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Weather and temperature in may in Anapa

pogoda v mae v Anape

In the North of Russia in may is still snow, and in the South opens the holiday season. Weather in may in Anapa already meets the first "summer" guests who came here interested to relax, sunbathe and if not to swim (the water is still warm is not strong enough), plenty to breathe curative sea air.

What is the weather like in may in Anapa?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny?

Before the trip, a doubtwhether the may weather is comfortable for rest, so prior information about the temperature of the air and sea, rainfall and wind are very important to properly prepare for the holiday.

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The temperature of the air and water

Already the first days of may are given to understand that with the cold weather and frost in Anapa finished until next winter, the sun is shining summer bright (daylight is about 15 hours), while the surrounding nature is striking in its exuberant flowering.

Average daily air temperature is kept at a comfortable level 16-19 degrees during the night, too, not cold – from 11 to 15 degrees.

The average temperature last days of the month of may 21-22 degrees Celsius.

In may the Black sea are cool: on average 15 degrees, and closer to the beginning of the summer the water warms up to 18°C. This means that only the brave, all others wishing to swim can spend time in the swimming pool of the hotel or water Park.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

The rains in may nature took only 3 days, the total volume of precipitation is an average of 36.4 mm. Humidity of air is quite high – 77% on average, so in the evenings there is a feeling of dampness.

The winds, which in early spring was strong, it may subside. The average gust speed is 3.8 m/sec.

By the way, the winds carry to Anapa warm, as the winds blow from the South, West and southwest.

The may holiday

majskie kanikuly

The last month of spring in Anapa opens the summer holiday season, so vacationers to suffer from boredom and lack of entertainment just do not have.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's count up the pros may Anapa:

  • prices for housing, meals, excursions lower than an average of 15-20 percent (but in holidays they can jump);
  • nature is fragrant and fresh greens just opened flowers (one flavor of acacia that is!);
  • no debilitating heat and the danger of getting a sunburn;
  • the resort is not crowded – plenty of rooms available to choose from, no queues in cafes, shops;
  • in may begins the season of fruit is in the market at reasonable prices, you can buy appeared fruit.

The disadvantage may stay single – the inability to swim in the sea because the water is still cold. Unfortunately, for many prospective tourists it is this selling point of the program is the most important, so they have to choose to travel to the South a later time.

How to dress?

In the suitcase of a holidaymaker in addition to summer clothes (t-shirts, light pants and skirts, shorts, and swimwear that protects from the sun headgear) should be the subjects of the"transition period": sweater, raincoat or windbreaker, long sleeve shirt, closed shoes. These things can be taken to evening walks after sunset the temperature sometimes drops to 11 degrees.

If space permits in the bag, it is advisable to bring an umbrella – all of a sudden three average rainy day in fall timeyour holiday?

What to do at this time?

chem zanyatsya v etot period?

May holidays some guests of the city combined with recreational activities, buying therapeutic vouchers (this month prices are lower than in summer). Those who health is not complaining, attend excursions, exploring the rich surrounding nature, spend time in cafes and bars, getting acquainted with local cuisine.

Beach vacation

The black sea, and in General the climate of the coast, have on a person's powerful healing effect. So, not even being able to swim, to come to the beach be sure.

By the way, and the sun in may will go smoothly. Experts say that compared to the summer it is especially beautiful and long lasting. If you wish, on the beach you can spend the whole Sunny period, and it is 8 hours, without the risk of burn.

At the end of the month the number of swimmers, as the temperature warms up to 21°C, and shallow depth – up to 24 degrees.

In Blagoveshchenskaya near Anapa appear kitesurfers. In Vityazevo (at a distance of 11 km from the resort city) – the windsurfers and kitesurfers. In this place, by the way, is one of the largest of serfstantsywhere the course can go both adults and children.

Sightseeing and entertainment

For people curious in Anapa there are many interesting objects of historical and natural. This, for example:

  1. Church of St. Onuphrius;
  2. reserve "Gorgippia" (created at the site of the ancient settlement);
  3. Ataman (heritage village);
  4. "Big Utrish" (natural reserve of the juniper-pistachio forest relict);
  5. "To-to" (wildlife Park with many birds and animals);
  6. Museum of local lore (with its unique exhibits recovered from sunken ships).

ekskursionnye programmy po dostoprimechatelnostyam

Lovers of outdoor activities can be a fun trip to the waterfalls Rufabgo (in the spring they are deep and very impressive), caves with underground lakes or other natural attractions.

You can also venture to rafting on a mountain river or jeep to go to Alpine meadows.

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Holidays and festivals

In the beginning of the month in Anapa has always been a big celebrate on may day and Victory Day. Visitors can become spectators and participants alike the pageantry, cheer for the athletes participating in the relay, to see concerts, evening fireworks. Usually the celebrations continued for several days.

In may in Anapa passes the Kuban Museum festival. And the city in anticipation of the summer holds many sports events national and international importance (for example, sailing, beach volleyball).

To see some Anapa in may, you can in this video: