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Recreation, weather and water temperature in Bulgaria: Sunny Beach in late may

pogoda v Bolgarii v mae

Rush summer? Discover it together with the beautiful weather in Bulgaria in may. Heat and no heat, but the days are quite Sunny and warmto get a beautiful, even tan.

In the middle of the month the most impatient and daring you can already begin to swim, and by the end of may, when the sea water warms up to 20 degrees wishing to swim is even greater.

What is the weather like in may in Bulgaria?

pogodnye usloviya v konce vesny

Despite the small area occupied by Bulgaria, experts note signs of three climatic zones: in the North the climate is temperate continental, on the black sea coast is Mediterranean, and in the territory of the Thracian plain has all the characteristics of a steppe.

Due to the differences of climatic zones and may in different parts of the country turns into a summer month with different acceleration.

And in may you can enjoy nature and breathe in her wonderful scents – blooming roses, blooming fruit trees, a gentle green lawns and flowerbeds. By the way, the first cherries of the tourists taste in may – freshly picked, which is not transported to distant lands and not processed for the reliability of different preservatives.

The temperature of the air and water

temperaturnye pokazateli

In many of the most frequently visited tourist places in Nessebar, Burgas, Golden Sands and Sunny beach – the weather conditions in may are similar, but the difference is still there, and sometimes it becomes decisive in the choice of guests Bulgaria destinations. Here's how the average air temperature varies in may:

  1. At Golden Sands:

    • in the beginning of the month +17 degrees in the afternoon, +6,5° C at night;
    • in the middle of the month – +23C degrees during the day, 14 degrees at night;
    • in the end of may – +27 degrees during the day and 19 degrees at night.
  2. On The Shore:

    • in the beginning of the month +16C degrees during the day and 8 degrees at night;
    • in the middle of the month – 23 degrees in the afternoon, +15C° at night;
    • in the end of may – +27 degrees during the day and 19 degrees at night.
  3. In Nessebar:
    • in the beginning of the month +16 degrees during the day and 9 degrees at night;
    • in the middle of the month – +23C degrees during the day, 15 degrees at night;
    • in the end of may – +27 degrees during the day, +19C° at night.
  4. In Burgas:
    • in the beginning of the month +17 degrees during the day, +7C° at night;
    • in the middle of the month – +24,5 degrees during the day, 15 degrees at night;
    • in the end of may is +29C degrees during the day, 18 degrees at night.

As for water temperature, the dynamics of warming of the sea is as follows: in the first days of may +14 degrees, in the middle of the month – 17, and at the end of – 20 degrees.

Such temperature changes are typical for the coast of all these places.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

Sunny days in may (average) – 22, rainy – 4-5. Fortunately, it rains not long drizzling and lightning, storm, after which the nature starts to bloom with renewed vigor.

The total amount of precipitationthat falls in may is the national average of 51 mm. This means that the first month of spring in Bulgaria is one of the most rainy.

The wind speed averages 3.8 m/sec. thereby may is recognized as one of the most calm, windless months of the Bulgarian climatic calendar.

By the way, and the abundance of precipitation in some regions, the situation is more favorablethan in the whole country. For example, in Sunny beach, the average is 47,4 mm in Nessebar – 45.9 mm in Burgas is 37.3 mm. the Average humidity in may is 78 percent.

Black sea bathing in the early months still insufficiently warmed, sometimes stormy (especially in bad weather), and high waves do not allow you to swim even the brave.

The may holiday

Some instability may the weather will not prevent to spend in Bulgaria on vacation. Want to be close to nature – take a house on the coast, you need to improve your health – go to some climatic health resort with healing mineral water, love history, plan to replenish the stock of knowledge and experiences – pick a tour that will introducethe sights of the country.

Where better to go?

If the purpose of your trip – the sea, pick the South of Bulgaria it is protected from the North winds by the mountains and the sea from the shore is quite shallow, and therefore warms up faster.

The warmest may of resorts is recognized as Sunny Beach and Bourgas. The following list, Varna and Albena, however, there are more rainy days and the sea is often stormy.

The resort infrastructure are best delivered in Sunny beach and in Golden Sands: a lot of comfortable hotels, restaurants, there are opportunities to play sports. Convenient and the location of the resorts from the point of view of proximity to the historical and cultural values, the ancient town of Nessebar is almost near and to the blessings of the modern world – with shopping, you can go by bus or car, not spending too much time in Varna and Burgas.

Sunny Beach and Golden Sands are especially attractive to the younger audience, there plenty of entertainment, not only like, but is healthy – there are water parks, centres for sports such as rowing.

kuda stoit otpravitsya?

Older people opt for the resort of St. Constantine and Elena, located near Varna, there is a Spa center that uses local and sulfurous thermal springs.

If health is no problem, just want to quietly, without fuss, to spend time, ideal:

  1. Nessebar;
  2. Balchik;
  3. Sozopol.

As for recreation with children, young guests happy at almost every Bulgarian resort, they all offer games, rides, tasty foods.

How to dress?

A minimum of things in may, unfortunately, not enough. Due to the high probability of rain have to bring waterproof things (cloak, coat) and appropriate shoes and accessories – the umbrella, it is likely useful to you. Pack in the suitcase warm sweaters, cardigans, pants, because the weather is still not quite stable, and the nights especially cool.

If you set yourself up for tours and trips around the country, take care of comfortable shoes, never brand-new, from the store, not to spoil your holidays if shoes or boots will be harvesting.

Swimsuit dancers. Even if you do not dare to swim in the sea, the opportunity to sunbathe on the beach you have to be. So don't forget a lightweight hat and sunglasses.

Experienced tourists are advised to bring a remedy against mosquitoes – in may they can be fairly annoying.

What to do this month?

Your main task – have a good rest to impressions of the trip, pleasant memories were enough, at least for a year, until the next of your journey. Good rest is not only the beach, but also entertainment, travel around the country.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

mozhno li okunatsya v vodu na plyazhnom otdyhe?

For a complete beach vacation in may can not be counted, because the sea is still quite cold. But with ultraviolet light, all is well – after a few sunbathing on the coast of beautiful southern tan is almost secured.

In may in Bulgaria aktiviziruyutsya divers, thanks to the wetsuits they can feel comfortable and fully enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Fortunately, the sea at this time of year it is relatively quiet, the storm rare.

Beaches in Bulgaria is 378 km - sea. Here is a list of the most popular:

  • Golden Sands is awarded the "Blue flag" for supported here purity and safety, considered the "Mecca" family holiday;
  • Sunny Beach – 8 km of beautiful beaches, voted the favorite beach of Cocoa beach;
  • Dune – expensive, luxury beach, 40 km from Burgas;
  • The resort of Primorsko and 10 km of beaches, including for the supporters of "wild" holiday, to a strip of sand rises deciduous forest;
  • The beaches of Albena resort – rest, the locals, the beaches awarded the "Blue flag";
  • The beaches in Sozopol: "goldfish" and "the Tuxedo" - fine sand, clean water;
  • The beach of St. Constantine is one of the oldest in the country, contained in a perfect cleanliness and order.

Excursions and entertainment

ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye programmy

In may, while the flow of tourists is not too intense, excursions, trips to local attractions – the truepleasure. Guests of Bulgaria suggest this month to visit the Rila lakes, to see its monastery.

Near Varna is a well preserved Roman baths, an interesting temple at Cape Kaliakra and the old buildings in Nessebar and Sozopol.

It will be interesting to visit the Valley of Roses, including a learning plan to see how the collection of petals and how they prepare the world-famous Bulgarian rose oil. By the way, if you want to buy it as a souvenir, keep in mind that on 21 may usually have the so-called Festival of roses, where you can make a purchase with a very good discount.

Another interesting natural attraction – Botanical garden, located in Balchik. It is famous for its cactus-giants, there's a whole alley, and in addition rare specimens of plants brought here from all over the world, from 400 Botanical gardens.

In addition, guests of the country will be interested in such architectural structures:

  • The mosque Banya Bashi , and the Ancient fortress of Serdica in Sofia;
  • Cathedral of the assumption in Varna;
  • The Thracian tomb in Kazanlak;
  • Bachkovo monastery in the village of Bachkovo;
  • The ethnographic Museum in Burgas.

Holidays and festivals

  • In the beginning of the month is held in the Plovdiv fair of consumer goods and technology. It takes place on the area of 360 000 sq. m.
  • On 18 may we have the international day of museums. Bulgaria, a country with a rich historical past, this day opens the doors of its museums for free admission.
  • Events the festival of roses held on may 21 in the town of Kazanlak.
  • May 24, Day of Slavic culturevisitors can find fairs, including the book, as well as performances.

In this video you can clearly see the weather conditions in Burgas in may: