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Canary Islands: weather, water temperature, and the rest in may in Tenerife

pogoda na Tenerife v mae

Tenerife is one of the most popular island resorts in Spain. He is loved by many tourists, thanks to the excellent climate, allowing you to relax at any time of the year, as well as a wide variety of beaches, entertainment and excursion programs. Weather in Tenerife in may allows you to taste all the delights of rest.

What is the weather like in may?

kakie pogodnye usloviya?

The main advantage of Tenerife's wonderful weather, which rests on the resorts on the island throughout the year.

Thanks to the abundance of Sunny and warm days, Tenerife called "the island of eternal spring".

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The temperature of the air and water in the Canary Islands

Despite the fact that the rest of the Canary Islands (Spain) beautiful in any month, namely in may on the coast comes the most wonderful time. The resorts of Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and other Islands come to life and transformed, and the hotels and many beaches are filled with tourists. Weather favorable for passive recreation and for walking to tourist attractions and places of interest.

The Canary Islands occupy quite a large area, so weather conditions are not the same everywhere:

  • Fuerteventura – day +23°C, tonight +19°C, sea +20°C;
  • Tenerife – day +21°C, night 16°C sea 19°C;
  • Palma – the day +22°C, night +19°C, sea +20°C;
  • Lanzarote – the day +22°C, night +19°C sea 19°C;
  • Gran Canaria – day +24°C, night +19°C, sea +19°C.

temperaturnye pokazateli na Kanarskih ostrovah

It should be noted that throughout the month the weather in the Canaries delights all who come to rest, no wind, rain and other weather troubles. But despite the high temperatures and cloudless sky, on the coast there is no sense of the intense heat. That's why may weather called the perfect time for a vacation.

Weather conditions in Tenerife

In may, on Tenerife, every day it gets a little warmer. In the first half of the month the temperature is +21°C. But in those days, when the streets were particularly clear and windless, and the sky there is no hint of clouds, the air warms up to 25 degrees. The nights are still quite cool, so useful and warm.

Immediately after sunset the temperature in Tenerife drops to +14 degrees.

The water in the sea in the first half of may is not suitable for swimming. Its temperature is +20 degrees. However, such conditions do not prevent to be on the coast, receiving an excellent tan. In the second half of the month the water temperature rises to 22 degrees and tourists never miss the opportunity to swim in it. In addition, the lack of wind and, accordingly, of the waves, makes being in the water as comfortable as possible.

klimaticheskij rezhim

In the last week of the month the weather reminds of the approaching summer. Early in the afternoon the air warms up to a nice mark of +24 degrees, and sometimes up to +26°C. the Number of rainy days decreases significantly. If in the first half of may, the rains reminded him of himself, once for three days, the closer to June the rain can go only once a week.

In late may, the differences in day and night temperature is much less noticeable. At night on Tenerife is not so cool, the air cools to +17-19°C. In General on the island during the month is warm but cool weather with an almost complete lack of rain and wind.

The may holiday

May is considered to be one of the best months for holidays in Tenerife. Almost every resort on the island pleases no sweltering heat, and the presence of boring resort life.

Where better to relax?

In Tenerife there are infinitely many excellent resorts, suitable for the may holiday. And although this month is hardly a dip in the cool watersocean, yet nothing will prevent the ability to have a great time.

The most favorable conditions for a holiday in the may holidays are observed at resorts such as Santa Cruz de La Palmaand Santa Cruz de Tenerife. During this period the coast is less noticeable diurnal temperature changes. In addition to this, near them placed all the colorful sights and interesting places.

Here in may celebrated a variety of events, hosts festivals and exhibitions.

How to dress?

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In the first half of the month for holidays in Tenerife will be useful for lightweight summer clothing. It is suitable for long and pleasant walks along the coast and a fascinating examination sites.

In the suitcase can be Packed swimsuit. If the weather is not lucky, you can spend time by the pool or go to one of the many water parks of the island. Also in the evening will not interfere with jacket or sweater.

Do not forget about comfortable shoes for walking as the long excursions can take almost all day. On the island is quite a lot of beautiful natural places such as tops of volcanoes, national parks with unique plants and other places.

What to do this month?

Tenerife carefree resort life does not stop for a week. Resting on the coast in may, visitors have the opportunity to travel around the island, getting acquainted with history and culture, tasting local cuisine or taking an active part in different events.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

In may the water temperature warms up to +22 degrees and remains so until the end of summer. However, unlike other months, it is still cool for a full bathing. During this period, it is pleasant to walk along the ocean and admire the beautiful views from the coast. If you want to swim, for such purposes it is better to use the heated pool.

Only in Tenerife for about 70 kilometers of first-class beaches, covered with volcanic and white sand brought from the African continent. If you want to sunbathe and just have a good time, it is necessary to choose beaches which are on the South-West of the island. In this part of Tenerife they are free, even those that are located within hotels. You will be charged for use of sun loungers and showers.

The most famous and popular beaches:

  1. Las Teresitas;
  2. Playa Arena;
  3. Las Vistas;
  4. Mirador Del Sur;
  5. La Pinta.

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Many of the beaches protected from strong waves and cold winds due to mountain ranges and stone breakwaters.

If the main purpose of the trip was Windsurfing, then you should pay attention to the El Medano beach. It is considered the most popular place at fans of active rest, because he was very windy.

Excursions and entertainment

Tenerife is the ideal place for families with children and search of entertainment. The island has several theme parksthat will appeal to adults and young tourists. Especially interesting is a visit to loro Park, Siam Park, eagles Park and Jardim Botanico – places carefree and eventful the whole day.

In may is particularly relevant for long walks and excursions:

  • Climb to the top of the volcano Teide;
  • Walk to the medieval castle of San Miguel;
  • Acquaintance with the pyramids of Guimar;
  • Visit the historic town of Candelaria.

Many of these places are symbols of the island of Tenerife, so you should not deny yourself the pleasure to get acquainted with them during vacation.


Among the highlights, celebrated in Tenerife, is to provide colorful performances and concerts in Los Realejos held in honor of the feast of the cross is one of the most important events of the island. Behind him is a cheese Festival – a festival dedicated to one of the main products of the island.

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