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Rest on Hainan island in China: what is the weather in late may in Sanya?

pogoda na Hajnane v mae

Hainan is a tropical island located in China. On its coast are enchanting coves with excellent beaches, resorts, monuments of culture and history, as well as numerous entertainment.

Due to this diversity, this island is very popular among tourists. But there is a time when the rest of the island can spoil showers and thunderstorms - the weather in Hainan in may.

What is the weather like in may in Hainan?

The climate of Hainan is much different from the rest of China. Warm and Sunny weather on the island allows you to relax here at any time of year, sunbathing on the beach or going on trips to tourist attractions of the region.

The temperature of the air and water

temperaturnye pokazateli vozduha i vody

Planning a vacation on the coast of Hainan island in may, should take into account that weather conditions in the first and second half of the month will be significantly different.

This month starts the rainy season – a period characterized by rain showers, strong wind, Typhoon, and high humidity.

In the beginning of the month on the coast of Hainan weather is not much different from the one that was in April. The average daytime temperature reaches +28-32 degrees, and at night cooled to +24°C. water in the sea warms up to 28°C, which allows you to swim in it for both adults and children. Thanks to the weather conditions, this period is considered the most optimal for the rest of the island.

If we consider each resort separately, that the temperature readings are as follows:

  • Sanya – day +31°C, at night 26°C, sea +26°C;
  • Dadonghai – day +32°C, night 24°C and the sea 27°C;
  • Yalong Bay – day +32°C, at night +24°C, sea +30°C;
  • To Sanya – day +30°C at night +22°C, sea +24°C;
  • Haikou – day +35°C, at night 26°C, sea +30°C;
  • Dongfang – day +31°C, at night 26°C, the sea is +26°C.

Even despite the fact that at the end of may in the resorts of Hainan especially felt the heat and humidity, and the sea becomes turbulent and muddy, tourists still continue to visit the island. The temperature of the air and sea water remain in the positions.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti klimata

In the second half of may weather more reminiscent of that comes the wet season – the number of cloudy and rainy days increases. Precipitation is mostly going after lunch, and together with them come to Hainan such unpleasant surprises as the strong wind and waves of the sea.

However, such conditions do not scare the tourists who decided to spend may holidays in the resorts of Hainan.

On the island you can find the coast, dominated by the Sunny weatherand the sea water is clean and warm. Such excellent weather will contribute to beach, active recreation and sightseeing.

The may holiday

According to the review in may on the coastline of Hainan is a beautiful weather. During the stay in the resorts even the rains can't spoil the holiday, so heading to the beaches of the island – the perfect solution.

Where better to go?

To stay with maximum comfort, and the weather was pleasant temperature, you should choose the Central coast of the island. Coastal resorts in this part of Hainan, is protected from strong winds and heavy rains. In may of Yalong, Sanya and Sanya meet vacationers a large number of Sunny days, blue water and white soft sand.

Pros and cons - should I go?

preimushestva i nedostatki poezdki

Vacation in may in Hainan carries a lot of advantages, starting with the lack of crowds of tourists and ending low cost for the stay. But the main bonus is still the high water temperature of the sea warms up so much that to take it especially nice. Swimming in the sea allows you to cool off, if on the coast the heat is.


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In the first half of may, until the temperature allows you to be outside as long as possible, tourists have the opportunity to attend excursions, engage in active water sports, to spend time fishing. If you pre-read the weather forecast, it is possible to avoid the main danger of the island is typhoons.

The only unpleasant moment of relaxation in the resorts of Hainan in may, the fact remains that the typhoons can occur any time. This disaster brings with it not only high waves, but also broken trees, debris on the beaches and even the power outage in hotels.

Which fruits ripen?

In Hainan grows many exotic fruits, and in the period from may to August, tourists will be able to try:

  1. litchi;
  2. mango;
  3. mangosteen;
  4. coconuts.

Especially interesting mango taste, as the local this fruit different from those that we used to try in European countries.

The prices for such products in the markets and shops of the island are much lower.

How to dress?

kakie veshi brat?

Thanks to the warm and clear weather in may won't have to take along on vacation a lot of things. The trip will be useful for light summer clothesthat would be appropriate during the day during a beach holiday, and at night during walks.

On the coast is worth to take a swimsuit and a hat and sunscreen and sunglasses.

What to do this month?

Hainan island is one of the favorite resorts among tourists who prefer the most interesting and dynamic holiday. Here you can relax in first-class hotels and beaches, to have fun, plunging into the water or going on a boat trip and climb mountains or descend into the crater of an extinct volcano.

Beach vacation

Until the temperature of air and water allows you to stay on the coast, tourists do not miss the opportunity to stay on the beaches especially fascinating. Depending on the resort and the activities available on it, you can sunbathe and cool off in the sea water, and use the most popular types of activity.

Choosing coast, in the bays, the tourists even in the "off-season" having a good time on vacation.

On the beaches of Sanya for the whole month is Sunny and warm, so guests have the opportunity to ride on water skis or banana boats, diving and snorkeling or take a boat tour.

In Dadonghai significant influx of tourists. On the seafront there are cafes, restaurants, clubs and shops with Souvenirs. The beaches of this resort are the most lively and noisy, but the water is not transparent, so many go to the neighboring Bay called Yalong Bay.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

Among the most vivid experience available to visitors in may, a special delight is the opportunity to explore the island itself. On site you can explore the ancient temples and ancient sites, the Island of the apes or valley of the butterflies, participate in a tea ceremony or go down into the volcano.

When the street is hot, and the sand on the beaches are red-hot to the limit, tourists prefer to go to the thermal springs in Wanning.

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Spring holidays

In may in Hainan celebrate several festivals:

  • Labor Day. During this event all the inhabitants of the island output and the event they celebrate with a special scale.
  • Youth day – an event that is celebrated may 4. This holiday is especially appreciated among students.

See in this videohow Typhoon can be played in Hainan: