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A holiday in the Seychelles: weather on the Islands in may

pogoda na Sejshelah v mae

If you've seen it all, but want a bit more – the Seychelles is ready to surprise you. 115 Islands lost in the Indian ocean, have all the trappings of a dream vacation: pristine white sand, tropical greenery, exotic flora and fauna, privacy and not crowded beaches, ocean stretching to the horizon.

The climatic conditions of the Islands are beautiful, and the weather in the Seychelles in may is the most favorable.

What is the weather like in may in the Seychelles?

temperaturnyj rezhim v konce vesny

In may draws crowds of tourists, as rainfall ends and the weather is included in the "tourist track."

The temperature of the air and water

Rain in may is rare, the water in the ocean is calm, the temperature of the air is + 29-31C°, water - +26-28C°. Wind South-East, the humidity falls to 75%.

May just falls at the end of the rainy season, but precipitation for this time are on the decline, so a month is a smart choice for travelers.

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The particular weather conditions

The climate of Seychelles is divided into two seasons:

  • Hot and wet (November-April), when rainfall is relatively much rain;
  • Cool and dry (June-October), in which frequent blowing of the monsoons.

In the Seychelles is always quite hot, but the air from the ocean makes it easy to carry high temperature.

May holidays in Seychelles

vesennij otdyh na ostrovah

A holiday in the Seychelles in may carries a solid advantages, the only disadvantage climate disadvantage and not to call.

Pros and cons - should I go?

If the coming may holidays are ready to become one of the best memories of your life, believe me, you're not wrong in the calculations: may and October - off-season - are considered the optimum months for a beach holiday.

A disadvantage of the Seychelles, only one – the lack of direct flights (except seasonal Charter).

To get to the Paradise Islands, you will have to do a transplant (possibly more than one), spending in the way of 13 hours to a day.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu vzyat s soboj?

Dress is easy, Beachy, comfortable. Given the hot climate, clothing is better to choose natural fabrics. Slates and hats mandatory. And for the evening out in the light is to take more closed clothes, shorts and bathing suits in the restaurants is considered bad manners.

What to do this month?

Seychelles is ready to propose in may a rich program of excursions and incredibly memorable beach vacation.

Beach vacation

  1. Seychelles is, first of all, the beaches and the ocean. In may, the wind provides waves for surfing, which attracts many experienced surfers and beginners wishing to learn this sport among beautiful landscapes of the earth.
  2. One of the best places for surfing in this period is the uncrowded beach, Anse Bougainville, Mahé and Praslin island.

  3. In calm harbors in may, you can do diving - one of the best in the vast Indian ocean. The underwater world of Seychelles is no less diversity of land with corals, caves, about a thousand species of fish and of course turtles. In the open sea, the visibility is around 30 m.

    Divers will be interested to visit the largest Atoll in the world, which is the reserve of UNESCO, granite Seychelles Islands and the island of Desroches. At your disposal are 15 diving centres, usually at hotels.

  4. Snorkeling is another passion flora and fauna of the ocean depths, where you can surrender,armed with a mask near the shores of Islands of Mahé, Praslin, St. Anne and others.

And don't forget about fishing! This Seychelles can be enjoyed throughout the year and all banks, except for certain reserves.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnye programmy

The ocean is the main attraction of the Seychelles, but tours will turn your vacation into a rare experience that should not be overlooked.

You should visit Mahé is the largest island of the archipelago where is located the national reserve "Seychelles morn", as well as dozens of different beaches with good night life.

And don't forget that the smallest capital city in the world here too is the city of Victoria with a length of two streets with a number of memorable and attractive tourism places.

From sea travel, it is worth noting a boat ride with a transparent bottom in the national marine Park of St. Anne.

Romantic couples will appreciate a flight in a hot air balloon over the ocean.

Even if you are not going to become a vip client of one of the exclusive Islands-the center of the archipelago, where guests have the opportunity to stay with a pristine Paradise of nature almost private, the Seychelles, one of the best beach months, will make your vacation a dream trip.

See this video, what is the weather in the Seychelles in may: