts, tops, shorts, pareo) needs to be change.

Beach shoes seasoned travelers recommend to buy on the spot, it will cost inexpensive. "High heels" women should leave the house – let stay will be comfortable in all respects. Take sandals, clogs, sandals with low wedge heels. Don't forget about the head and eyes – they need to protect from the scorching sun.

And another tip from experienced travelers: it is not necessary to take Goa white stuff – they definitely spoil the local sticky orange dust.

What to do this month?

The day in Goa the local climate dictates. Even the most resistant should not be wasted on the beach from morning to evening. The released time can be used for entertainment, sightseeing and, of course, acquaintance with national cuisine.

Beach vacation

Beach vacation – the main feature of Goa. Many potential tourists are sure that they won't get out of the sea during all days of stay in India: 30 degrees is very comfortable. However, to realize this dream might not be possible – at the end of the month starts to storm, the waves rise pretty high.

Incidentally, may and June are considered to be in Goa best time for surfing.

Have a beach holiday there are a few nuances about which you should know. The sand is heated so much that can burn your feet so beach shoes – mandatory. The best hours for sea and sun bathing are considered in the morning hour and a half and the time before sunset.

otdyh na luchshih plyazhah

Professionals made up the top 10 best beaches in the state. In South Goa, the top ten beaches:

  1. Agonda is a three-kilometer strip of sand, the lack of cool hotels and restaurants (the beach sometimes characterized as "wild"), the opportunity to spend time in solitude;
  2. Bunalim place for a relaxing holiday, which was chosen by unorganized travelers from Europe, a good tourist infrastructure;
  3. Colva beach, where a mainly local residents, nearby hotels, restaurants;
  4. Palolem is a beautiful white-yellow sand, the lack of modern tourism infrastructure, instead of it – the opportunity to relax in a typical local huts;
  5. Patnem is a wide uncrowded beach, the large number of restaurants and bars that are ready to deliver customers food and drinks literally on the sea shore;
  6. Varca beach with clean white sand, not too "over-populated", in the bars and hotels there is no shortage.

And here the best beaches in North Goa:

  • Anjuna – actively used for youth than for a family vacation, there are a lot of entertainment, dance parties;
  • Arambol – the length of this beach is 16 km away, in some places it is pebbly, but there are sandy areas, there are lagoons with fresh water, comfortable for swimming;
  • Calangute is most popular beach of Goa in season peak here Apple nowhere to fall, the tourism industry at a very high level;
  • Candolim – here as well as Calangute, but fewer tourists because the prices are higher.


Goa gives tourists the opportunity to discover a distinctive Indian architecture. It's mostly religious buildings: Basilica of Jesus (near Panaji), Church Manges (village Priol) with a beautiful seven-story tower, the temple complex of Shanta Durga (kavali). You can also visit the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara.

Proximity to nature is an interesting Dudhsagar waterfall, nature reserve, Kotiaho. And the river Mandovi is ideal for lovers of rafting.

The water in the waterfall the Dudhsagar falls from a height of more than three hundred meters, is an impressive sight.

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  1. In the middle of the month in Goa is a beach festival called "beach bonanza"that includes a lot of entertainment. Almost all resorts these days open food stalls, offering visitors a rare local curios.
  2. Festival Igitur the Chalna falls, as a rule, on may 12. He has a distinct local flavor and one of the most memorable moments was a demonstration of the ability to walk on hot coals.
  3. Another interesting holiday suit in may, local farmers – the festival of mango (unfortunately, it is held not every year).

See in this video, what is the weather in Goa in the spring: